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Guys. Honey wants to go to the vacation. In that case, I'm am not doing some submit any Deviantart until I'm back from vacation. So it's okay, I'm going to miss you so much expect Panther Claw and Sister Jill. I'm going to hotel with China and relax until when I will come back. So thank you so much! Bye bye guys! ~Idol HoneyCutey Honey 1973 - Idol Honey by Honey-Kisaragi1973
Hello guys! I'm Kisaragi Honey and i'm back to make more Cutie Honey pictures! So are you guys miss me?
Hey guys. Kisaragi Honey here. And i'm got some bad news or sad news is. My Facebook got disabled for first time. But don't worry i'll will getting a new Facebook account for year. That's all from now.

Guys. I now back on deviantart on Cutey Honey. So i'm really sorry took so long in 1 year ago. But that's okay, i'm still doing some more Cutey Honey photos. That's all for now!

~Kisaragi Honey
I'm on the Mayor Light, I'll be back!
I must defect those Panther Claw

~Cutey Honey
Lights, Camera, HONEY!

~Flash Honey
Different green coming up.

~Fancy Honey
I'm back so I'm off with sleep tonight.

~Idol Honey
Guys, I really sorry about this change to Honey Flash. But I an not going to chage Into Fancy Honey. So please answer me before I out for this airport.

~Idol Honey
Soon I was going to the airport on this week, by the way you'll we return to other Panther Claw for beating a for warrior. Honey Boomrang!

~Idol Honey
~She's that trendy girl~
~The one with the teeny butt~
~Look this way, Honey~
~Because, because...just because~
~Please, pretty please~
~Don't hurt me~
~My heart is going "tingle tingle"~
~No, no no.~
~Please don't look at me like that!~
~Honey Flash!~

~Misty Honey

Going after park thanks to you.

~Hurricane Honey
Sorry so taking so long at picture photograph. If you wanna offline with you just go ahead.

~Flash Honey
*yawn* Just a little sleepy but I okay. So I sleepy today but Fancy Honey wanna to hug for me. So please comments on my profle.

~Fancy Honey
Happy New Year from Cutey Honey!

~Fancy Honey
I'm an the fashion model on the runway appects Elegance. Ladies and Gentlemen please you may be sitting on the chairs and I walk Into the runway.

~Fancy Honey
Merry Christmas fans, to all airport christmas to someone special. It's not crying time and happy time to all kids or children. If you are a kids your need to take to pictures with santa claus. But head over the christmas shopping and enjoy your fun. ~Idol Honey
Guys, tomorrow will be Christmas's Eve on Tuesday because, I going to Christmas Airport. I'll see you at tomorrow. ~Idol Honey
I going to Christmas airport from Christmas store, Happy Holidays! ~Idol Honey