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respect us by honeycaskets respect us by honeycaskets
(trigger warning for harsh language and tone, lesbophobia, and mentions of verbal abuse and overall rapey-ness)


rejection hurts, okay? i get it, and it's fine to feel rejected. 

but you know what's not okay..? calling lesbians b*tches or d*kes because they declined to go out with you. calling them transphobes and vagina fetishists for not being attracted to male anatomy. telling them they're not real lesbians because they won't sleep with someone who was born male. telling them to get raped or to kill themselves because "cisbians are abusive uwu". aka. being a lesbophobe about it! >:"/

people are attracted to each other based on SEX, not gender identity. being gay means being attracted to the same sex. lesbians are gay women.. so we like other women. women as in its actual definition: female humans. we should not be burned at the stake for not wanting to date / sleep with / not being attracted to male people. we deserve so much better than the toxic bullshit that is thrown at us based on these poorly formed opinions from lack of education regarding gender and sexuality.

as someone had put it, lesbianism shouldn't be redefined to cater to feelings. i'm sorry, but you're erasing us. you're demonizing us. you're immoralizing homosexuality.  

respect lesbians.

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November 27, 2016
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