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Silvino Miranda RPG Sprite by HominineBeauty Silvino Miranda RPG Sprite :iconhomininebeauty:HominineBeauty 2 1
Mature content
The Courageous Lynxes vs the MicHELLe Virus! :iconhomininebeauty:HominineBeauty 1 1
Human Ricarda nudes it out! by HominineBeauty
Mature content
Human Ricarda nudes it out! :iconhomininebeauty:HominineBeauty 1 4
Ricarda transformed into a human... by HominineBeauty Ricarda transformed into a human... :iconhomininebeauty:HominineBeauty 1 0 Realistic looking Silvino portrait by HominineBeauty Realistic looking Silvino portrait :iconhomininebeauty:HominineBeauty 0 0 Nude Athena Asamiya by HominineBeauty
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Nude Athena Asamiya :iconhomininebeauty:HominineBeauty 2 0
Rosalina nudes it out! by HominineBeauty
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Rosalina nudes it out! :iconhomininebeauty:HominineBeauty 0 0
Silvino nudes it out! by HominineBeauty
Mature content
Silvino nudes it out! :iconhomininebeauty:HominineBeauty 2 2
Florencio, Liliana, and Gardenia Miranda by HominineBeauty Florencio, Liliana, and Gardenia Miranda :iconhomininebeauty:HominineBeauty 2 0 Bonita Viviana Brenes by HominineBeauty Bonita Viviana Brenes :iconhomininebeauty:HominineBeauty 1 0 Willie Mae Sasha Rosenblum by HominineBeauty Willie Mae Sasha Rosenblum :iconhomininebeauty:HominineBeauty 1 9 Chocolate MILF and Strawberry MILF by HominineBeauty
Mature content
Chocolate MILF and Strawberry MILF :iconhomininebeauty:HominineBeauty 1 3
Claire nudes it out! by HominineBeauty
Mature content
Claire nudes it out! :iconhomininebeauty:HominineBeauty 2 0
The Courageous Lynxes: Praskoviya Lebedev

Class: Copycat
Outfit #1: Her Partyhard Outfit (Light Blue Lime Green, Yellow Orange, Pink Purple, White Gold)
Outfit #2: Her Rave Outfit (90's, Floral, Zebra, Space)
Outfit #3: Her Beach Party Swimwear (Stripes, Zig Zag, Plaid, Sun)
Cosplay Outfit #1: Shantae
Cosplay Outfit #2: Lilligant from Pokemon Black and White
Cosplay Outfit #3: Hatsune Miku
MAGIC: 8/10
LUCK: 4/10
HEALTH: 5/10
Primary Moveset
Slap: 50 Power (Min) 90 Power (Max)
Twerk: Lowers enemies' attack and speed
Confetti Pop: Lowers enemies' accuracy
Secondary Moveset
Disco Ball: 120 Power, all enemies
Breakdance: 130 Power
Power Copy A: Copies most moves from enemies*
Power Copy B: Copies most moves from enemies*
Power Copy C: Copies most moves from enemies*
Power Co
:iconhomininebeauty:HominineBeauty 0 0
The Courageous Lynxes: Claire Matsuoka

Class: Nurse
Outfit #1: Her Halloween Costume (Black, Orange, Purple, White)
Outfit #2: Her Candy Girl Outfit (Orange, Pink, White, Yellow)
Outfit #3: Her Nurse Outfit (White, Pink, Light Blue, Yellow)
Outfit #4: Her Sweet Swimwear (Black, White, Blue, Green)
Cosplay Outfit #1: Charlotte from Seiken Densetsu 3 (Bishop Class)
Cosplay Outfit #2: White Mage from Final Fantasy
Cosplay Outfit #3: Strawberry Shortcake
MAGIC: 9/10
LUCK: 7/10
HEALTH: 6/10
Primary Moveset
Choco Hammer: 40 Power (Min) 95 Power (Max)
Secondary Moveset
Sweet Soothe: Heals one ally's HP and status aliments (Min) All allies (Max)
Choco Beam: 80 Power (Min) 150 Power (Max)
Candy Drop: 130 Power, all enemies
Lollipop Protection: Increases party's Durability
:iconhomininebeauty:HominineBeauty 1 0
Linda nudes it out! by HominineBeauty
Mature content
Linda nudes it out! :iconhomininebeauty:HominineBeauty 0 0


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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Hola!! Welcome to HominineBeauty's profile! I am the creator of The Courageous Lynxes!

