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Total Drama Drama Island - Group Cast (2018)
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Published: January 1, 2019
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First things first!

OH MY GOSH! What a heckin' year it's been for me. But, first I want to get into this piece before everything else!
What you're seeing here is a cute little reunion after filming the first season of TDDI! They ALSO wrapped up filming season 2 which will be coming to a computer screen near you. And season 3 is already in production! But who will make the cut? Stay tuned ;p
Everyone was asked to come back to the very same island that brought the coco's together to shoot their reunion pic! They were asked to pose in their infamous season 1 pose.. or at least we told these bitches too. Clearly some of them didn't listen...

Saki, Cynthia, Matthew, Ronaldo, Kevin, Fabio, Jenny, Adrian, Bobbi, Dasha, Rachel, Marissa, Brad, Brianna, Libia, Jorge, Zoe, Rey, Miles, Susan, Ronnie, Valentina, Michael//Vivienne P., Axel.

Managing a group picture with 24 ADULTS was not a simple task. We told Saki she couldn't bring her body bag she intended to hang on the tree. So instead she took out.. the skull. Adrian's flying drone accidentally hit production in the eye. We told Valentina to give us a pose. We had to beg her to do something. So she did c: These shady people put Zoe's post card above the TV set. Also I bet you're wondering, what happened to Zoe? Well.....

Click in the link below to go to the Total Drama Drama Island website!

{BEFORE ENTERING} What you will see in the link below features all 20+ episodes (1 pic per episode) which includes spoilers, elimination charts, friendship charts, and ETC!.

totaldramadramaisl.wixsite.com… ]

-After viewing link- 
Ta-Daaa!! whew! I'm honestly so proud that I FINALLY got to finish this little project! Well... not completely! But enough to show you guys what I have! This started back in 2016 and I worked on these pictures clearly back in 2016, so they are a bit outdated.. but I feel like they managed to age rather..well! (I'll come back a few years n reread that link again) This was honestly so much fun to do! You guys will finally (soon) know what my characters are fully about! ONE thing I didn't add and which I soon in the following year will add is an extra page in the website that will show the reasons WHY they were eliminated + episode plots n such!


The Contest results! c:
Did you guys really think I forgot? I mean after all the harassment, shady talk, shit talk, spitting at me, emails, death threats, oh wait that's actually another thing! Never mind~ But really, I'm sorry it took this long.. a bitch was BUSY this year i.iheart.com/v3/re/new_assets/…

ANYWAYS, here it is!!
Tddicontestop by Honey-Zest

CONGRATULATIONS DmitriiZelencov !!
You won with a total of 4/24! I honestly don't know how anyone was going to get more then 5 but.... :-)

Second Place - 
HeyBruhItsJack, 8liana8, crystalline-shadow, ManuTDIfan
NicoTheTDPinkiePie, Moonlight-LovelySaxophone15X 
Yay! you guys got TWO whole points c:          das right!

SO I'll be noting the first & second prize winners for further details! 

Once again, ta-da! Here's a little cute reunion picture of everyone (basically showing off everyones updated design) c:
Thank you for tuning in, I'm Honey-Zest and thank you for watching, Total Drama Drama Island!! Tootles! 66.media.tumblr.com/22666a4555…

Total Drama Drama Island - Group Cast by Honey-Zest

Whats to come 2019: Institute of Drama! You guys will finally see the cast! It's filled with OC's from many dA users!
How exciting c: It will be presented in a similar manner. Group picture, episode pictures, eliminations, etc. 
2019 is coming and I'm so excited for the new year. ♥

