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dA: The Challenge V

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Published: August 2, 2017
© 2017 - 2019 Honey-Zest

Summer is here so that means a new edition of dA: The Challenge!
Theme song: www.youtube.com/watch?v=1KWHrM…
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This season, it's another crazy game of free agents!
Everyone has a specific color. One color for both gender. This does not mean they are teammates!
Twenty men and Twenty women will have to fight their way through some of the craziest,
most daring challenges yet. And with this devious assortment of players, the backstabbing
and masterminding will be just as intense off the field as on the field. 
There are no teams,
no alliances, true colors will be shown and snakes will come out! Trust. No. One.
Everyone will be out for blood this season! 
The season opens up with an opening competition known as "The Purge". The contestants
will play as individuals and/or teams to avoid elimination. In the end, the bottom six players
(3 males and 3 females) will be eliminated.

We have 14 new rookies to the season and 27 veterans returning! A total of 41 Challengers!!!
Yay for more rookies c:

Skull Divider And PLZ by zara-leventhal

Let's introduce the challengers!
Left to Right:

Dizzy - DizzyDallian 
Valeria - valediaYT 
Stan - Stanishi 
Jake - HeyBruhItsJack 
Lukas - x-Hachiko-x 
Noah - Hey-Hollywood 
Ricky - Midnight-FireFlame 
Tyler - TILLTY 
Neha - Rain-Wings 
Kyle - ISHB1SH 
Roman - P1NETHREE 
Ellis - Mother-of-Trolls 
Chizu - Chizu-PS 
Jessica B. - BscButterfly 
Jordan - King-JB 
Tamara - PrettyPassionut 
Peter - FuneralCrasher 
Jessica T. - Toxic-Temptations 
Oskar - Kalifornia-KIass 
Jaze - JazeEmm 
Trevor - Trevorific 
Joe - TDI-CharlieBrown 
Tiffany - xyounqx 
TaHir - BlueFriday8 
Jacqueline - Yours Truly
Arturo - My BF
Saiko - Lets-Get-Saiko 
Rina - PetiteTarte 
Sona - TheCuteLittleBow 
Dani - MissPaleMoon 
Nat - Parasol-Lights 
Mila - MilaYin 
Luke - Emperor-Lucas 
Dan - Wiz-Dan 
Declan - Prince-Of-Punkrock 
Brooke - Creative-Horizons 
Shannon - PlatonicConspiracy 
Brianna - Creative-Horizons 
Noel - FIuffi 
Demi - DoughnutDemi 
Tatiana - Galactic-Red-Beauty 

Skull Divider And PLZ by zara-leventhal

Now if you're wondering why there are 41 instead of 40.. well somebody quit in the first episode.
And we needed a replacement ;D
Also yes, I do write stories for the show :p
I already wrote one for last season c:

for the people who didn't make it...
Picking out the cast is hard as usual.. This one has been the hardest cast actually
Because there were a few others who I originally had on the cast, but had to swap
out with some new ones or more active users.
And please don't complain about not making it... I bumped up the cast to 41! 
And next challenge I'm not passing 40. Might cut it to 30... 
Maybe there might be another one by the end of the year? So don't lose hope c:

Skull Divider And PLZ by zara-leventhal

Don't forget to leave a comment if you're featured!
It will be kindly greatful ^^
and remember! As easy as I added you, is as easy
as removing you! So don't forget to comment;D

Special thanks to Wiz-Dan for helping me with the water effect! Heart


Previous Season: (dA: The Challenge lV)
dA: The Challenge IV by Honey-Zest

~ Reminder ~
This isn't a actual show/camp/fanfiction thing.

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lets pray i get in Season 6 xx
ISHB1SH's avatar
ISHB1SHHobbyist Digital Artist
Terrance-Hearts-Art's avatar
Terrance-Hearts-ArtHobbyist Digital Artist
That looks awesome. I love that drawing.
A-True-Thot's avatar
A-True-ThotStudent General Artist
You guys all look amazing. I hope to one day be on one of these
iDxrryl's avatar
tots ready for s6
ref updated.
PrincessBeautiful's avatar
Put me in the next challenge.
td-catherine's avatar
td-catherineHobbyist Digital Artist
Omg this is the cutest!! I love the progress that the artists have made with their refs. This just have taken so long, but the result is extraordinary💓
valediaYT's avatar
valediaYTStudent Digital ArtistFeatured
OMG! I love this pic with all my heart ❤ 
All look so great... You are incredible Jacky c: 
idk how you make it posible cause there are a lot of people!
I could not imagine having to draw everyone
You are the queen of TDIDA... DON'T FORGET IT! 
I'm glad to be part of it and will do my best to succeed.
BlueFriday8's avatar

soooo you really gonna just slay the hell out of this pic?
I lovelovelovee how you DREW ME! AND you have me rocking my signature COLOR!
Everything about this is perfect, the scenery/background, the poses, the props!
Can't wait to flick these bitches out of the competition for a 5th time!
TDI-CharlieBrown's avatar
TDI-CharlieBrownHobbyist General Artist
Tahir - I can't wait to flick these bitches out of the competition for a fifth time!

(I make my grand entrance to my theme song:) 

Tahir - .....fuck, I'm screwed.

(lol jk jk) 
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daantonHobbyist Digital Artist
~ellissummerOLIVIA~.devART by daanton : You mean I'm not featured here this time??



Okay then. :) I could do with a break....!
TILLTY's avatar
TILLTYStudent Digital ArtistFeatured
Thank you so much for including me Jacky
it really means a lot to me that you even considered me
thanks again 
Honey-Zest's avatar

    Of course! ^^
    Glad you like it :heart:
TILLTY's avatar
TILLTYStudent Digital Artist
Mother-of-Trolls's avatar
Mother-of-TrollsHobbyist Digital ArtistFeatured
I'm happy to know I'm not forgotten by you Adorable Girl Anime Emoji (My kawaii plushie) [V6] 

Chizu and I look great together. Just like the other guys, tho. BTW, yellow is one of my most favorite colors Sweetheart Divider Yellow  
Honey-Zest's avatar

    I'll never forget you dear :heart:
    Glad you like it! Hehe <3
The-Queen-of-Glamour's avatar
The-Queen-of-GlamourStudent Digital Artist
This look awesome sadly I'm not here this year but who care this is awesome
Honey-Zest's avatar

    Aww dear, you were originally in the cast. But last
    minute changes had you swapped out u_u.
    There's always next season ;D
    But thank you :love:
The-Queen-of-Glamour's avatar
The-Queen-of-GlamourStudent Digital Artist
You welcome♥
iDarrylVids's avatar
iDarrylVidsStudent Interface Designer
~there should be a s6 like in the winter or something like The Dirty 30?~
_i just lowkey wanna be in one_

and im getting my ref done now LOL

anyways love this it looks so good!
Honey-Zest's avatar

    This is technically kind of like Dirty 30
    The challenges this season is a mix of 
    Invasion and Dirty 30! c:

    But thanks!! Can't wait to see it ;D
Hey-Hollywood's avatar
you went to #werk girl!! I'm surprised I'm in it again!!
I'm definitely the Johnny Bananas of this series, that no one asked for lmao
You did wonders with everybody's references, plus the background is lit~
but thank you for including me, you mean so much to me mi amore! 
Honey-Zest's avatar

    Haha stooop.
    But thank you love :heart:
    Glad you enjoyed! 
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TheCuteLittleBowStudent Digital ArtistFeatured
Babe! This is so stunning you are honestly so unbelievably talented.
Like you made people who couldn't look good, look good!
Lucas and Dani
I'm truly shook I only just saw this and I'm shooketh 
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