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Published: July 1, 2017
This is something I did a while ago and was thinking if I should post it.
Since I saw PrettyPassionut do it, I thought maybe I should toooooooooo *spins*

KTQNvsHZ by Honey-Zest

Soooooooooo basically the first time I drew my ref(myself) was in....*thinks*.. 2012... yes

Here it is!!! 
Jackyrefhistory by Honey-Zest

First Ref: Early 2012 - I thought it looked cute.... at the time 
Late 2012: I really liked it.. until I wanted to change it more into the "TD style" 
Early 2013: umm........…
Mid 2013: my thoughts at the time…
Late 2013: no comment. moving on,
Early 2014: This was cute......
Late 2014: BMW. Body. Made. Wrong
Early 2015: Same as last comment, with cuter hair..... -ish
Late-Early 2015-2016: Constant changes throughout here.... wasn't too sure
Late 2016: I got it! Liked this one....?
Early 2017: Too much make-up/ Looked way too weird for me
Current Ref Mid 2017: perfect ~   (at least that's what I think for now lol)
From Sai to Xara
From "Pretty" to Prettier
Looking through these changes you can definitely see how much I've improved!
Which should tell you to not give up! :p
Everyone gets better with practice!
But unlike Tammy, I don't have a ref since the start of my drawing career
I didn't have a ref until....2 years later
I just drew my OC Mariah a lot before

Should this be a challenge? 
Aka, #RefHistoryChallenge ?
Lol jk, I hate those dumb trends

And if you have enough refs to do it, then do it!!!!!!!

And post it here so I can see ~

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Not only did you improve your character's design, but you also improved your art style.

Good job. :thumbsup:
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FuneralCrasherHobbyist Digital Artist
Honey-Zest's avatar

    Oh my goooooooooooooddd
    I hateyou
    But so truee
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SnowshrewsHobbyist General Artist
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werewolfxqueen Digital Artist
I love seeing your improvement, thank you so much for sharing this (Makes me feel better about my improvement) 
Markiehh's avatar
Markiehh Digital Artist
yas wueen look at that glo up!!
FuneralCrasher's avatar
FuneralCrasherHobbyist Digital Artist
ur new ref @ ur old ref be like…
PrettyPassionut's avatar
PrettyPassionutHobbyist Digital Artist
Look at all this development! :love:
Honestly every ref has its charm I must admit, and of course your later ones are drawn with more precision and details so they pop out the most, but I think it's all good! <3
It's really a lot of fun seeing this development over time from you as well!
And wonderful and inspiring words to encourage others, I love it c;
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Chizu-PSHobbyist Digital Artist
Wow you've changed a lot!

Ha, interesting thing. I actually saw similar idea on the other site and wanted to try, but only made sketches. I guess I should actually finish it. It could be an expirience.
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2000thcenturyLindaHobbyist Digital Artist
OMG Jackie you had such a beautiful, amazing, mega improvement! :D (Big Grin) Aww Revamp-Kinda 
Keep up great art dear! ;) (Wink) Huggle! 
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JazeEmmStudent Filmographer
I've been literally waiting on this my whole life. I can finally die now, bye.

but no seriously at least you didn't start out with those awful Courtney remakes like 99.9% of the artists in this fandom. And let's not get on the Duncan ones oh god 
Midnight-FireFlame's avatar
Midnight-FireFlameHobbyist Digital Artist
What a journey! c:
I love how you slay my life with these outfits ALL you're refs are wearing... So Jelly. cx
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Wiz-DanStudent Digital Artist
I will always love your 2014 refs Early and Late are amazing for me <3 tho I think 2012 beats them all :P
BlueFriday8's avatar
fit on point! makeup on POINT! HAIR ON POINT!!
LOL Girl...what a journey it took to get there...
no shade^

and bitch you ain't slick, we all peeped you got a nose job but I'm not gonna expose you
LMAO I can't even talk though because MY OLD REFS SERVE nerdy ass CAMERON from tdroti ): 
Honey-Zest's avatar

    @ last comment
    Do you want my doctors number? c:
    You could definitely use it.................
    But omgggg Cameron! Good times, 
    goooooooood times c:
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Wiz-DanStudent Digital Artist
Lol do post those Cameron refs ;D
BlueFriday8's avatar
why your first ref built like a refrigerator? :/
Paleo-Beast-Emperor's avatar
Paleo-Beast-EmperorHobbyist Traditional Artist
Wow, you sure changed and grown a lot over the years, haven't ya?
Triskata's avatar
TriskataHobbyist Digital Artist
you like you rock each outfit wtf!?!!?
here i am ranging from fuckboi to dad on the internet trying to have a good time and you're over here doing no wrong like STOP
Honey-Zest's avatar

    Haha, ewww not even 
    My clothing around 2012 was so hispter and looking
    back I want to vomit lol. But I tried my best to 'slay' :p
    And hahahahaha your refs are so cute and unique! 
Triskata's avatar
TriskataHobbyist Digital Artist
you say you didn't slay but guurrrl you slaaaay!
pffft i'm a mess and my refs just capture that
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