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Happy Holidays 2017
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Published: December 17, 2017
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Happy Holidays everyone!!
I wanted to make a little something with my OC's
And by little, I do mean little....minimum..work

Here's Selena, Cornelia, and Vanessa Konn!
three cuties that I've been trying to draw in forever 

I just started working on OC's again, so COMMENT below
what OC's you want to see next!
I might do 2-4 OC's per pic 
  Total Drama - OCs by Honey-Zest

off to comment on others peoples pictures!
Finally, some new art!

{ Free Icon } --  Jingle Bell by Hardrockangel

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uberbombHobbyist General Artist
sexy amazing and beautiful ! i wish these chicks by my "gifts" for the season  Love 
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werewolfxqueenHobbyist Digital Artist
                                                                     ♡ How on earth are all of your ocs so cute??
                                                                     It's refreshing to see you use them finally! 
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Paleo-Beast-EmperorHobbyist Traditional Artist
Selena- lookin' good, Cornelia- she got syle, love the crazy crown, and I think Dakota Milton's got competition!; Vanessa- the shoes and and garments are killer, and the hair!

I'd like to see...
Brianna alongside Imanda from Total Drama Letterama
Melody approaching a dodo of all things in amazement and disbelief
Nestor playing a tune for Melody whether by themselves or alongside Trent and Gwen
Amira watching LoliRock on Neflix or talkin' to :iconmother-of-trolls:'s Fiona by webcam
Cornelia puttin' London Tipton in her place
Bruno saluting to Steven Barkin from Kim Possible
Gloria plottin' Amira's humiliation unaware of JeRaldo overhearin' her dastardly plan
Hannah at her hometown
Abbey reading the files for some of InGen's creations with horror on her face
Miles partyin' iwth Geoff & Brody
Sydney brushin' her outrageous hair
Saki tellin' a story about a sea bonze at sea to her audience (Bridgette & Geoff, Courtney & Duncan, Falen, :icongalactic-red-beauty: & :icontechnotroninfinity:, Sam & Dakota, Izzy)
Vanessa and my oc Leah Tremblay surfin' and/or snowboardin'
Vanessa in a friendly sparrin' session with my oc Maka Koa on Kauai or the Big Island of Hawai'i
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Slay me a merry Christmas!
It’s about damn time you draw them
now unleash their full potential 
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I love how simplistic and artsy this is.. it really brings the attention to the ladies and they're outfits, they look absolutely stunning~!! cx FREE flying hearts Icon 
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Terrance-Hearts-ArtHobbyist Digital Artist
Wow. That looks hot and sexy, Jacqueline.
Happy Holidays!
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Uranimated18 Traditional Artist
Every Queen needs a King, if you know what I mean. :smirk: 
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Jacky using her own OC’s and not drawing herself?? Unbeweavable!! But seriously it feels like a breath of fresh air seeing these girls back in action! I’m in LOVE with Selena’s outfit, it looks just like something she’d wear! Cornelia and Vanessa are flawless as always~ looking like straight up queens!
I can’t wait to see what else you have in store!

As for who you need to draw next?? I need some Love in my life!
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Happy Holidays to you too!
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Creative-HorizonsHobbyist Digital Artist
All three of these lovely girls are absolute gems in their own way. Selena is a nerdy little princess. Cornelia looks like a pop star and proud (plus i love how she is sparkly eyed. Its really cute. ^^). and Vanessa looks like a traditional beauty, both with and without the santa hat XD

As far as other OCs I would suggest...I cant really name any at the top of my head because they all look amazing in their own way. I know that whatever you decide to do with your OCs, that it will turn out beautifully. 

We both hope that you have a wonderful holiday~ 
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W-W-WOW! So... SEXY AND HOT :faint: :heart: :nosebleed: 

Happy Holidays indeed :D :D :D
Honey-Zest's avatar

    Thank you!! I just updated it 
    to make it more Christmas
    So you might have seen the ugly
    gingerbread I made xD
    Thanks love! :heart:
floresfire's avatar
You’re very welcome

And no, I don’t think I saw the Gingerbread one... sorry

Again, you’re very welcome :D :hug:
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On the... *checks calendar* 17th day of Christmas Jacky gave to the fandom

LMAO they look so cute ❤️
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DoughnutDemi's avatar
Lol a male version be cool!
X3 Ad don't wanna say more miles and dustin cause what a meee answer lol
But something with Jimmy jr. And august be nice to lol
Honey-Zest's avatar

    I will ^^
    I'm thinking Jimmy, August, and Gary
    But I'll see ;p
DoughnutDemi's avatar
X3 That be fun
Lol im sure it'll yurn out just as great as this one
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TotalDramaCountryProfessional Filmographer
I'm obsessed with how you draw hair pink heart {big} 
Honey-Zest's avatar

    Aww, thanks!! 
    Hair is so stressful lol
    But thanks! :love:
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TDI-CharlieBrownHobbyist General Artist
WHOO VANESSA! (She's probably my fave of your OC's) 

Only thing I would say as a constructive criticism.... In a piece that's supposed to wish people a Happy Holidays... there's nothing Holiday related in it. 

Like the picture though... especially with Vanessa lol
Honey-Zest's avatar

    I’m laughing so hard rn
    I just looked at it and thought for a minute
    and said wait... where’s the Christmas present
    I made, where’s the Christmas hat I drew...
    I didn’t even add any of that aslllddkhabd;
    YES, I’m going to update this to make it more jolly c:
    Or maybe scrap the whole happy holidays 😂😭
    But thank you!! <3
TDI-CharlieBrown's avatar
TDI-CharlieBrownHobbyist General Artist

Well, I wouldn't say FAIL..... more like BLOOPER
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