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Hello everybody!
I’m looking for OC’s to fill in the role for the new spin off series!
It’s based on the MTV’s show The Challenge…
but now I will be running a new series with OC characters... aka making more group pictures! IoD is currently on pause while I search for the first season cast of this upcoming group picture! I'm going to be adding a couple of my OC's with a few of my friends. And of course I'm searching for your OCs!  

So, drop your OC’s that you feel could fit the role for our new dramatic, money-hungry adults, down below!
Your Oc's will be on TV to film for NTV's new show! Hope your OC's don't mind the cameras around them!
I want to see your boys and girls!
-Age range- 21-38
-Doesn't have to be in TD style (OC)
-Give me a little description of your OC.
I want to pick from a few selection that you have c:
Ask questions if you have any!!

Previous Seasons:

:bulletred:  dA: The Challenge V by Honey-Zest
:bulletpurple:  dA: The Challenge IV by Honey-Zest
:bulletgreen:  dA: The Challenge lll by Honey-Zest
:bulletyellow:  dA: The Challenge ll by Honey-Zest
:bulletorange:  dA: The Challenge by Honey-Zest

:bulletpink: I'll be posting the elimination order soon for this too! *eye emoji*
ALSO this is not a roleplay or drawing competition. 

Total Drama Drama Island - Group Cast by Honey-Zest

Total Drama Drama Island is a Total Drama Island remake with a brand new cast with the same crazy challenges.
I created 22 brand new OC's to re-do the classic Island season!
Two teams were formed to battle it out for the grand prize!
You guys know remember the show so no need to go over it :p

I made this project early 2016 with no real big plans. I wanted to create pictures for every episode!
I ended up having 30+ pictures for the show! I also even created a website for it! It's been under construction for like 20 years but I think I'm ready to release the link!

So here's where the contest comes in,
I'm trying to think if I ever posted the elimination order anywhere..
I've kept it a secret for nearly 2 years and I'm finally ready to wrap this season up!
Because early 2018, Total Drama Drama Action is coming! (Not comfirmed lol)

For this contest, you need to play a little guessing game c:
Try to guess the rank of all 24 contestants
Super easy! No hard work, just a little typing/writing.

Not So Happy Campers - Part 2
The Big Sleep
Not Quite Famous
The Sucky Outdoors
Phobia Factor
Up The Creek
Paintball Deep Hunter
If You Can't Take The Heat
Who Can You Trust?
Basic Straining
X-Treme Torture
Brunch of Disgustingness (non-elimination/merge)
No Pain, No Game
Search and Do Not Destroy
Hide and Be Sneaky
That's Off The Chain!
Hook, Line, and Screamer!
Wawanakwa Gone Wild!
Trail By Tri-Armed Triathlon
Camp Castaways
Are We There Yeti?
I Triple Dog Dare You!
The Very Last Episode, Really!

TDDIcast by Honey-Zest

Comment below as followed when posting your guesses.
Winner - Name
Runner-Up - Name
3rd - Name
4th - Name

Each guess you get right you gain +1 point 
Person to receive the most points wins!
There are 24 TOTAL contestants
Unlike TDI, 2 brand new players enter the game, no one returns!
Once they're 
out, they're out!

Due Date
The due date is on December 30th!
You have till the end of the year to enter!

First place - The winner will have one of their OC's featured in the next installation of Total Drama Drama! OR :points: OR Free OC re-do
Second place -  :points:
(Still deciding what to do for prizes!)
If a lot of people join, I may up the prize points!!!
The more people, the higher I'll raise it~

This is all for fun and anyone is welcome to join!
Just post your comment and I'll feature it after!!

Saki and Axel enter the game in No Pain, No Game

Tddictv by Honey-Zest
Here's a fun extra little old pic that I made :p

At the very end I'll post the results with all 30+ pictures and website!
If I'm missing anything I'll just add it onto the journal

Ref History

Fri Jun 30, 2017, 9:16 PM
This is something I did a while ago and was thinking if I should post it.
Since I saw PrettyPassionut do it, I thought maybe I should toooooooooo *spins*

KTQNvsHZ by Honey-Zest

Soooooooooo basically the first time I drew my ref(myself) was in....*thinks*.. 2012... yes

Here it is!!! 
Jackyrefhistory by Honey-Zest

First Ref: Early 2012 - I thought it looked cute.... at the time 
Late 2012: I really liked it.. until I wanted to change it more into the "TD style" 
Early 2013: umm........…
Mid 2013: my thoughts at the time…
Late 2013: no comment. moving on,
Early 2014: This was cute......
Late 2014: BMW. Body. Made. Wrong
Early 2015: Same as last comment, with cuter hair..... -ish
Late-Early 2015-2016: Constant changes throughout here.... wasn't too sure
Late 2016: I got it! Liked this one....?
Early 2017: Too much make-up/ Looked way too weird for me
Current Ref Mid 2017: perfect ~   (at least that's what I think for now lol)
From Sai to Xara
From "Pretty" to Prettier
Looking through these changes you can definitely see how much I've improved!
Which should tell you to not give up! :p
Everyone gets better with practice!
But unlike Tammy, I don't have a ref since the start of my drawing career
I didn't have a ref until....2 years later
I just drew my OC Mariah a lot before

Should this be a challenge? 
Aka, #RefHistoryChallenge ?
Lol jk, I hate those dumb trends

And if you have enough refs to do it, then do it!!!!!!!

