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hey guys, so a lot of stuff has come up in my personal life.
im trying to over come my addiction problem and im struggling to run this group.

so im currently looking for somebody to pass the torch onto (: if youre interested, go ahead and comment below!
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Tactical Retreat Ch1The knights’ quarters were abuzz with rustling, clanking, and chatter as the guards got ready for the day. One jostled another as they joked about what assignments they might get, while yet another knight struggled with the straps of her armor and swore in circles. Even though Karkat was used to the daily routine, he still managed to be one of the prickliest ones of the group, exhausted from getting up at the typical ungodly hour and even more irritable from the sheer amount of noise he was immediately faced with. If there was one thing knights were lacking in, it was peace and quiet.The process of getting up felt miserable, and so did the trek to the dining hall so they could get breakfast while the captain handed out assignments for the day. On all sides, his boneheaded coworkers shoved each other, pulled uncomfortably on their chainmail, and teased each other about who’d end up with the lamest assignment. As if it was actually any wonder.According to most of the testosterone-fueled idiots he worked alongside, Karkat probably had the lamest job. Most of the knights preferred to be in the middle of the action, catching thieves, protecting the royals, and hanging around the city where there was more crime and more people to socialize with. But, after several years on the job, Karkat honestly found those kinds of assignments to be the worst. He didn’t take any pleasure in jailing people driven to desperation or getting in fights with folks on the streets who didn’t have half the training he did. Nor was he a huge fan of city jobs. It was loud and crowded, and it was easy to get overwhelmed or give himself a headache in the midst of it. He wasn’t much for socializing with the locals, either.Personally, Karkat was totally fine with taking all the boring jobs. Usually, he got landed with the same route around some of the farm towns on the edge of the kingdom, where the biggest problem was pest control and helping a farmer load up something particularly heavy onto a cart. Because the kingdom of Prospit put so much money behind agriculture, farm communities tended to be more stable. Sending knights out into the countryside was more about making sure help was around on the off chance that they needed it. There wasn’t much to do besides just… help the community with whatever they needed, which was more Karkat’s speed anyway. It was why he’d become a knight, after all.Today, he had no doubt he’d get the usual job. All the buzz this morning was about the budding rebellion in Derse and many of the knights were already clamoring for jobs on border patrol. With the rumors of stray raiders taking advantage of the chaos, no one would even think about asking for Karkat’s boring job.Their rival kingdom, Derse, had always been known for its secrecy, violence, and crimes. In Prospit, Derse was treated more like a bedtime story designed to scare children into being good than a real place. People talked in whispers about the cold, dark mountain Derse sat upon and the equally cold people who lived there, with skin like snow and vibrant eyes that glowed in the night, like something that had crawled back up out of the grave. It was more myth and monster than a real place; just a war story from Prospit’s ancient history. With the kingdom valuing knowledge and military power so much, their culture, people, and land had always been extremely guarded, leaving room for speculation and wild rumors that only seemed to get worse with each silent year. For many of the knights, going up against any Dersites probably seemed like a fairytale wherein they starred as the brave heroes that took down foreign demons.It was disgusting. While it was hard to know anything about the internal affairs of Derse, they’d all seen the refugees fleeing the kingdom and heard of the current oppressive regime, the stories of high crime rates, and the massive gangs. Karkat still remembered all too clearly the day the knights of Derse had pounded on the castle door and demanded an audience with Prospit’s king and the rumors of the lost Dersite prince that had immediately started circling after. In the immigrant towns on the fringes of Prospit, you could hear the farmers talk in hushed voices late at night about the new princess of Derse, and their hopes that she’d finally turn things