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I Could Have Been Killed!
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Published: July 12, 2017
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:damphyr: by ebonred #GraduateProblems  :wing: by ebonred


{Dan and I were having a conversation about finding jobs.. so I told him, hey
why don't you put out a resume on craigslist? What's the worst that could happen..?}

So that's where this picture takes place.
Our last conversation ended with an idea to help Dan out.
I told him, try it out! And so he did... 
2 weeks later - Present
Here we are on vacation grabbing something to eat after being at the beach all day.
It was the perfect time to bring up the job conversation.
Why didn't I ask when we first met up at the beach? Well I was too busy getting a sun tan
And this is how the story went:

Dan: After posting my resume online, I got a call the following day about meeting up.
We met and it was going great until I asked him what he does.. and that's when he jumped over the table to tackle me!
He beat me up, tied me up, and dragged me to the car! 
We arrived to an unknown location and he threw me in dug up hole! I was crying and begging him to stop! 
But he wouldn't! Then he closed the casket and it was total darkness!

Jacky: 38.media.tumblr.com/3d1ef9f97b…
Omg... did this really happen?

Dan: ..... No, but I'm pretty sure that would have happened if I went.



Ft. Wiz-Dan

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ZDaragoviaHobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm so sorry honey!! I forgot to glad you. So, thank you.
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ZDaragoviaHobbyist Traditional Artist
Hello!! I like so much your art. I also like to draw Total Drama Ocs using xara. If you know about a group like DeviantArt Ridonculous Race (the competition that you made, I think), say to me. I want to participate. My name is ZDaragovia
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Javx77Hobbyist Digital Artist
Amo tu estilo de dibujo, me enamoré FREE flying hearts Icon 
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HeyBruhItsJackHobbyist Digital Artist
lmao @ the description 
this picture looks so cute! the bg is amazing
how do you even come up with that bg??!!?!
anyways, you both look great, specially love your swimsuit! 
I really like this pic, is probably one of my favs from yours lol
great job <3
Midnight-FireFlame's avatar
Midnight-FireFlameHobbyist Digital Artist
The background is just bomb. You're outfit is bomb. Dan's facial expression...is hilarious! hahaha!
Great work on this! <3
xyounqx's avatar
Awww Danny :heart: 
Totally miss him! He's such a doll.
This picture is hilarious and iconic! So much detail going on in the background.
I see you came to slay, bitch! That swim wear you're rocking is e v e r y t h i n g! 
Bitches be like "I'm on a diet" but eating burgers and fries
ChaseOSwarez's avatar
ChaseOSwarezHobbyist Artist
Um, no, I does not mess with that stuff
Snowshrews's avatar
SnowshrewsHobbyist General Artist
i didnt know dan was into bondage?
ISHB1SH's avatar
ISHB1SHHobbyist Digital Artist
Didnt know Dan was into kinky shit like that!
BYE @ the shadow being Roman..

This is by far the most extra you have been wth the picture. The BG is simply amazing
and the poses are so adorable and unique. I'm in love!
This is amazing
ISHB1SH's avatar
ISHB1SHHobbyist Digital Artist
The amount of disrespect that Jacky is just smiling eating her fries and Dan is in a crisis >:c
Wiz-Dan's avatar
Wiz-DanStudent Digital Artist
Lol nice catch on Roman.
You are the only one who can understand me more than anyone after the domestic abuse you experience and that I was witness of!
Wiz-Dan's avatar
Wiz-DanStudent Digital ArtistFeatured
Omg...you did not! XD asshhh te pasas!
Never in a million years would have guessed you would use that sad experience on a drawing x_x BUT YES! It could have happened! >:'c
Lol at the hashtag :'x lol you are only bringing me tears with this pic.
I ain't dramatic I was just trying to keep conversation more interesting rather than talking about your sun tan r.r (lol just noticed my ref has tan lines)
Tbh you caused this, if you hadn't sent me that fishy website maybe I wouldn't have gone through that terrible thinking.
Lololol thanks so much for drawing me in a pic with you :heart: it looks f-a-n-t-a-s-t-i-c tho seriously why must you torture me, I bet you just did this to satisfy your sjs kink :stare:
Bg is on point, (seriously how you can eve come up with a bg like that? lol i hate doing bg so much and you pull them out as if it were sand in your bikini :P) Setting as I said its pretty cool and your ref looks lit as well! pero asssshhh te pasas jacky maría! XD
DoughnutDemi's avatar
X3 Dan gotta take risks man!!! Get that job lol
werewolfxqueen's avatar
werewolfxqueenHobbyist Digital Artist
                            ♡ Honestly, I'd react the same way.
                   (Now I'm hungry for a burger and fries lmao)
                      Also, blue really makes your contacts pop,
                                  it looks really nice on you!! 
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isrrael120Hobbyist Digital Artist
Poor Dan!:(

Wonderful work, I love it
!!!Love :happybounce: 
Background is amazing!La la la la 
I love those tan marks!:D (Big Grin) 
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A-True-ThotStudent General Artist
"no but it could've happened."
That made me laugh so hard, love t
You're art
PlatonicConspiracy's avatar
I'm so impressed with your backgrounds, like wow they are soo detailed I can't believe how much time that would've taken you cx
This is honestly so cute and relatable, fuck Great job! <33
Fancy-Bright's avatar
Fancy-BrightHobbyist Digital Artist
Ohhh Poor Dan! :c
Amazing job, both looks amazing!^^
2000thcenturyLinda's avatar
2000thcenturyLindaHobbyist Digital Artist
OMG poor Dan! o:

Anyhow, you look great Jacky Heart, I love this hairstyle! :D (Big Grin) Hug 
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