And post it here so I can see ~

New Game Show

Sun Mar 19, 2017, 9:00 AM
So I've noticed lately on my audition apps for past shows that I've mainly wanted to focused on character development
As many of you might do the same.

But sometimes it's hard when you want to create character development
when your game on the show is cut short.

So what if there was a game show where no one is eliminated.
A game designed to focus on character development.
But still had a competition aspect to it?

Well the theme I picked for this would be college (School)

Teams would compete in challenges based on school subjects .

The losing team would be sent to the auditorium .
The viewers would then pick to eliminate one person off.
Two OC's would be eliminated each challenge (one boy, one girl)
A scholarship would replace the traditional marshmallow.

However, even though you're "eliminated" you would still compete in the challenges
Just that you won't compete for the grand prize 
The winner of the challenge would win a scholarship of XX amount of points.

An eliminated person can drop out of the game whenever he or she desires
(This would be considered dropping out of college)

The show ends at graduation day (The final challenge; Final two or three)
Everyone who sticks around to the end would receive some neat gifts.

Some challenges would exclude the eliminated players to perform individual challenges
Where only the remaining contestants will compete.
Meanwhile, the eliminated contestants wouldn't be assigned class and are sleeping at their dorms or just hanging out at their dorms
The "game" would be an individual game. Some challenges you'll be put into teams of two or three or sometimes alone.

Something that I enjoyed about past shows I was in and made far were the relationships my OC built
Friends, relationships, enemies, etc.
And that's something I would want to see with more OC's.
Artist OC's meeting other artists OC's.


I want to hear what flaws could happen in the game
I want to hear opinions!
Every opinion matters!!

I want to scream in a void because I literally had to retype everything since the first draft got deleted 

~ Lana Del Rey ~

Fri May 15, 2015, 1:00 PM
How many Lana fans do we have? :love:

I'm SO excited I'm going to see her tomorrow

As many of you guys know 
I'm a big fan of her
and I'm just so aaaaaahsdfjkd; <3

I saw her setlist she will be singing and they are

♡ Cruel World 

"Because you're young, you're wild, you're free,
You're dancin' circles around me,
You're fuckin' crazy."

♡ Cola 

"Come on, baby, let's ride
We can escape to the great sunshine."

♡ Blue Jeans 

"I will love you till the end of time
I would wait a million years
Promise you'll remember that you're mine
Baby can you see through the tears?"

♡ West Coast 

"I can see my baby swingin'
His Parliament's on fire and his hands are up
On the balcony and I'm singing
Ooh, baby, ooh, baby, I'm in love"

♡ Us Against The World 

"What do I need to get high for?
There ain't no reason to cry for."

♡ Born To Die 

"Come and take a walk on the wild side
Let me kiss you hard in the pouring rain
You like your girls insane"

♡ Ultraviolence 

"Jim told me that
He hit me and it felt like a kiss
Jim brought me back
Reminded me of when we were kids"

♡ Summertime Sadness 

"Think I'll miss you forever
Like the stars miss the sun in the morning sky
Later's better than never
Even if you're gone I'm gonna drive"

♡ Chelsea Hotel 

"I remember you well in the Chelsea Hotel
You were famous, your heart was a legend"

♡ Brooklyn Baby 

"Yeah my boyfriend's pretty cool
But he's not as cool as me
Cause I'm a Brooklyn baby"

♡ Shades of Cool 

"You are unfixable
I can't break through your world
'Cause you live in shades of cool
Your heart is unbreakable"

♡ You Can Be The Boss 

"You can be the boss, daddy
You can be the boss
Bad to the bone, sick as a dog"

♡ Serial Killer 

"Baby, I'm a sociopath,
Sweet serial killer.
On the warpath,
'Cause I love you
Just a little too much."

♡ Video Games 

"Tell me all the things you wanna do
I heard that you like the bad girls
Honey, is that true?"

♡ Do Right 


♡ Off To The Races ♡ 

"Light of his life, fire of his loins
Keep me forever, tell me you own me"
"Boy you're so crazy, baby, I love you forever not maybe
You are my one true love, you are my one true love

I really wished she could sing
American, Million Dollar Man, Young & Beautiful, Teenage Wasteland (Prom Song), Carmen, & Florida Kilos

But it's fine since she's singing a lot of my favorites.

K, that is all.

Which Lana songs are your fav?


Wed Dec 19, 2012, 9:58 AM

I make love with my cat
I put my fingers in my belly button witch turned into an outie
I have a list of all the books i read since 2004
I love to eat ice cream in the winter with my clothes off outside
I would spread my legs for Ryan Seacrest
Raccons Are the only Living things that are attracted to me
Ishy is Mother F***ing Sexy af
I hate "The Challenge"

Not JK


Thats what you get for righting on my journal!:c


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