around for the families they’d left behind. Though no one said anything about it now, Karkat still remembered the early days when they’d mourned the prince, popularly thought to be murdered by the current king. As of a result of the violent and secretive history of Derse, Derse had no allies. But there were people there, raising families, doing their jobs, and living their lives as best as they could. Human beings- not monsters- fought for their lives and for their freedom, and it seemed all anyone could do in Prospit was glorify the idea of getting involved.At least there were a few sane people left in the guard. As they ate breakfast and waited for their assignments, one of the Daves elbowed him in the side, leaning in to mutter around a mouthful of ham, “Dude, I think Justin might actually cream himself if he gets put on border control.” Crow, as most people called him, was one of the few people in the guard who still seemed to have his head screwed on straight. While he wasn’t necessarily Karkat’s favorite person, Karkat could at least count on him as someone to commiserate with.Karkat snorted, bumping him back out of his space. “I bet you tonight’s cleanup that he and the bonehead brigade get it and chest bump over it.”“Done.”“Are you going to try and get babysitting- I mean, guard duty again?”Crow shrugged. “Yeah, probably. No one wants it, and somebody’s gotta keep his royal highness from TPing the turrets again.”“Have fun with that.”“Vantas!” The captain eyed him over the pack, looking bored.“Banished to Hicksville,” Crow muttered under his breath.Karkat elbowed him.“I’m adding some extra towns to your usual route. With the camps at the borders right now, we’re spread a little thin, so I’m gonna need you to cover more today.” She made some mark on her paper, already moving onto the next person.“Extra Hicksville. Very cool,” Crow said.Karkat elbowed him again, harder, and called back, “Yes, Captain!”It was about what he’d expected. With everyone at the border, of course he’d have to take on some extra work.It was a fine job, but all the same, he couldn’t help but be a little disappointed. His route was familiar and the add-on would be easy, but adding extra would mean getting to the last town even later than usual. Today, of all days, he really didn’t want to get there late.The last town on his route was actually the hometown of an old childhood friend. Not only had he grown up spending time in that town, but he’d also spent a lot of his time over the past few years there. All of his best friends lived there, and today he’d kind of been hoping he’d get to spend more time with them.Well, one of them.It wasn’t as though he couldn’t just stay later, but if he got there later, everyone would probably already be done with work and hanging out, and it’d be harder to get anyone alone. Plus, Sollux would have time to gather rocks.There was nothing he could do about it, though. People needed his help, and he’d have to be there to give it, however long it took. That was what he’d always wanted, after all. Friends would just have to wait.By the time he got to the small, rural town on the edge of Prospit, the sky was already turning pink. Windows were beginning to glow softly with firelight, and even before he got onto the main street, he could hear the hum of laughter and people talking after a hard day’s work. On a house close to the town’s entrance, Karkat could see the silhouettes of two people outlined against the sky, perched on top of the roof.“Look who’s come back for more verbal abuse,” a lisping voice drawled, loud enough for Karkat to hear. A pebble sailed through the air with perfect accuracy, bouncing off of Karkat’s helmet with a little plink! “Go back to your golden palace, you beefed up lapdog.”“Hi Karkat!” the other silhouette called, waving excitedly to him. “You’re late!”Though the sun made it hard to make them out, Karkat knew with absolute certainty that that had to be Sollux and Aradia. He’d known them both since he was young, and he’d know their voices anywhere. “Hey, assholes. Watch the fucking horse, would you? I get it if we have to go through this whole ritualistic bullying every day so you can sleep with yourself at night, but what the fuck did Sir Gaseous the Third ever do to you?”“I’m above the law,” Sollux replied, and hit him square in the helmet with another pebble. “You can’t silence me with your shitty pleas to humanity that we both know neither of us have.”“Is he actually knighted?” Aradia wondered.“Yeah. John thought it would be funny.” The roof was low enough that when Karkat rode up alongside it, he could just reach out and slap one of Sollux’s shoes.