My goal is to be a professional artist. I will always try my hardest to improve my art.

If you like my art, and/or know me well as a friend, hit that Watch button for the latest artwork, journals, status updates, and more!


However, please keep in mind that even though I draw nude art, I WILL NOT DRAW FURRY FANSERVICE/PORN, LOLICON/SHOTACON, TODDLERCON/BABYKON, AND OTHER SHIT THAT DISGUSTS ME. If you make a request of one or more of these things, and try to pressure me into drawing this shit, I WILL BLOCK YOU. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

All characters rule 34'd are at least 18 years of age or older.


Silvino Miranda RPG Sprite
A RPG styled sprite I've made long ago. I've lightened up his skin and put more detail into the sprite.

Silvino Miranda belongs to me. DO NOT STEAL!!!

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This content is intended for mature audiences.

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By HominineBeauty

Silvino, Molly, Bonita, and Praskoviya were at the rec room. Silvino began to turn on the computer, which was loud with the hdd making clicking noises, beeping, and some floppy drive sounds. This was the computer from the 90's, as this story took place in the 90's.

"Ready to play computer games?" said Silvino

"Why not?" replied Molly.

"Yes!" replied Praskoviya. She was drinking red wine while eating cheese and crackers.

"Cool, dude," replied Bonita.

"I'm the second best gamer to my mother!" bragged Silvino. "There's no way you girls can outskill me!"

"Oh really?" replied Molly. "You don't know how many gamers I've crushed in the arcades over the years."

"Yeah, I've seen her defeat a bunch of nerds and geeks, who never stood a chance," said Bonita.

"I will win game!" said Praskoviya.

"All right, the computer is loading the game!" said Silvino

Molly replied,  "I can't wait to school all of you! I've got the skills!"

"In your dreams!" replied the confident Silvino.

"You going down!" replied Praskoviya.

"Your overconfidence will be your downfall," replied Bonita. "I will win this."

As the title screen appears with epic music playing in the background, Silvino and his friends were pumped up and ready to win. But that ended shortly after, as the computer got the blue screen of death.

"Fuck!" Silvino reacted. "Blue screen of fucking death... But how?"

"I have a bad feeling about this..." Bonita said, worried.

Then, an ugly, pigtailed little girl wearing a baggy short and overalls between two photos of her appeared in the screen.

"Hello!!" said the little girl.

"Oh no..." Silvino said in horror. "No no no! Not her... anything but her!"

"It's just a silly error," Molly replied. "Just power off and then power on, and It'll be all gone!"

"You have no idea," said Silvino, powering off the computer. But just as he was going to power it on, the little girl turned it back on. The 4 heroes were shocked, as if they think the computer was being possessed, which unfortunately was the case...

That little girl was none other than...


"I see that you've turned off your computer..." said Michelle. "Don't turn it off again, or else I will set the timer!"

"What timer?" questioned Molly, scratching her head.

"Bummer dude..." said Bonita, disappointed. "We can't play games because of that little ogre looking girl..."

Praskoviya blocked the computer, but Michelle unblocked it.

"Don't block!" yelled Michelle. "That's it, the timer has been set. When the time's up, this computer is done and over with, and you'll will be rabid fans of my show forever! So leave it alone!"

"I know her," said Silvino. "She's from a show I hate so much. And I think she is the most unintentionally unlikable little shit in television history."

"Never heard of that show," replied Bonita.

"I hope you are all enjoying themselves," said Catalina. She was cooking paellas for the group.

"That's what she said!" replied Molly.

"We have problem..." Praskoviya said.

Catalina looked at the screen, and was shocked. "Oh my... It is a virus featuring a character from a popular American sitcom. I would love to remove the virus, but I am afraid I am busy cooking..."

"Damn..." replied Silvino, disappointed.

"I know what to do!" said Molly. She typed in "remove virus" in the computer screen.

"Nope, that never works!" said Michelle. "Time reduction!!!"

"Seriously?" said Silvino, pouting. "Typing that isn't going to work. There must be some way to get rid of the virus.

