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Ridonculous Race: Whip Your Hair
By Honey-Zest   |   Watch
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Published: September 9, 2017
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*clears throat after singing some screamo in the challenge*
SOOOO, almost one year later and here we are with another challenge photo c:
Nat and I are still in the race! A race that's been going on for more than 2-3 years hahah
The last part of the challenge was to perform an air guitar solo! Obviously... I have no skills in air guitaring...
and as for rock n rolling.... 
I guess you can say I might have a little something something of experience...
But with my boujee self, obviously this was a challenge!!
Even though we ended up last. It was a non-elimination challenge! So we got to stay c:
Nat was no help at all... as usual and her cheer leading sucked >:c

Jac. - Honey-Zest
Nat - Parasol-Lights

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Ridonculous Race: Piece of Tamale by Honey-Zest


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Holy shit, the details in this. You have such natural talent Jackie you just keep improving and improving <3
LunaSardonyxGal's avatar
She Always Slay At The End ♡
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MilaYinHobbyist Filmographer
*plays whip it in the background*
this was pretty funny, good job c:
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werewolfxqueenHobbyist Digital Artist
                                                      ♡ Well, I'm sure tomatoes are great for your skin one way or another, lmao 
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I'm laughing! lol
I can actually picture this happening irl for some reason.
I'm sure you two lost the entire show, which is acceptable! 
At least you two look pretty! Oooow... We should make a RR collab featuring - 
*goes into note*
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LittleKlutzGirlHobbyist Digital Artist
it's okay Jacky, you looked good any other way c: 

You two looked bomb asf and the expressions you two had were priceless, especially Jacky when you got hit with a meatball or meat or something...

Nat looks so done in the second panel and Jacky was like: "Bitch you guessed it, you is wrong!" And that hair wipe---SLAY ME TO MY GRAVE!

Overall, this gets a 100/10 <33
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*flashback to that year we recreated this entire season* ...dark times.

But you did this challenge so cute!! I love seeing your normally perfect model-like design acting more animated and getting hit with a tomato and whipping your hair!! It feels so refreshing, it makes me want another td:lca season omg!

Nat looks cute too... even though she did nothing to help you win the challenge :c rude.

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I love these small RR comics every time, fucking nostalgia. ;3
This is honestly so funny and well made yass
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2000thcenturyLindaHobbyist Digital Artist
Super cool! :D :huggle: :heart: :heart:
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SnowshrewsHobbyist General Artist
stop at the fucking pierce the veil song omfg
This was cute <3 I'd love to see more of these. A lot of dynamic poses and cute facial expressions!
Wonderful job
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ChaseOSwarezHobbyist Artist
With that title, someone had to do it...
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Whoops. Me to.
X3 its okay, You can redem yourselves next challange lol
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FuneralCrasherHobbyist Digital Artist
woops my hand slipped @ tomato
85 years later and I'll still be waiting for yall to win this race sjdhkas;da hurry it up, we need to get the best retirement home available for our OCs
lmao jokes aside, this is so legit tho! All the frames are on point like an actual scene
Awesome work!
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