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Broly Vs Saiyan (by bloodsplach)

By HomolaGabor
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amazing art, and line art: by bloodsplach
color by me
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LOL it seems prince Vegeta is using SSJ grade 3, he will get a h*ll of a suprise
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nice muscles, it's like they are saying "welcome to the fight club, prepare to get your ass handled to you", i always wondered how nappa would look as a super saiyan, now i know... at least it isn't like in DB Online that if you make a bald character when you become super saiyan it suddenly grows a patch of hair.
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Raditz in SSJ!! YEEESS!! jajaja
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The broly with purple hair is his restrained ssj 1 not his real ssj 1.
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That is ssj the device makes his hair purple
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No one beats Broly!
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that Super Vegeta is awesome.
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I guess this is after the tournament? Goku is a Ascended Super Saiyan while Vegeta is a Ultra Super Saiyan right?
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damn ... the detail in the hair ... never seen anything like it ... really impressive
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thanks I'm glad to hear it.
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You really do these colo only with your mouse ?
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You.are.amazing !
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wonderful pic wiii.
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as i reckon, raditz and nappa never went ssj in that universe, only goku and vegeta...
but cool work actually :P
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jojoj amazing !
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lol nappa SSJ goku looks awesome vegeta about to explode :)
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