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Kekumo Purple Jackets App by HoneyMochaCat Kekumo Purple Jackets App by HoneyMochaCat

-Name: Kekumo Satori
-Age: 19
-Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Group Status: Hacker
Why she joined: Kekumo wanted to make a statement when she first joined. She was in a different color gang back in middle school before it disbanded and disappeared altogether. So when she joined a different color gang in high school, The Purple Jackets, she didn’t know what to expect.
Nickname: Keku, Satori
- A high school third year student but she got held back twice XD mainly because back in middle school, (her 6th and 7th year) she was in a different color gang. She ditched school a lot those two years. Then, sometime after that, the color gang that she was in disbanded.
-Crush: Shizuo
- Kekumo doesn’t know if anything will come from the crush but Shizuo was the first man that she had ever felt any sort of feelings for, making him special to her. She first met him on her way home from her first day of high school (she was about 17) Shizuo and Izaya were having one of their classic fights. Shizuo was throwing stuff that would be too heavy for the average person and Izaya was attempting to dodge everything in a very ninja-like way. She admired his strength in the beginning, but eventually she found herself passing by that very spot every day on her way home hoping that Shizuo would be there. When she finally found him again, she was a 2nd year and finally was able to talk to him. They’ll talk from time to time and when they do, Kekumo makes sure to bring sweets. She knows that he really likes them. Plus, she’d prefer to stay on his good side.
-Kekumo’s teacher, Jacklyn, found out about Kekumo’s past when she did a check on all her students in her 3rd year class. After class one day, she pulled Kekumo aside and asked her if she wanted to help her form a color gang. This is how Kekumo became co-founder of the Purple Jackets.
-A rivalry formed itself between Kekumo and the Yellow Scarves after Shizuo was shot by them. Kekumo wanted desperately to take action but was too broken inside to do much of anything.
-When Kekumo was 8 years old, she escaped her home in Kyoto and left for Tokyo. Her mother had left when she was 5 and her father was an awful drunk. During one of his drunken states, he signed papers for Kekumo that would ensure her an apartment and a spot in a Tokyo school. She took some money (about 10,000 yen that she had been saving since her 5th birthday and 60,000 yen from her father’s liquor budget.) and headed for Tokyo.
-Likes: Sweets (mainly hard candy and dark chocolate), clothes in deep blues, being on time, fireworks, beef flavored ramen, decorations, writing in pen, Shizuo.
-Dislikes: Izaya (she doesn’t hate him…but she knows he doesn’t like Shizuo) Yellow Scarves, spicy food, trucks, going to school every day, fire.
-She’s a decent fighter when it comes down to it but she could use quite a bit more training. Her best weapon is probably a pistol. She makes sure to carry one with her. She’s quite paranoid.

For :iconthe-purple-jackets:
This is kind of a "just in case" thing XD
Kekumo (c) :iconhoneyandthedevon:
Base (c) :iconximona:
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August 31, 2011
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