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I motivated myself and redid my old pixel art website
It has been 10 years in may that I've start pixel art, and 6 years that I let my website in hiatus, so I wanted to make a new design for apitchou as soon as I had the time to do it :) Now it's done!
I already added all the bases, and I will add the dolls and pixel art later.
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My lovely sister Garance :iconmoah: has finished the first pages of our webcomic!
We found a name:  "Fakey Tales" , the french name is a bit different: "Arnaques et Chevalerie".
I wrote the first chapter, the 2nd one is on the way and the following chapters already have some scenes written.
It's full of stupid things and I'm not a good writer but we have a lot of fun doing it.

You can read it here in english:
and here in french: arnaquesetchevalerie.blogspot.…
The first page will be online tomorrow!
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I'm currently writing a story for my sister ^-^ Hopefully, it will be turned into a webcomic as soon as I will be able to persuade her that she can do it!!
My lovely sister :iconmoah: made some pretty sketches of one of my character: Behemia.
We already have the characters, the background, the main story ... The firsts scenes are written and I just need to polish them a bit.
The only thing we don't have yet is the title for the comic! XD

It will be a kind of epic story full of stupid things about prince charming, demons and fairytales ^-^
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First, I'd like to wish you the best for this new year ^-^

I've just launched a new blog about my cross stitch, papercuts and paperdolls creations because I'm in the process of creating a company to sell my works :)
I put the pink skull Pink Skull by honeymil pattern in my blog for those of you who would like to try.…
More free patterns will come and a website too ;)

2011 has been a real tough year for me and even though it might sound stupid, I'm really glad it's over...

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At last, I managed to fight  my lack of self confidence and drew some new portraits of my beloved chihuahuas.
I 'm going to use new materials such as gouache, watercolor, acrylics, papers, to make things I have in mind since a long time.
My workshop is still "under construction",  but it should be ready in few weeks *cross fingers*.
I can't wait to try my silver clay, it's been a year that I have it and it's still waiting in its box... I also can't wait to make new cut papers, I have tons of ideas :)
My air dry clays are also waiting as well as my soapstones, hopefully I will be able to make things with it very soon :)
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Depuis plusieurs mois mon pc chéri fait des siennes, sa carte graphique a lâché fin mai, et depuis juin, il démarre quand il en a envie c'est à dire vraiment pas souvent, il refuse aussi de se rallumer quand il est en veille.
Ok, je le mettais régulièrement en veille parce qu'il est très bruyant donc quand je ne suis pas en train de bosser sur le pc autant soulager les oreilles, ça ne doit pas lui plaire...
Bref, après un mois de juin très funky, j'ai été obligée de le démonter, d'aspirer bien comme il faut la tonne de poussière qui s'était accumulée  -_-'  et là, miracle, il a bien voulu démarrer. Alors, je me suis dit "ça y est, il est réparé, c'était juste la poussière!", et ben NON, raté, il continue à me souler... Hors de question que je change de pc donc, je vais supporter ça jusqu'à ce qu'il se décide à me lâcher pour de bon XD

It's been several months that my computer is doing tricks, its graphic card just crashed at the end of may, and since june, it works when it wants, so not really often, it even refuses to switch on when it is in sleep.
Ok, I put my computer in sleep quite often because he is very noisy, when I'm not working on it I prefer to give my ears a little rest, I think he doesn't like it at all...
In short, after a very funky june, I had to open it, clean the ton of dust inside -_-' and then, miracle, it decided to work again. I told myself "I did it, he is fixed, it was just the dust!", and NO, epic fail, he continues to annoy me... There is no way I'm going to change computer so, I will endure it until my computer stop working for good XD  

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About Myself

•1 > I like colors charts, when I was a child I spent a lot of time playing with those I took from painting and DIY stores.
•2 > I love Korean Dramas.
•3 > I love Korean food.
•4 > My hair changed from quite straight to very wavy eventhough I did not do anything.
•5 > I had light brown eyes when I was a child, now my eyes are hazel (ligh brown and grey green).
•6 > One of my fav fruit is pear.
•7 > I'm allergic to oak pollen.
•8 >When I see unusual insects or birds or bats, it makes me happy.
•9 > I'm not supertitious but I'm happy when I find 4 leaves clover.
•10 > I like fabrics and threads.

Sorry I'm not going to tag people ^-^
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Bonne année tout le monde!

L'année commence bien, ça faisait plus de 2 semaines que je ne m'étais pas connectée sur DA, et je me rends compte que j'ai reçu une Daily Deviation, merci beaucoup ^-^

Je vous souhaite tout plein de bonnes choses pour cette nouvelle année qui commence!


Happy New Year everyone!

The year starts very well, it has been more than 2 weeks since I didn't come to DA, and I realize I received a Daily Deviation, thanks a lot ^-^

I wish you all kind of great things for this new year!
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It's summer time, yeah! If only I did not have pollen allergy... fortunately my allergy is calming down, I can spend more time to work on my projects.

Lili Factory:
The new design for Lili Factory is finished and the new avatars are up :)
I made a new preview for the shop, it's far from perfect but you can now try several clothes and accessories at the same time. There is also a lot of arm poses for the avatars, and a sitting pose too!
The old avatars will be turn into a dollmaker game.
I will soon add new items to the site!

Paper cuts:
A lot of paper cut designs are waiting to be cut ^-^ I have to finish the bookmarks first.
I have some ideas for multi layers paper cut too :)

I started to make another doll, it's still in a rough stage. It will be a small chibi doll, quite like some of my pixel base dolls.
I also started another steatite sculpture, a kind of skull which could be worn as a pendant.
Other projects are still waiting on paper to be done in sculpture :D

I think it summer 2010 will be a very creative summer :)

I wish you all a wonderful summer!
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At last, the beta test is launched :)
You can register to test the new version of Lili Factory.