“Assault! He’s assaulting me. You see this? This is brutality in action. They abuse their power to scare us into submission, but I won’t be silenced.” Three more pebbles bounced off of Karkat’s head.“That’s great,” Aradia said, scooching down to the edge of the roof and squatting there, peering over the edge at Karkat and his horse. “So what took you so long?”“They added onto my route. The whole Derse thing, y’know? They’re spreading us pretty thin to make sure there’s no threat, but I don’t really think it’s going to be an issue. Derse is pretty far. Prospit seems kind of out of the way.” Karkat ignored the onslaught of pebbles, instead focusing on Aradia.“Oh yeah. I don’t know, Prospit is pretty well known for our agriculture, and we don’t have a very strong military. If they’re looking for food, this could be a good place. The farms are close to the edge of the kingdom and it can’t be that hard to give border patrol the slip.”“I’m looking at Prospit military right now and I think I could take it,” Sollux said.“Karkat’s bicep is bigger than your head,” Aradia told him.“And his penis is smaller than my toe. I’ve got this.”“I’ll pull you off this roof,” Karkat threatened.“You could, but then I’d die, and Dave and Aradia would be sad, and then you’d feel bad.”“Actually, I’ve been planning my funeral outfit for this for a while,” Aradia said.“Wow. Words hurt, AA.”“I’m thinking Dave and I could have nice, matching lace veils.” She tapped her chin thoughtfully.“Where is Dave, anyway?” Karkat cut in. “Usually, he’s collecting the rocks for Sollux.”“He’s working late. So fucking inconsiderate of him, I know,” Sollux said, finally handing off the rest of his rocks to Aradia, who began lining them up on the roof. “I had to collect these all on my own.”“We finished ages ago, but he’s still out in the fields. If you give me your horse, you could probably go out and try to catch him,” Aradia suggested.Karkat wasn’t a fan of the way she said, “give me,” as though she was planning on keeping the horse. Still, he said, “Yeah, okay. But you’re going to have to get down from there so you can take the reins.”“Cool.”Karkat slid off of his horse, pulling off his helmet while he watched Aradia make her way down from the roof. Sollux followed behind her, and as they got closer to his level, he could finally make them out against the bright sky.Sollux had the look of a half-finished 3rd grade art project. He was bony, tall, and awkward, like someone had stretched skin over a bunch of tinkertoys and rubber bands. His hair was choppy and stuck up everywhere, like a kid had come at it with scissors, and his vitiligo made him look like he’d only half been colored in, with shocks of white going through his black hair and tan skin. It spread out from the middle of his face and his hands, mirrored just imperfectly enough to drive him a little insane. And then, as if all of that wasn’t enough, he had one blue eye and one red, each vibrant enough that it looked almost cartoonish.Aradia wasn’t particularly short or particularly tall, but both Karkat and Sollux still stood a good head above her. That, coupled with the fact that everything about her just seemed a little too big for her body, always made her feel much shorter than she actually was. She was stocky and strong, with big hair, big eyes, a big nose, and a big smile. She had big emotions, big interests, and big… weirdness, honestly. That was the best way Karkat could think to put it. Despite how much time she spent around corpses, the late sunlight made her look like an angel, giving her brown skin a beautiful glow and making her dark brown eyes look that much richer. But then, she never did look happier or more stunning than when she was knee-deep in mud, triumphantly holding up another fossil for her collection.Aradia dropped down the last few feet to the ground, coming to take the reins from Karkat. “Perfect. I’ll go put him up and you can go track down the treefrog.”“He’s gotta be close to done by now,” Sollux mused, dropping down after her. “I wonder what’s taking so long.”“Some days are just longer than others,” Aradia said, shrugging. “Or maybe he dropped the bucket in the well again.”“Probably that.”“Probably.”Karkat pulled off his gauntlets and stuck them in the saddlebag with his helmet before Aradia could make off with his horse. “I guess I’ll find out. Are you going to come with me, or do you and Aradia have more rock-throwing related plans?” he asked Sollux.“Unfortunately, you’re not the only victim in my life. I hope you can understand,” Sollux said, patting his bicep.