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Bojack Vs Cell

By HomolaGabor
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DragonBall Multiverse
A zöldek harca:) Nagyon várom ezt a csatát:D
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I saw some pictures of this fight. They were super awesome. I loved the fight scene.
Cell kicked Bojack's ass. That was cool.
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Yes it was a cool fight :)
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Cell is my favorite villain. I loved how he slammed Bojack out of the ring. Talk about ruthless.
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Poor gohan!!!:| (Blank Stare) 
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I hope Cell wins against Bojack! :O
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I cant quite understand what Gohan is thinking...
Good sketch though..
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Thank God! I'm not the only one still using traditional media.

Nice looking artwork. You got each character's expressions exact.
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gohan killed both of them with father son kamehameha as a teen in ssj2
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no gohan killed bojack with a punch, and killed cell as a kid, not a teen.
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gohan didnt kill cell as a kid
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yes he did. even piccolo stated he was a scared little kid, not a warrior. and gohan is 10 years old according to the official timeline.
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Wonder what's going through Gohan's head
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he was 10 years old, hence kid
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No he was 12. so he was all most a teen.
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no he was 10. its in the official timeline. its impossible for him to be 12 as 12 years have not passed. the english dub said he was 11 and it made gohan 1 year older than in the manga.
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But did you forget about the time chamber?? he was in there for a day or 1 year. + his B-day right before the Cell games.
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no. he was 9 going into the time chamber, 10 when he came out. and the "birthday" is anime filler.
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Köszönöm mindenkinek:) Amúgy én is úgy gondolom, hogy Cell fog nyerni.
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Szia nagyon tetszik ez a zöld szíííín :heart:
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you can continue the coloration of dragonball multiverse's page???
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