Praskoviya shouted, "You brat! You stupid!"

Michelle cackled. "Oh puhhhlese, insulting me never works! Another time reduction!"

"God, I hate this little brat..." Silvino said in disgust.

"Yeah... she is torture..." replied Bonita.

"I'm gonna sing my show's theme song," said Michelle. "So you better prepare for the torture that is about to..."

Bonita turned off the computer. "Nuts! I haven't sang a single word of the song!" yelled Michelle.

"You're not going to sing that song anytime soon, little brat!" replied Silvino

Michelle returned to the screen. "In the words of my sister, "how rude!" Time reduction time! Praskoviya is a stupid spastic! Molly is a shitfaced moron! Bonita has no soul, and Silvino is just some tree hugging hippie!"

"Hey! She call me spastic!" Praskoviya responded.

"Wow, what a jerk!" said Molly

"Unlike some famous Internet redhead in our creator's world, I'm just going to shrug it off," said Bonita.

Silvino: Hey MicHELLe, how dare you call me a hippie! We are so going to get rid of you! We're trying to play video games here, but you just rudely interrupted us! What are you up to anyway?

Michelle replied, "I'm here to make you all my rabid fans! Then together we can..."

Molly unplugged the computer out of the power outlet. "This should do the trick! Wait until about 3 hours and then she will be all gone!"

"The virus will still be there..." Silvino replied.

"Yeah, like virus in body, you can't rid it" said Praskoviya.

"Don't be so pessimistic, guys," replied Molly. I'm sure we could..."

Then, what the 4 didn't see coming, Michelle jumpscared them!

"GRRRRRR!! Yet another shut down?! You're a meanie! Meanie meanie meanie! You now have 2 minutes left! Type in the password if you want to get rid of me! Here it is!"

Molly typed in the correct password, then the computer was turned off.

"I hope this works." said Molly.

"Hopefully that virus will go away" replied Silvino.

Then, the computer was turned on, with a plain green screen shining out of the monitor.

"Huh?" Silvino wondered.

"YoOoOoOUuUuUuU gGgGgGOoOoOTtTtTt iIiIitTtTtTt dDdDUuUuUDdDdDEeeeeEeEe!!!" jumpscared Michelle, scaring the living daylights out of the 4 heroes.


"Oh no!!!" yelled Silvino.

"This is bad, really bad!!!" said Molly.

"Ohhhh....." moaned Bonita. "I don't like this..."

Silvino looked around the room, finding Praskoviya, but she was nowhere in sight. "Praskoviya? Where are you? Praskoviya?"

"I have it!" said Praskoviya, running down the stairs, holding a small white floppy disk.

"Bye bye virus!"

She then inserted it in the floppy drive, and much to their surprise, the floppy disk erased the virus completely, as Michelle screamed.


The virus was completely removed, as the screen returned to the title screen with jamming music playing again.

"Ha ha ha! Pwned bitch!" said all 4 heroes.

"Praskoviya, you're a genius!!" Silvino said in delight.

"Hehehe!!" replied Praskoviya.

"But where did you find that floppy?" asked Bonita.

"Floppy was on floor next to Silvino's room." replied Praskoviya.

"I was carrying some floppy disks for our gaming session" said Silvino. "But I guess one of them fell off after exiting my room, and I didn't know it was an anti-virus disk, and thank God we have one!"

"Now, where were we? Oh yeah! Time to get schooled!" said Molly.

Silvino cracked his knuckles, as he was pumped up again and ready to compete with Molly, Bonita, and Praskoviya. "BRING IT ON!!"

"10 minutes before dinner!" announced Catalina.

"The winner gets seconds and dessert!" said Molly.

"I'm on a diet, you know?" replied Bonita.

They've started to play the game. Who will emerge victorious?

But the biggest question is:

Is the virus really gone for good?
The Courageous Lynxes vs the MicHELLe Virus!
My first story here on this site. Inspired by those countless Barney Errors made in *cough* GoAnimate *cough*.

Let me be perfectly clear: I HATE GoAnimate. Yeah, I do watch them for the lulz, but they all have the same shit: Grounding and Punishment Days. If not those 2, then it's those shitty rants.

Rated mature for strong language.

