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Merry Christmas!
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Published: December 25, 2017
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*insert Mariah Carey's song here*

Merry Christmas everybody!!
For this very special collab, me and my friends
made something for the holidays c: Ho ho ho..
Got together to slay everyone one last time this year...
or is it the last? *eye emoji*
We've all been super busy this year which is why there
hasn't been much group photos.....
But when we get together, we slaaaaaaay~

It's Christmas night and everyone is opening 
their presents!
Some happy, some surprised, and others... couldn't 
make it ):

BUT! Let's not ruin the holiday spirit c:
Hope everyone has an amazing Christmas!!
(or whatever other holiday you celebrate)
this description is so ugly))):

Much love!
From us, to you guys!!

Free avatar: Christmas tree by the-snow-fox

Arturo & Jac. - Honey-Zest
Nat - Parasol-Lights
Dan - Wiz-Dan
Tiffany - xyounqx
TaHir - BlueFriday8
Kyle - ISHB1SH
Noah & Alex - Hey-Hollywood

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Volta-KHobbyist Digital Artist
i was wondering where nat was, then i saw the mirror.
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this is the cutest oh my <3
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Nadscope99Hobbyist Artist
This is Cool.
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where am i bitch
Honey-Zest's avatar

    You're the picture frame on the wall, of course
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first of all, who tF
second of all, rip Nat ):

okay, we killed it yet again! Unfortunately I wasn’t able to do my part but my trustee partner came thru. Jacky n Boo looking cute with the matching sweaters, Tiffany n Tahir looking cute with their cutesiness, Noah n bf looking cute opening a dick in the box, n Dan looking cute as he’s about to get murdered by Nat.

looks great
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sadly the queen couldn't show up :( may she live on
atleast you guys look subpar as usual and yess ms tina is doing THAT
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Wiz-DanStudent Digital ArtistFeatured
Merry Christmas <3 thanks for your splendid effort in every pic Jacky.
The bg is astonishing as usual and Tina the cactus hasn't look this good b4!
You with black hair hmmm :stare: lol whats with Nat being dead?! :S
Sorry I couldn't stay awake these days :c
Romancito got the doll, shocker :p
Thanks for taking your time to include my shameful self <3
floresfire's avatar
Beautiful, cute and amazing :D :D :D
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ISHB1SHHobbyist Digital ArtistFeatured
The family is back together c:

Im ready to start Christmas drama with one certain plastic hoe in this picture. 
I love to see you and your sloppy seconds in the photo together! I don't remember inviting him! Funny :/
Dan being the grandpa he is in the photo, Gorgeous <3
TaHir and Tiffany... I swear that's a wedding ring inside the present! youtu.be/mqyVtnCbSxY?t=4s
And Noah, damn just open the gift its been 5 min of you trying to guess it already.
Legend says Nat is still at the window...
Nat </3 She was THAT bitch. Came here for a good time not a long time c:
But dont act like I dont know what happened to her, I warned you. comments.deviantart.com/1/7014…

At the end of the day we all look gorgeous and We all are gonna have a fun time playing charades and white family games! YAY! c:

But Im pissed that ya'll didnt tell me we had to wrap out gifts in red paper... Shady...
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werewolfxqueenHobbyist Digital Artist
                                                           ♡ Nat? Naaat? Nat?? Oh my fucking God she's fucking dead 

                                          ♡ It's cold outside but she's still looking like a thotty cause a hoe never gets cooold 

                                     ♡ No more vine references, but in all honestly this collab is legit, everyone looks amazing!! 
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merry christmas to you!, I lowkey love the black hair. *coughs*media.giphy.com/media/6vYCZjkl…
The goddess (you) delivered a amazing drawing! the details in this room / house is amazing!
FIuffi's avatar
Love this~! Merry xmas <3
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PremierVaritierStudent Artist
why is nat outside? is she died?
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HeyBruhItsJackHobbyist Digital Artist
i mean, wow! this picture looks amazing
the bg its super pretty, and so nice nice to look at
everyone looks amazing! loving all these cute couples
and its super nice to see a collab from you after a
long while! you guys did amazing!!

happy holidays to you all <3
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td-catherineHobbyist Digital Artist
you all look great but tina the cactus looks the best
lmao but honestly, this is so cute, and i adore the christmas outfits :heart:
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2000thcenturyLindaHobbyist Digital Artist
Wow it's so beautiful and lovely <3
Happy Holidays dear Jacky! Huggle! Heart Heart 
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ValerieThePunkGirlProfessional Digital Artist
You Too,Jacqueline!🌹
Hey-Hollywood's avatar
I'm speechless!! this is by far one of my favorite collabs we've done!! So glad we got it done on time this year!
I can't believe Alex is actually in this one omg, I finally have my person c: I've been so lonely in all the other group pics!
That makes me so so so happy!! I also love how we're all split up into couples... minus Dan... at least he's resting nicely!
You and Arturo are obviously endgame, I love you together so much! But... I'm DEAD @ us not including Nat AND you stealing her weave...
And then Roman and Kyle are looking so cute in Kyle's style! I love how Roman is pretending he doesn't love that doll when he really does<3
It's actually what he requested (: And then Tiff and Tahir are freaking adorable bff's, I wonder what he got for her!
I love how Tiff already printed out their 2017 Christmas pic for your mantle place! Plus all of our stockings are so cute! as we all got coal...
At least now Nat knows how it feels be a picture frame now too... it's not fun :c ANYWAYS, I love love how this turned out! The background is ADORABLE! 
BlueFriday8's avatar
Glad you finally decided to POST! -as it's already New Years- LOLL
jk but omfggg I am soooo pleased with how this turned out! Everyone did an amazing job!
I'm loving this BLACK WIG OF yours! Giving me BLACK BEAUTY BY LANA teas!
There's so much lovee in the room c: I'm screamingg @ THE NAT MEMORIAL!
Can she not be so damn close to the window/fog it up though?
+ I'm mad at how your broke ass couldn't afford a real tree so you wrapped lights around
a cactus and thought you could get away with it!
I'M ALSOOO MAD at the fact that KYLE STOLE THE DOLL I GOT LITTLE KYLIE and gifted it to
CHAVA! LOLL But anywayss, great job everyone! + Happy Holidays! :heart:
xyounqx's avatar
My babies! Awww :heart: 
Can I just mention that this is our very first Christmas collab! *Tears*
Everyone looks so adorable! I'm literally loving every bit of detail in this picture!
Look at you and your boo, yall are such the cutest! As I never met him
My babies Kyle and Papi, aw! I just wanna pinch their cheeks. :heart: 
And my bby Noah and his bf! Ugh, so beautiful! 
LOL! Of course Dan is sleeping. And of course Tahir being childish not giving me my gift :c
W-wyd @ Nat's casket behind Tahir and I LOL! 
*See's Nat outside the window* www.youtube.com/watch?v=jirSpF…

Happy Holidays everyone! xo
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KockiesNKreemHobbyist Digital Artist
Here we have four happy couples...and Dan LOL 
In all seriousness I love this so much. You all look so festive in your christmas attire. Jeeez makin me feel all festive again. Hahaha
Merry Christmas Jacky! xoxo
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