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Total Drama Drama Island - Group Cast by Honey-Zest

Total Drama Drama Island is a Total Drama Island remake with a brand new cast with the same crazy challenges.
I created 22 brand new OC's to re-do the classic Island season!
Two teams were formed to battle it out for the grand prize!
You guys know remember the show so no need to go over it :p

I made this project early 2016 with no real big plans. I wanted to create pictures for every episode!
I ended up having 30+ pictures for the show! I also even created a website for it! It's been under construction for like 20 years but I think I'm ready to release the link!

So here's where the contest comes in,
I'm trying to think if I ever posted the elimination order anywhere..
I've kept it a secret for nearly 2 years and I'm finally ready to wrap this season up!
Because early 2018, Total Drama Drama Action is coming! (Not comfirmed lol)

For this contest, you need to play a little guessing game c:
Try to guess the rank of all 24 contestants
Super easy! No hard work, just a little typing/writing.

Not So Happy Campers - Part 2
The Big Sleep
Not Quite Famous
The Sucky Outdoors
Phobia Factor
Up The Creek
Paintball Deep Hunter
If You Can't Take The Heat
Who Can You Trust?
Basic Straining
X-Treme Torture
Brunch of Disgustingness (non-elimination/merge)
No Pain, No Game
Search and Do Not Destroy
Hide and Be Sneaky
That's Off The Chain!
Hook, Line, and Screamer!
Wawanakwa Gone Wild!
Trail By Tri-Armed Triathlon
Camp Castaways
Are We There Yeti?
I Triple Dog Dare You!
The Very Last Episode, Really!

TDDIcast by Honey-Zest

Comment below as followed when posting your guesses.
Winner - Name
Runner-Up - Name
3rd - Name
4th - Name

Each guess you get right you gain +1 point 
Person to receive the most points wins!
There are 24 TOTAL contestants
Unlike TDI, 2 brand new players enter the game, no one returns!
Once they're 
out, they're out!

Due Date
The due date is on December 30th!
You have till the end of the year to enter!

First place - The winner will have one of their OC's featured in the next installation of Total Drama Drama! OR :points: OR Free OC re-do
Second place -  :points:
(Still deciding what to do for prizes!)
If a lot of people join, I may up the prize points!!!
The more people, the higher I'll raise it~

This is all for fun and anyone is welcome to join!
Just post your comment and I'll feature it after!!

Saki and Axel enter the game in No Pain, No Game

Tddictv by Honey-Zest
Here's a fun extra little old pic that I made :p

At the very end I'll post the results with all 30+ pictures and website!
If I'm missing anything I'll just add it onto the journal

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LitoPaulino Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2018
Winner - Brad
Runner Up - Marissa
3rd - Susan
4th - Libia
5th - Kevin
6th - Axel
7th - Jenny
8th - Zoe
9th - Michael
10th - Dasha
11th - Cynthia
12th - Saki
13th - Fabio
14th - Rey
15th - Ronnie
16th - Bobby
17th - Matthew
18th - Valentina
19th - Rachel
20th - Miles
21st - Jorge
22nd - Brianna
23rd - Ronaldo
24th - Adrian
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Submitted on
December 18, 2017


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