There are still some bugs, specially on the dollmakers (except Fantasy Horse Maker and Cookies maker which are working well), but I'm working on it.

New clothes for the avatars will come soon (I have tights and socks ready to be added to the system).

Remember that it's a beta test, so there are a lot of things that need to be fixed before I can launch the final version of Lili Factory :)

I have been very busy working on the new version of Lili Factory :)
The new site should be online this week if I manage to exterminate all the bugs.

Two years ago, when I launched the first version of the site, I wanted to make an avatar community (actually, this idea never left my mind since the day I started to work for The Doll Palace, more than 3 years ago), but I had not enough knowledge in php and mysql, then I only made dollmakers.

But I did not give up this idea, I worked hard learning php, mysql, ajax... and finally, I have been able to create my avatars community, with a forum started from scratch, an avatar and virtual gold systems, a virtual shop, transactions between members...
I am quite proud of me, I would never have thought that I would have been able to code this two years ago ^-^

There will be a beta test, I think the first week only 30-50 places will be available to see if everything works well, then this number will increase during the following weeks.
If you want to be a beta-tester, contact me at
I will keep you updated.
Hope 2009 will be a great year full of love and creativity for you <3
Soon my pageviews will reach 10k!
Thanks a lot to all my visitors and watchers <3

So, if you send me a screenshot of the 10.000 pageviews, I will make a drawing or pixelart of your choice ^-^
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Check out this great collaboration =>…

It finishes on October 30th, don't hesitate to enter with one or more pixel art pumpkins!
The link with all the details is here =>…

My entry:…
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Hi all!

Currently, I forsake my graphic tablet for paper sheets, pencils, pastels and brushes :)
I'm really glad to come back to a material which is not "virtual",  I missed the direct contact with paper. I had not made portraits during around 8 years, it was time for me to start again!!


Bonjour tout le monde!

Actuellement, je délaisse ma tablette graphic pour des feuilles, crayons, pastels et pinceaux :)
Je suis vraiment contente de revenir à un matériel qui n'est pas "virtuel", le contact direct avec le papier me manquait. ça faisait environ 8 ans que je n'avais plus fait de portraits, il était temps que je m'y remette!!
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I finished the Fantasy Horse Maker!!
If you want to play with it =>
I completely modified the code, and I hope it work on older web browsers.
I'll add more items soon :)

I'll start working on a better design for the site, something cuter,with an easier navigation.
J'ai fini le dernier dollmaker que j'avais prévu de faire avant de m'attaquer au codage de l'espace membres et du forum de Lili Factory!
C'est un dollmaker spécial St Valentin <3
J'ai plein d'autres idées de makers, mais ça attendra le temps que je finisse le site :3
Bon, maintenant, je me retrousse les manches et je me plonge dans le code!
I finished the last dollmaker I planned to make before the members space and the forum of Lili Factory!
It's a St Valentine's day dollmaker <3
I've got a lot of ideas for new dollmakers but it will wait until I finish the website :3
Another maker game available at Lili Factory (!
I had already made a cookie maker so I had to make a cupcake maker ^-^

I'm working on more dollmakers for february and of course, the forum and space members of the website :)

Un autre jeu est disponible sur Lili Factory (!
J'avais déjà fait un cookie maker donc je devais faire un cupcake maker ^-^

Je travaille actuellement sur de nouveaux dollmakers pour le mois de février et bien sûr, sur le forum et l'espace membres du site :)
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Mon Candice dollmaker est terminé!!
Il y aura plus de formes d'yeux, de bouches, de sourcils et d'items dans les semaines à venir ainsi que de nouveaux items pour Della :)

Le site passera bientôt en version beta avec un espace membres (avec un peu de chance, vers fin janvier/début février).

My Candice dollmaker is finished !!
More eyeshape, mouths, eyebrows, and items will come and new items for Della too :)

The website will be in beta version soon with a members space (hopefully, end of january/beginning of february).
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Je vous souhaite de passer d'excellentes fêtes de fin d'année!
I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Lili Factory
J'ai fait pas mal de mises à jour sur ces derniers jours!
Le "Della Dollmaker" a maintenant des chaussettes et des collants, et également des bijoux :)
J'ai aussi fait quelques items de Noël pour Della et pour le Cookie Maker, j'essayerai d'en faire aussi pour Tuppence.
Je n'ai pas eu le temps de faire un maker spécialement pour Noël, ce sera pour l'année prochaine ;)
Le prochain dollmaker sera bien en pixel art, je pense faire une poupée dans un style plutôt mignon, j'espère pouvoir vous montrer les premiers essais bientôt ^^

I made a lot of updates at these days!
"Della Dollmaker" has some socks and tights now, and jewels too :)
I made Christmas items for Della and Cookie Maker, I'll try to to make some for Tuppence.
I didn't have the time to make a Christmas Maker, we'll see next year ;)
The next dollmaker will be in pixel art as I said before, I think I will make a cute looking doll, I hope I'll be able to show you the first attempts soon ^^
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Je viens de terminer un nouveau dollmaker pour Lili Factory!
Della Dollmaker
J'ajouterai bientôt des accessoires et des chaussettes/collants et d'autres petites choses :)
Le prochain dollmaker sera sûrement en pixel art, je mettrais quelques previews dans ma galerie dans quelques semaines.

I finished a new dollmaker for Lili Factory!
Della Dollmaker
I will add soon accessories and socks/tights and other stuff :)
The next dollmaker will be in pixel art, I will put some preview on my gallery on the next weeks.
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