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dA: Total Drama Action - Separate Ways
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Published: April 23, 2017
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Dear Whoever is Reading This,
Yeah, so I pretty much f'd things up by not telling Janet that I was coming.. But honestly I had NO clue she was coming! I told her I was going on vacations.. Clearly that didn't work out lol.
I'm here for a reason and one reason only.
(Eduardo writes down his reason but the ink in the pen runs out making it unreadable)

Okay, I had to get another pen since the pen I found on the ground had no ink.
Thankfully America wasn't paying attention when I took her pencil... lol 
But ANYWAYS, after the chit chat with my bae, the challenge started.
I look at these two hot girls who wanted to work with me and decided to go with him. But I had to ditch Janet first... I know if I went with them she would be PISSED. And I didn't want to bring her, all she does is nag!
So I ditched her lol
Sorry babe ):

Janet - Honey-Zest
Eduardo - Honey-Zest
Tara & Lex - xyounqx 
America - TheCuteLittleBow *mentioned

Intro - Part 1 - You Are Here 
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I'm loving all of their interactions so far <33
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Mother-of-TrollsHobbyist Digital Artist
What I love the most of in the art is the body language and facial expressions of the characters. Even if you haven't read the description, you still can get the plot. And Eduardo doesn't worth such cute and nice girl as Janet Grumpy Cat 
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isrrael120Hobbyist Digital Artist
Haha great, I love it!!!XD
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8liana8Hobbyist Digital Artist
Omgg what an ass! I'm starting to really appreciate Janet, I thought she was bland at first but I see what she's been putting up with :( she's super cute and a real team player.
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Dead @ Ed....
He's disrespectful lol! Stealing bitches pens... Leaving his girl... Going with the hoes

He's getting the asshole edit. haha! 
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DeathKissuFuHobbyist Digital Artist
Ed...how could you and for those ho I mean lovely duo ;P
This awkwardness between Jan and Ed is just marvelous. Well done
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FuneralCrasherHobbyist Digital Artist
*writes down next to ''neglectful bf''*
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ISHB1SHHobbyist Digital Artist
I dont know whats worse
Ed ditching Janet for the hot girls
or Eduardo not knowing America is blind
Love the picture c:
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A-True-ThotStudent General Artist
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Diamond-AvenueHobbyist Digital Artist
ohh this is very cutiee!
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;-; its okay you'll get mister I know it
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LOLL THIS IS CUTEEE! Eduardo's a fucking dick....but he'll get his karma aka Tara and Lex~ LOL 
I seriously love the awkward tension between Ed and Janet...
me watching them interact! media.tenor.co/images/62803161…
Can't wait to see more of those two! Great job enchilada<3 
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A-True-ThotStudent General Artist
The rudeness of this boy -_-
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