“I always knew I was a side chick.” Karkat bumped him playfully, just hard enough to make him stumble a little. “I’ll see you guys later, then.”Sollux bumped him back, hard, dodging his elbow and jogging after Aradia, who had already started to lead the horse away. “Later, asshole.”“Bye!” Aradia called, waving back at him.“Bye.”As he watched the two of them head off with his horse, he wondered if maybe he’d been lucky to end up a little late today after all. Although he loved Aradia and Sollux dearly and wanted to spend time with them, he really just wanted to get Dave alone today. More often than he’d like to admit, he wanted time with Dave, but after the previous night it felt especially important. If this was a gift horse, he wasn’t going to look it in the mouth.Maybe Aradia had done it on purpose. Had Dave said something to her? The thought kind of just made him more nervous.But, steeling his nerves, he started off in the direction of Dave’s farm.It wasn’t really Dave’s farm. The farm actually belonged to a pair of older folks who had taken Dave in when he moved here in exchange for some younger, sturdier hands. Still, he’d lived there so long it was hard not to think of it as his home, even if he claimed it was just a temporary place until he had enough money to move again. For as long as Karkat had known him, he’d been plowing fields and weeding plants, and Sollux and Aradia had known him even longer. It was hard to imagine him anywhere else.Like most farms, it was outside the main part of town, just far enough that Karkat missed his horse, just a little bit. The fields Dave usually tended to stretched across rolling hills, with the farmhouse visible on the top of the nearest one. Karkat could see Sollux’s family’s bee farm close by, with its rows of little houses. Further off, he could see Aradia’s farm, with the small figures of his friends and his horse making the trek up to it. With most people in the heart of the town, it was quiet out here, with only the faint sounds of rustling grass and frogs beginning to croak down in the stream.There was no immediate sign of Dave, or sound of him, either. Karkat wondered if maybe Dave had snuck by him without noticing somehow, or he had finished and just hadn’t come and found Sollux and Aradia yet. It was kind of lame, how nervous he felt already. He’d spent all day thinking about what he’d say to Dave, and now that he was here, his mind was a blank mess. It got worse the longer he poked around the farm, feeling like an idiot for being unable to find him and already anticipating the walk of shame back down to the village.“Karkat, your armor clanks so loud I could tell it was you from a mile away.”Karkat froze, turning toward the voice that was coming from the opposite direction he’d been walking in. He could feel embarrassment burning in his cheeks as he realized Dave had just been listening to him stomp around hopelessly this whole time. “Yeah, well, not all of us are trying to camouflage ourselves and hide from our friends. You’ve just been letting me walk circles around you this whole time.”“Maybe a little.” Dave sounded more amused than Karkat thought he had any right to. A pale hand stuck up out of the grass where he was apparently laying, outstretched toward Karkat.Offended by the implication that he wouldn’t have been able to find Dave without the extra help, but grateful for it nonetheless, Karkat tromped through the grass that bordered the field until he could see Dave. He slapped his hand into Dave’s, ignoring the way the corner of Dave’s mouth appeared to twitch upward, and plopped down next to him on the ground. “You’re a dick,” he told him.“Yeah, but you’re still here.” Dave squeezed his hand, before lacing their fingers together.Karkat hated that he managed to look so stunning even now, stretched out in the grass with an arm folded behind his head, covered head to toe in dirt and still in his torn and old work clothes. The knees of his pants were muddy and dark, and even his blindfold had dirt smudged on it, but all Karkat could think about was how badly he’d like to use the dirt as an excuse to touch his cheek. Karkat didn’t need to see his eyes to be in love with his face, from the pronounced bridge of his nose, to the faded freckles that dusted his cheeks, to the countless scars that crisscrossed his skin. The fading sunlight made his light brown hair look golden, all of it swept away from his forehead in a mess with a few leaves already stuck in it from lying on the ground. While he was smaller than Karkat, he was still tall and nowhere near as thin as he’d been when he first moved here. His hands were rough and strong, and Karkat knew from experience that even though he didn’t really look it, he could carry Karkat around all day if he wanted to. He was like a bug that thrived in mud and filth, but shone with iridescence when put in the light.Or maybe Karkat just had really bad taste.