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Gogeta Jr. & Salagir
I became an admin, so I can see the pages earlier. In this way I can color them earlier too:)
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Too bad, Cell should had said "Hello".
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And cell is dead. Or is he O_o
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Congratulations for becoming an admin!
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P.S.How can you become an admin?
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Whoop his ass, Cell!
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seriously im speechless :nod:
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Brilliant coloring as always! :-)
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I love it! The colors, backgrounds, efects...everything is well done! Good job, my friend! =D
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For some reason I expected the ki wave to be yellow. But whatever. It looks badass!
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Bojack's ki waves were greenish blue in his movie :).
I-Am-So-Original's avatar
True, but everyone's color scheme was messed up in the movie. Mr. Satan had blue hair. Bojack had some weird lighting going on as well
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oh but you forgot bojack's earing too ;)
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awesome as usual. love the blue-green aura for bojack's attack.
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Elképesztő, hogy minden kis részletre odafigyelsz. Imádom a színvilágát, nagyon szép!
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It's been one day, since the page came out. I was worried, you wouldn't colour the new pages any more. I guess I was spoiled by your immediate colourings in the past. ^^
Anyway, good job again. Very green, this page^^
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I'm not sure why, but Bojack's beam reminds me of Christmas...
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Haha, true, Bojack himself is pretty christmassy, with all the green and red.^^
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