This year has been a blessing to me. So many positive things came out this year that really helped me thrive in life. Some few lows but nothing I couldn't get myself out of! I have a loving family, my own beautiful house, and I'm working all the time! So honestly I don't know what 2019 will bring. It's bittersweet coming onto dA now because this time it reminds me of high school graduation again, most of my friends moved on and others continued to draw art. And I love that. People come and go and we're current examples of the last of our generation. Total Drama Daycare is coming.. if not it's been here already, and that's not really my cup of tea. It's cute! I'll probably draw a thing or two, but not what I'm focusing my time on anymore. I know that I'm going to continue  my little projects and make little things here and there. 
So anyways, you guys can catch me here and I'll get back to you guys whenever I can! I'm not interested in any drama, everything is one-sided to me, don't look like this thumbs.gfycat.com/OccasionalAd… . Spend your time wisely!
I love you guys, thanks for the comments, the favs, the love, I obviously want to return all love back so here's to a wonderful new years and remember, change is all y o u!
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ChaseOSwarezHobbyist Artist
Late af but Rey and Axel look great!
ISHB1SH's avatar
ISHB1SHHobbyist Digital Artist
You are the best artisit everrrrrrrrr. This shit is so much coloful than the last picture! WORK! 
Cross-Roadz's avatar
Cross-RoadzStudent General Artist
Luv Brad and Brianna's pose\facial expressions 
Marissa and Libia are so innocent Love 
MIGDAVART's avatar
MIGDAVARTProfessional Digital Artist
everyone looks amazing!
Love your total drama style omg
Hey-Hollywood's avatar
Ahhh I have so many feelings about this picture! I was NOT expecting this whatsoever!
Let me divulge my feelings a lil' bit,, first off Nat just rolled in her grave @ you showing Saki's eyes omg she cute tho!
Cynthia's new design fits her better than that one updated design you did, she's cuteee!
Bobbi's hair is cute, looks easier to work with, she has a more 50's hair vibe now, I love it,
Rachel's hair tho is so unique! I'm in love with the devil horns... how does she do that every morning?
BRAD tho, he went from Twink to DADDY! He looks like a cute soccer dad, I ship him & Brianna hardcore! Don't know why it only says 'friends' in their friendship chart. Season 2 better change that...
Poor Zoe... who knew she was such a criminal mastermind?? Her disguise was the cutest & I'm going to miss it so much! PLL much??
Rey and Miles are so so cute together, too bad Tumblr banned porn or you could have made serious money off them! lmao
I thought Vivienne was a new character at first cause you didn't do the faded out thing lol, but that outfit/hairdo is banging! 
Your color choices have changed so much between now and the last picture, you're getting BOLD with the bright colors. I'm enjoying it!
Lastly... what sort of downgrade went on with AXEL? He needs to lose the highlights...he went from "he can get it" to "douchebag" overnight! thank you NEXT!
Overall, I love this group pic so much and I'm so excited for Institute of Drama! It's going to be fun to see what comes from you 2019~
Love youuuu<3
Wiz-Dan's avatar
Wiz-DanStudent Digital Artist
I had waaay to much fun with the description xD and omg... Saki has eyes!
It is quite nice to see remakes and updated designs of previous OC's! cast looks on point!
Very styled characters it's a nice design growth
Happy New Year honey <3
MegaMovieMonday's avatar
MegaMovieMondayHobbyist Traditional Artist
Amazing! they all look super incredible and I love their designs. :)
werewolfxqueen's avatar
werewolfxqueenHobbyist Digital Artist
Cynthia is an iconic pink goddess and I love her <3 <3
DoughnutDemi's avatar
This is sooo good!!!
Like everyone looks amazing!!!
-u- BUT Miles and Rey still the cutest....
-u- My boyos for life
Hannah-13-Baker's avatar
Zoe is a fucked up hoe I mean that bitch went CRAY CRAY! 
PrincessBeautiful's avatar
It looks different and it has new character joining too.
OhMyOskarr's avatar
this is C R A Z Y.

I did not expect the winner "what a twist" - peter griffins voice.

Im so exited for your 2019 and for you in general, you've grown so much, isss crazy.
The updated group cast looks stunning, I cant belive it was back in 2016 you drew the first one!!!
you did not do zoe justice.
Wonderful work!! bye.
Saxophone15X's avatar
!!! I am gagged at the amount of effort you put into this I love it so much!!!
crystalline-shadow's avatar
crystalline-shadowHobbyist Digital Artist
OMG That's so amazing darling!I really love the cast,the episodes,i really love you finished your project! <3 i am really happy I got 2 points <3 so i start very cool 2019 with the second place! <3 plus,i am really interested in season 2&3 <3 Institute of Drama seems to be a glorious project! <3 good luck in it,and have a beautiful 2019!
Apryl10's avatar
Apryl10Student Digital Artist
Wow, I can't wait for season 2 & 3! Hope you have a nice New Year! 
Moonlight-Lovely's avatar
My poor Zoey!! </33
I'm so excited to season 2 & 3 ♥
when I saw that picture : static.wixstatic.com/media/44f…
me : media.giphy.com/media/82PgcvLR…
HAPPY NEW YEAR, Jackie!! ♥, I hope you start this year with many joys and blessings, suerte & besos ♥
PuppetN2's avatar
This is GORGEOUS! You better work!
NicoTheTDPinkiePie's avatar
Happy New Years Jackie!! :D I'm so glad to hear this year has been so positive for you!! I wish for you the best in this new year as well!! And of course, I LOVE this group pic!! So unique!! :love:

And...wow, I can't believe I actually got two of the elimination orders right :O This is the closest I've gotten to winning something, so I'm proud!! :XD: 
A-True-Thot's avatar
A-True-ThotStudent General Artist
OMG!!! This looks amazing!!!
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