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HERE WE HAVE THE PETS!!!! This took me all day and BELIEVE ME; I have drawn all the LPS I'd ever want to for the next few days at least.
Anyway, I actually kind of like this... I tried to give all animals a bit of a dynamic pose with their 'signature items' and I think I did just fine
Yeaaa I've been getting back into this show after like 2 years of forgetting about it.... unbelievable that it has 3 seasons now. I watched the 3rd one and now I'm rewatching the first one... I might watch the 2nd season some other time.

Honestly, I like how nostalgic this show makes me feel. I used to dream of an LPS cartoon when I was younger. If this aired back then, I would probably have been super fcking obsessed with it. I just can't believe Blythe is a thing now. I mean sure, she can be a good character, but the plots involving her are super boring 99% of the time.
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Pepper is my favorite out of the main 7 but I also love Mitzi.
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Pepper is cute. Mitzi is really cute too. My favs are Penny Ling and Sunil
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A lot of people tie penny and sunil as their favorites. I tie pepper and mitzi. But i still like penny and sunil.
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I love all of them, honestly. I don't think I've encountered a character I really hate so far