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Hasta La Raiz
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Published: August 26, 2016
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Strawberries cherries and an angel's kiss in spring
My summer wine is really made from all these things

Divider Feathers by SoluxeVitaeli

I can't believe it's been half a year since my last picture
with him...
Well the truth is he doesn't like me making him anything
so I'm like whatever
But I really wanted to make something this time <3
And I really love the outcome of this!

I didn't cut my hair or anything, I just thought it fits really
well with the theme/aesthetics of this picture!

As a legal adult, I like to consider myself as a wine mom
because it's my absolute go to when I have a casual hang out
with my friends! 
As you can tell I have a glass of wine in a lot of pictures I've made, haha! 
My favorite is definitely Arbor Mist <3

And I promised Kyle I would take him for a wine tasting one day
and even if he doesn't like wine, I'm going to force him to go!~ 
me: 66.media.tumblr.com/0396cf4710…

Divider Feathers by SoluxeVitaeli

Ft. ishy26

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Yo te llevo adentro , hasta la raíz pink double 8th aqua double 8th 
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Volta-KHobbyist Digital Artist
yo te llevo dentro.....

omg, also summer wine by Lana del Rey (I guess, it could be Nancy Sinatra's version too)

y'all look fancy af.
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I really like the fashion in this pic, so glamurous
and i'm actually really into the short hairdo
loving the details and you've done an awesome job per usual. <3
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I actually adore how you used Brown in this. Brown is a color that gets a lot of hate, but when you use it well, damn does it look good.  You used it well. The outfits, the backgroud, the poses, everything looks great. You never disappoint.
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This is amazing. Love the outfits, especially Kyle's. He would look better with long hair tho
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went from living the caucasian lifestyle to serving the ethnic culture.
okay but why do you look like a million bucks and kyle looks like welfare checks...
it just doesn't add up!
still cute tho, still cute tho!
BlueFriday8's avatar
You two cutie patooties look like you're having such a fun time! c:
-as you tip your big ass hat into the candle flame and your head catches on fire-
lol LOWKEY it looks like you forced Kyle to hold up the cheese and smile for this pic
No BUT I SERIOUSLY (as i say this in every comment) LOVE THE DETAIL IN EVERYTHING!
Your outfit, KYLE'S OUTFIT, the background/scenery, the rocks, THE WOODEN BARRELS!
EVERYTHING IS PERFECTION!! + I also really love Kyle's new look c:
Great job puta Gonzales<3
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This is perfection, I love the shading effects and the whole colors of the drawing. The shades of brown made it look elegant. 
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AkwardKingXxHobbyist Digital Artist
omg i luv it girl Heart
this is so fucking perfect 
i love all the details you put in it
you're the best drawer evah! 
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Dalhia-GwenHobbyist Digital Artist
I love their outfits! :love:
You're always a great artist, my dear friend! :hug:
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Wiz-DanStudent Digital Artist
The entire environment looks so sweet!
I loved the colors...
RIP Ishy's hair :'C
The whole esthetic looks quite attractive!
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Honey, yes! 
This is everything! I'm loving the short hairstyle!
And finally @ Kyle cutting his mullet off! 

Outfits!!! Details!!! Ugh. I love it!
My favorite couple <3

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Yet another powerful pic, loving it <3
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isrrael120Hobbyist Digital Artist
I love the theme is wonderful, the details just fabulousHeart Heart Heart 
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HeyBruhItsJackHobbyist Digital Artist
I love this, - I think I say this in every pic of you but, whatever -
I like the outfits a lot, the bg is really nicely done and seriously I'm in love with the colours you used ♡

Another nice pic
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XplicitGoddessStudent Digital Artist
Looks lovely, lovely~
Might I suggest trying Barefoot Pink Moscato Champagne :rose:
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Chizu-PSHobbyist Digital Artist
Looks really wonderful. I like everything. Very well done! Dress catches the eye, nice details, and I really like those rocks on the ground - it really fits the whole pic.
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2000thcenturyLindaHobbyist Digital Artist
Wow your outfit is so cool! :heart:
I love this picture! :D :huggle:
PetiteTarte's avatar
Probably my favorite of your newer pics tbh <3 I love all the browns and the bg turned out so nice!!
Midnight-FireFlame's avatar
Midnight-FireFlameHobbyist Digital Artist
Adorbz af! <3
I love the outfits, The Wine, The Make Up, The Everything, that's all, great work! <3 
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This is cute af!
And so are the outfits and the e v e r y t h I n g
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ISHB1SHHobbyist Digital Artist
I love how you said you didn't cut your hair but yet you forgot to mention that i didnt cut my hair...
but daww this is so cute c:
we look so adorbs and idk why this barrels remind me of Rivals III... why are you haunting me...
its something different which i like (out reef wise)
but i aint complaining... ill go for one, but your gonna have to carry me out cause i might go over board...

but the question is why do i have cheese and no wine? am i still not old enough...
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SnowshrewsHobbyist General Artist
cause you cheesy
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