Michelle Browner is a parody of Michelle Tanner from Full House. She is depicted as an Asian girl with black hair and brown eyes compared to her real life English and Norwegian counterparts.

Silvino Miranda, Catalina Rolon, Molly Bonnet, Bonita Brenes, and Praskoviya Lebedev belong to me. DO NOT STEAL!!!

Constructive criticism is appreciated. I'm eager to improve!
Human Ricarda nudes it out!
What? You yiffing furries expect me to make furry porn, especially porn of a dog-like Pudelupoid?

Troll!!!  U MAD?

Anyway, human Ricarda isn't thrilled to be posing nude for a porn magazine, but she did it anyway, because sex sells.


Ricarda Pudelwitz belongs to me. DO NOT STEAL!!!
Ricarda transformed into a human...
"Oh no, dey di-nt! I know dem weeaboos did not just transform me into a damn human! Let non-humans be non-humans! Shheeeiiiittttt!!" - Ricarda

This is a what happens when weeaboos take a creature, be it a monster, alien, robot, real animal, etc. and make them human, most likely generic anime human characters. I don't have a problem with humanization of non-human characters, but I especially hate it when they take a monster, alien, etc. and turn them into fucking bishies or dating sim girls, whatever, and no one complains. But when someone makes a human character non-human, then everybody will go apeshit. Stupid double standards...

TBH, Ricarda looks damn fine as hell as a human, maybe I MIGHT consider drawing R34 of her in human form. She will still be a Pudelupoid in the main series, though.

:iconboschian-fantasies: made a Joker meme about this and its rabid fandom:…

Ricarda Pudelwitz belongs to me. DO NOT STEAL!!!
Willie Mae Sasha Rosenblum
Age: 40
DOB: March 22nd, 1949
Gender: Female
Hair color: Black
Eye Color: Dark blue
HT: 5'4
WT: 170
I.Q.: 109
Likes: Bluegrass and Jazz music, monster trucks, cooking
Dislikes: Heat, rap music, soda
Strengths: Fast, Clever, Polite, Dainty
Weakness: Fragile, Vain, Too emotional
Elemental Magic: Voodoo Spirit
Character Type: Magician
Born In: Louisiana, USA

Sasha was born in Louisiana, USA, in the last year of the 1940's. Obviously, she didn't have a good childhood, due to stupid Jim Crow laws that affected her community. Life became easier for her after the 60's. She then started practicing voodoo magic and making a lot of friends of all kinds.

She is Catalina's pen pal, writing letters to each other every 2 weeks. In the 80's, she finally obtained her real magic from the goddess Feliza: Voodoo Spirit! This magic can summon skeletons and ghosts to attack, poison, and burn baddies and even put them to sleep! She is the textbook definition of a black mage, no pun intended.

Life in Louisiana at that point was good, until a vicious hurricane demolished everything in its path, destroying Sasha's trailer home. She then had to apply for a passport and documents, and then move to a different location in the world. She chose Spain, due to what is happening there.

She joined The Courageous Lynxes, a heroic team that saves lives and protects the world from evil! She is best friends with Catalina and Claire.

Willie Mae Sasha Rosenblum belongs to me. Y'ALL BETTER NOT STEAL, YA HEAR?!
The Fighter

Skilled in both offense and defense, she is a knight in shining armor. She always uses a sword, guitar, etc. to attack, and a shield or body bulk to defend. She's weak to magic, not to mention she can't use magic at all, so never raise her as a magician. Oh, and she could never win in a running marathon.

The Paladin

A magic knight who fights for good and justice, he is like a mix of fighter and mage. He can smash baddies and defend against their relentless attacks, but also use magic to an extent, including healing magic. Usually fights with a sword, but can use any type of weapon, such as a Chakbloom.

The Nurse

It takes a truly golden heart to be a nurse! With a caring personality, she heals her friends no matter what. She's weak in combat, but can use some magic to attack enemies, and it's even more powerful against the undead and other dark enemies. A hammer is the go to weapon for nurses, oddly enough.

The Magician

Skilled in offensive magic, the magician can use spells to burn, poison, and put enemies to sleep, etc. She can give baddies a hard time! Usually has a long weapon such as the Phantom Parasol.

