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Love-Arcade Application by HoneyMochaCat Love-Arcade Application by HoneyMochaCat

I finally finished my application for :iconl0ve-arcade:! :la: I love my precious Riko <3 I can't wait to RP with her and start forming relationships with other players!
I kept the key the same? I just assumed that was what we were supposed to do lmao. I also plan to come back and flesh out her history and stuff more later. I don't think I'll ever be done with her bio haha. I know we can't get these checked or anything for a while, but I just went ahead and submitted! Hope I get in!

 NAME | Nomura Riko



 GENDER | Female (she/her)

 AGE | 19 yrs

 BIRTH DATE | September 29th (Libra)


 HEIGHT | 5'4"

 WEIGHT | 120 lbs




 HISTORY | Riko grew up in a moderately wealthy Japanese household in Piceter and is very proud of her heritage. However, because of her status, she found herself alienated from most of the community. She found solace with her childhood friend Ayumi and her older brother Ren, but she couldn't seem to make any other friends. She joined softball to try and bridge the gap, but many of the girls on the team didn’t like either; they said that she was “too quiet” and a “kiss-up.” Despite this challenge, Riko was happy with the two companions that she had. All three were very close growing up, and still remain close.

Riko is currently in the process of pursuing a degree in marketing at the local college. She hopes to one day work on marketing projects for beauty companies, as she feels like she could advertise and sell those types of products well. In her free time, she goes to the Amour Arcade. It creates an environment away from school where she can be herself, and it gives her an outlet for gaming as well. Although she was never much of a gamer, there's something about the arcade that just drew her in...

 PERSONALITY | She’s a neat freak but will tolerate a little bit of clutter. She’s known for her massive plushie collection and has more stuffed animals than you can count. Has a tough exterior, but is soft on the inside. The “tough exterior” comes from years of playing softball, plus a stubborn desire to take care of herself. However, when she is around the person she loves, she isn’t afraid to let them take care of her sometimes too. She’s more vulnerable than you’d expect, and does her best to take care of the people she loves as well. She’s very fun-loving once she opens up to friends, but she’s very slow to trust.

 LIKES | Long walks/conversations (she’s a talker), softball, plushies, rainy days, silences, food

 DISLIKES | People that don’t shower, snow/winter, lying, being alone, making phone calls (she prefers texting)

 TRIVIA | She loves oatmeal with strawberries and cream for breakfast! Generally doesn’t have anything else.
Voice Actress: Yui Horie… (Tohru Honda, Yuuki Cross, etc)
Her hair is, in fact, dyed! It's not naturally purple. She doesn't change the color very frequently, although you might occasionally see her sporting a teal or darker purple if she's feeling adventurous.




 STATUS | Single


 INTERESTS | Mostly men, but is pretty interested in the same sex as well. Just wants someone loving and fun to share time with.


 KEY |


 :bulletred:Sexual Confusion



 :bulletyellow:Relative/Relative like

 :bulletyellow::bulletyellow:Best Friend


 :bulletgreen:Forming Friendship



 :bulletblue::bulletblue:Able to deal with


 :bulletpurple:Mild Dislike


  :bulletpurple::bulletpurple::bulletpurple:Strong Dislike



  :bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack:Strong Despise



None yet <3


 ROMANCE | ●●○○○

         points to next level - X/20
 CHARM | ●●●○○

         points to next level - X/20

         points to next level - X/20
 LUST | ●○○○○

         points to next level - X/20
 SENTIMENT | ●●○○○

         points to next level - X/20
 PASSION | ●○○○○

         points to next level - X/20
 TALENT | ●○○○○

         points to next level - X/20






 METHOD | Paragraph/Lit. (Discord/DA notes)

 SAMPLE | “Why do I have to do it?” Riko gripes. “Shouldn’t you call this time? I honestly hate calling in for food.” She looks over at you impatiently, tears starting to well up as the anxiety begins to set in.

 TIMEZONE | US Central Time


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rachellewolf Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Uhm is it OK If I start out with a profile for ref then do a half body
HoneyMochaCat Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sure :) you can do whatever you like
rachellewolf Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
What are her hairstyles cause I SOOO want to put pig tails on her or a bun XD
HoneyMochaCat Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
She's a recent character so this is her only current hairstyle. You can do whatever you like with her hair!
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