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dA: Total Drama Action - What Are You Doing Here?!
By Honey-Zest   |   Watch
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Published: April 16, 2017
© 2017 - 2019 Honey-Zest

The bus finally arrives at the destination and I am more than happy to finally make it. I walk out the front doors and take in a deep breathe.
"Ah... Finally here"
I take a step down and walked towards the group of people. I introduced myself to my peers around me and welcomed myself to every person.

Fiiiiiinally we have got here! As soon as I got on that bus I made sure I sat all the way in the back to take a nap. I walked out that bus ready to kill the competition! Instantly I see two smoking hot babes who seemed to be best friends. After awkwardly waving to the pastel blue hair girl and not getting a reaction back I see her.
My heart skips a beat and I'm terrified.

Everyone turns their heads confused to my reaction. He walked next to me and I was so surprised he was even here! I mean.. The moment I walked in that bus I sat in the front row and didn't bother to turn my head back.. 

"Janet is here!? What in tarnation! She never told me anything about auditioning for a show! ... Maybe because I wouldn't visit her so often these last couple of days... But, no. Am I not nervous to see her? Haha.. why would you say that?"

"Eduardo is here? He never mentioned anything about any auditions... Why didn't he tell me about making an audition for the show..........."

I remember telling Eduardo I was making an audition tape for the show.. I just don't know if he heard me or cared?.. I'm sure he didn't hear me. It kind of hurts. I'm just in complete shock right now.

This is just an extra photo! Not part of my challenge. I wanted to make something since we were all rushed to do the challenge without introductions.. lol
I feel rushed to post this one since it's Easter and I have to leave. So I might make some few changes to the description LATER! I'll post Janet and Eduardo's journal as well!

Janet & Eduardo - Honey-Zest
Olivia - Mother-of-Trolls
Hei-Ran - PetiteTarte
Griffen - funeral-crasher
Fabio - ishy26
America - TheCuteLittleBow
Leif - AJToons
Lex & Tara (mentioned) - BlueFriday8 & xyounqx
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KawaiiWonder's avatar
KawaiiWonderHobbyist Filmographer
Janet seems like a nice girl! :)
isrrael120's avatar
isrrael120Hobbyist Digital Artist
Janet is adorable I love it!!!:happybounce: 
Snowshrews's avatar
SnowshrewsHobbyist General Artist
did you us? LOL I really like the film boarder! shook
FIuffi's avatar
Ahhh, i love Janet! She's super sweet but gurl yesss do. the. math. lmao
I can already tell Ed is going to get into a heap of trouble so I'm excited to
see where this will go cxx
NicoTheTDPinkiePie's avatar
Janet is so precious <33
I wonder what kinda relationship these two have and why Eduardo is nervous :O I can't wait to see!
Mother-of-Trolls's avatar
Mother-of-TrollsHobbyist Digital Artist
Ah, thank you very much for my sweetie's small cameo! salmon heart bullet  Your arts for this challenge were especially desired ones!

By the way, I've got a couple of ideas on Olivia's interaction with Janet and Eduardo wink grin 
Diamond-Avenue's avatar
Diamond-AvenueHobbyist Digital Artist
What a cutie is Janet 
TheCuteLittleBow's avatar
TheCuteLittleBowStudent Digital Artist
This is soo cute!! I love the little film idea !! 
MustacheSkulls's avatar
MustacheSkullsHobbyist Digital Artist
Lol you using a Brazilian meme as a reference! I love it!!
gus-val's avatar
gus-valHobbyist General Artist
MustacheSkulls's avatar
MustacheSkullsHobbyist Digital Artist
Nazare rainha do memes! Lol Só a Gretchen desbanca ela hahah
DoughnutDemi's avatar
XD they both are confused...
This is wonderful xD
FuneralCrasher's avatar
FuneralCrasherHobbyist Digital Artist
o by FuneralCrasher
me @ life
omg Janet is way too cute in these frames stoppppp
they're both so shook I love it, I am excited for more awkward tension!
and I'm dyinggggg @ the math equations / confused woman meme
TheCuteLittleBow's avatar
TheCuteLittleBowStudent Digital Artist
ISHB1SH's avatar
ISHB1SHHobbyist Digital Artist
Awww! This is super cute :c
I could tell that Eduardo wasn't listening to Janet when she told him about joining a show...
Well he's in deep doo doo...
Love the border you made for the pictures as well!
Great job c:
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