The Versatile Wizard

A combination of Nurse and Magician, this jack of all magic casts spells as much as she heals, though both aren't as effective as when used by the magician and the nurse, respectively. Uses weapons, but a certain redhead doesn't need one.

The Hunter

Skilled at hunting, and not just for food. With her bow and arrow or spear, she preys on enemies, attacking them from long distances. Sucks at close range attacking. Survival of the fittest!

The Guard

Defense, defense, and more defense. Guards always defend their friends. She has serviceable attack, but moves like a snail carrying a mountain. Most enemies couldn't even try to take her down with one hit.

The Martial Artist

She's a strong, fast attacker who don't need no weapons. Or armor. She punches, kicks, uppercuts, throws, and basically beats the crap out of enemies faster than lightning. She's a fragile flower defensively, though.

The Snatcher

Known for high speed and stealing, she's a textbook definition of a thief, yet a good guy. With her quick reflexes and genius trap setting, she can be very annoying to her enemies. Just like the martial artist, she is a fragile flower defensively. Luckily (no pun intended), she's always lucky, and can evade at rapid speeds.

The Copycat

A magician with the ability to copy most enemies' moves. This living copy machine can learn their moves in a jiffy. Out of all the magic users, she's the most balanced statwise. She can be a useful member for certain boss fights if you know how to use her.

The Cheerleader (UNUSED)

She's there only for support and nothing else. She usually gives stats buffs and protections to her friends, yet she cannot attack to save her life. At least she has a nice outfit! Midriff and a short skirt? Ooh la la!

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SimonTheLoud Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Is it bad that I call Erik Erik taz Killmonger
HominineBeauty Featured By Owner 22 hours ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Not at all, go right ahead. Erik will never contribute to society, so he deserves to be ridiculed.
SimonTheLoud Featured By Owner 21 hours ago
Btw that was a Black Panther joke
HominineBeauty Featured By Owner 20 hours ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I've heard of Black Panther. I've never saw the movie and it's for a good reason.
SimonTheLoud Featured By Owner Edited 2 days ago
Penny: help a crazy pedophile is making me sit in the back of Fucking Cars y
HominineBeauty Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Silvino: Don't worry! We, The Courageous Lynxes, will punish that sicko! Hey MollyHaleIsMyFriend, yeah you! Why don't you take a seat over there so we can kick your sorry ass?
Molly: Yeah, and I'm not Molly Hale, I'm Molly Bonnet! There's a difference.
Bonita: There's something wrong with your brain.
Praskoviya: You sick! Children are future, you mess with it, you punished!
Ricarda: If you fiddle wif kids, I'll beat yo ass! Well, we be beatin' yo ass regardless, so get ready!
Silvino: SHUT THE FUCK UP!!! *beats MHIMF up*
Molly: Get drilled, mate! *drills MHIMF*
Bonita: All toasters toast toast, and you're one such toast. *burns MHIMF*
Praskoviya: Like chocolate pears? Eat my butt! *butt attacks MHIMF*
Ricarda: Get blown away, you sick ass bitch! *MHIMF gets trapped in a twister*
Silvino: And now for the finishing move! SUPER SEQUOIAAAAAAAAAA... SUMMOOOOONNNNNNN!!! *Sequoia tree impales MHIMF*


TCL: Ha ha ha! Down and out, bitch!
Silvino: He's done and over with, Penny! You're saved!
SimonTheLoud Featured By Owner 2 days ago
Me: we did it
Narrator: simon gain 78 Xp and leveled up
HominineBeauty Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Narrator: TCL gained 9001 Exp points! All leveled up! Silvino is trying to learn...
Silvino: We don't have a 4 move limit, narrator. This ain't Pocket Monsters, you know?
Molly: Penny, I think you should go home so you can stay safe. MHIMF isn't the only monster in this world.
Ricarda: How bout you hop in muh back so we can fly all da way to yo home? You know yo way home?
(1 Reply)
SimonTheLoud Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2018
I actually agree with you about Erik I told him to Stop doing stories about Characters Shitting Chocolate Pears And Wagons from what I heard Care Bears also shit Bananas too in his stories
HominineBeauty Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Disgusting!! A grown man who looks older than his age making stories about kids and defecation... It just screams coprophilia X pedophilia. This guy needs some serious professional help, and he needs to get off the Internet and never return.
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