“You look awful,” Karkat told him, carefully picking out the leaves in his hair.“Is that why you’re looking at me like that?” Dave asked, reaching up to touch Karkat’s cheek.Karkat gave him a look. “I know you’re just smudging dirt on me.”The corners of Dave’s mouth twitched upward again. It was like a slip up- like he didn’t mean to smile and didn’t realize he was. Lately, Karkat seemed to be catching him doing it more and more. “Damn, busted,” he said, smudging one more streak on him for good measure.Karkat swatted his hand away, scrubbing at his own cheek to try and rub the dirt off. “What are you doing out here, anyway? Sollux and Aradia said you were working late.”“I was, but given that you never came charging up the hill to find me, I figured I’d stay longer and watch the sunset.”It was hard to tell if he meant that he could always tell when Karkat was here because the first thing he would do is come and find him, or if he meant he thought Karkat had no intention of finding him at all. Karkat wasn’t sure how much he liked either idea.Rather than comment on it, Karkat tore his eyes away from Dave to look out over the hills. It was a pretty nice spot, with the ground on just enough of a slant that it was easy to look out over the fields. The sky had turned all different shades of red and purple as the sun sank lower and lower. It would be dark soon, but for now, it was beautiful.Karkat laid back on the ground next to Dave, folding his hands over his stomach while he watched the clouds drift. He admitted, a little quieter, “It’s nice.”Dave only hummed.The silence stretched between them, leaving Karkat to his thoughts. He could remember clearly when Dave had sat in the barn window and stared out at the night sky, telling him, This is my favorite part about living here. I know it’s been years, but I don’t think I’ll ever get over how quiet it is. Listen, you can hear the crickets, and the frogs. You don’t get that in a castle.The memory of Dave’s soft laugh and his hair full of hay was still fresh in Karkat’s mind. He could remember it as though it’d happened only moments ago; the way they’d sat with their heads close together while Karkat told him stupid stories about his childhood, the way Dave’s hand never left his own, the way Dave’s nose bumped clumsily against his cheek, snorting when Karkat apologized, and the way he finally kissed him back, so gently it could’ve been a dream. In the light of day, it was hard to believe it’d really happened, and yet he knew he hadn’t imagined it.It drove him crazy knowing that after at least a year of hopelessly pining after Dave, it had finally seemed like maybe, just maybe, it’d go somewhere, only for the awkwardness of even trying to bring it up to be his doom. Last night, it’d really felt like Dave returned his feelings, but he felt so much more unsure now. What if just bringing it up would be a mistake? But if he didn’t, he’d never know if it wasn’t. He searched for the words to say something, anything, running through the scripts he’d come up with throughout the day, but nothing seemed fitting now. The silence seemed to grow heavier between them as the ghost of last night lurked in his mind, haunting him with what could be, if he only had the balls to bring it up.Next to him, Dave rolled over onto his side and propped himself up on his elbow. He pulled at the grass near Karkat’s shoulder, looking as though he were deep in thought. He said nothing, and neither did Karkat. Karkat only watched his face and the concentrated pinch of his lips, wondering if he looked at Karkat the same way Karkat looked at him. When Karkat reached up, gently smudging some of the dirt off of his cheek, his gaze finally seemed to meet Karkat’s, his head tilting into Karkat’s hand for just a moment.Then Dave looked down again, clearing his throat. He finally broke the silence, speaking with a quiet awkwardness that matched the immediate change of tone in the conversation. “I’m sorry I kicked you out last night. It was just- the old lady wanted me to lock up, and-”A little reluctantly, Karkat let his hand drop again. “Yeah, I get it. It’s fine.” It wasn’t really what he wanted to hear. He knew why Dave had sent him home. That part couldn’t possibly matter less. And, judging by the way Dave couldn’t meet his eyes, he got the feeling Dave had bigger issues on his mind, too. Karkat took a deep breath in, forcing himself to start, “About last night…”“Can’t be caught fucking around with a farmer, huh?” Dave joked humorlessly, starting to rip the grass up again.Karkat stared at him, and then shook his head. “What? No. Of all the stupid- no. I mean for one thing, I’m pretty sure the only people who would give a singular solitary shit would be Aradia and Sollux, and only because they’d think it would be funny, but that’s- literally getting so ahead of myself, hang on.” He pinched the bridge of his nose. “Sometimes I think you say this kind of stupid shit on purpose, just to rile me up. Or maybe you just really are that stupid. Who’s to say! You do pretty much have the emotional intelligence and perception of one of those bags of manure you haul around.”