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The Night Is Still Young
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Published: July 10, 2017
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:damphyr: no more skipping love, skipping heart beats
with the boys downtown
  :wing: by ebonred


{A picture taken in our hotel before going out at night}

A very happy fashionably late happy birthday to my sis.
I wanted to draw us because I miss our interactions *cry emoji*
Our butler sister Nat was taking this picture~
Unfortunately she was kidnapped later that night and went missing ):
But besides that the night was very successful!
And we won't speak about the things that Tiffany did either..

Love you!

Ft. xyounqx

F2U Rose Icon - Red and White by Kiwicide

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You both are super sexy.
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Bitch I can't stand you
omgg after all this time you still continue to do the damn thing!!
I honestly don't know what else I can say about your art without repeating myself like girl, we get it you slay everything.
We should collab again but Xara won't work and i don't plan on redownloading it any time soon hahaha xoxo!

p.s. i escaped and yes i'm okay, thanks for asking! my kidnapper was osk--
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HeyBruhItsJack|Hobbyist Digital Artist
you both are looking stunning!
these outfits are really cute, they look super cute!
the bg is amazing! Great job :D :heart:
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Lovely work :D
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''Unfortunately she was kidnapped later that night and went missing ):'' , HAHAHAHAHHA 
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LittleKlutzGirl|Hobbyist Digital Artist
GUUURRRRLLLLL....Y'all are dumb cute!! pink heart bullet I'm sooo happy that you're finally back with doing your artwork Jackie! You and Tiffany are shapopping! Awwthanksplz I am in tearssss.... You're just so good... *cries in a corner* I need to go to bed
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xyounqx's avatarComment Featured By Owner
Oh My God!!!!
I love this picture so much!!! Everything is so perfect! 
Queen of hair, poses, outfits, makeup, pretty much everything
Ugh! I really love this! I'm honestly speechless.

But you tried it @ late birthday gift when the year is half way over.. LOL!
Bitch whoever our glam squad is.... They slay! keyassets-p2.timeincuk.net/wp/…
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ISHB1SH|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I mean... But you didnt have time to make poster for the poor nat?
This honestly is super cute!
I love the outfits and you girls are like Sisters <3
Hottest girls on DA? I'd like to see someone disagree.
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Honey-Zest's avatar

    Hahahahaha, a poster? Um... yes.
    I made one poster and hung it up behind 
    McDonalds. People will see it. Don't worry.
    Thank you amouuurrr <333
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Hyperion-Blue-GTPro|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Beautiful artwork as always, Same as your friend, I like it. :D
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    Hehe, thank you friend :love:
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werewolfxqueen|Hobbyist Digital Artist
♡ The poses, the outfits, the hair, the background, everything looks so perfect here!! 
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    Thanks girl :love:
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Chizu-PS|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Woooow! Tiff looks fine as hell! Well, that's perfectly understandable:kiss: revamp  

Of course, Jacky, you look like a goddes, as alwaysHeart Animation Heart Animation Heart Animation 
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    If I was into girls there could be a possibility of us........
    Lol, kidding!

    *eye emoji*

    But thanks love! :love:
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Emperor-Lucas|Student Digital Artist
So pretty! 
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    Thank you ^^
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isrrael120|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Beautiful work is very fabulous!!!Clap Love 
I love those clothes are perfect!!!Heart 
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isrrael120|Hobbyist Digital Artist
you're welcome!!Hug Love 
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crystalline-shadow|Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is so cool!
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    Hehe, thanks! c:
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Name a more ICONIC DUO!

everyone:  Duo by BlueFriday8  
even though yall are the exact opposite...
I'm LIVINGGG for the outfits + THE HAIRR!!
AND CAN WE GET INTO THIS BACKGROUND?!! I loveee the cityscape in the bg!
-throws a brick through the glass window and it bashes your head-
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Honey-Zest's avatar


    Here we go again....
    You know summer suddenly ended sooner?
    So I'll see you Summer '18, ok?

    Hahaha, but THANKS!!!! 
    I was trying to do us at the club but....... no lol

    *dodges it and it hits Dizzy in the head*
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