“You’re losing the point, dude. Just look at that thing, running away like it left the stove burning and forgot all about it. A whole turn of phrase’s house is burning down because of you, Karkat. They’ve got children to think of.”“Look who’s talking! I don’t think you’ve ever been able to keep track of a point in your life.” Karkat poked him in the side. Dave grabbed his hand and Karkat held on, squeezing his hand tight. “But what I was going to say was…” Karkat paused, trying to figure out how he even wanted to say it. “Damn it. Look, first of all, there was no fooling around being done, so write that one down. It was one kiss, and you’re going to have to court me properly before you get anywhere in the realm of fooling around. I won’t have my maidenhood soiled by your dirty hands.”Dave snorted at him. “Implying that if I did manage to court you to your extremely high romantic standards, make an honest woman out of you, the whole shebang, with all the whistles and bells, you’d flash me some ankle?”“I just might.”Karkat had thought his answer would be obvious, but somehow Dave still looked a little surprised. Maybe he could tell Karkat wasn’t really joking.Dave’s gaze dropped to their hands again, rubbing his thumb across Karkat’s knuckles. “So if I ran out there and ripped some wildflowers up by the roots to present to you like we were fuckin’ six-year-olds and romance was still real, would you take them, or would the dirt still hanging off of them kill the mood?”“Depends. If I kissed you, would you tell everyone I had cooties?” Karkat joked lightly, but his heart felt like it was beating too fast. He didn’t want to get his hopes up, but at the same time, he had to wonder: could this be it? Dave seemed so close, and the moment seemed so fragile. All he could do was see this through.“Probably.”“Wow, alright. I see how it is.”“If it makes you feel any better, I’d also probably run off and sit in a creek griping about how stupid boys ruin everything, with their gross, cute faces, and their dumb smiles.”Karkat snorted, ignoring the way his cheeks heated up. When he reached up to touch Dave’s cheek again, Dave leaned into his hand openly, the corner of his mouth quirking up for half a second again. Karkat’s hands were gloved, but Dave still lifted his opposite one, pressing a small kiss to the back of it that made him feel even dumber.It would’ve been easy to shoot back with another snarky reply and get stuck in the same old rut, indirectly telling Dave he loved him and wishing he’d just pick up on it already. If he wanted to, he could probably just keep playing this weird game of gay chicken with Dave for another three years.Instead, he kissed him. Dave was already so close, Karkat barely had to pull before he was moving in himself, pressing into Karkat and closing the distance at last. He fit in Karkat’s arms like he was made to be there, and the way he kissed him- softly and just the slightest bit desperate- Karkat couldn’t imagine letting him go again. It was a little awkward and a little unsure, but just knowing he actually got to kiss him made it feel like the best kiss in the world. Just like last time, the last thing Karkat wanted to do was let it end. He could’ve spent eternity lying in the grass with Dave, just trying to hold onto this moment. He tried his best to.When the time came to separate, Dave just seemed to press in closer, sticking his face in Karkat’s shoulder and all but burrowing into him. Karkat had only gotten a glimpse of his face, but he knew he was trying to hide a fierce blush. Mercifully, Karkat managed not to laugh at him and just squeezed him in tighter.“So, I guess you’re still taking those crazy pills, huh,” Dave mumbled into his shoulder.“If that’s what you call it, sure.” Karkat paused, and then asked, more seriously, “Does this like… work for you?”“Work for me? Yeah, kissing absolutely works for me. Anytime you want, I’m down. One hundred percent.”Karkat bit back a snort and sighed. “Do you want to go out, dipshit? Embarrass ourselves in front of our friends, have shitty picnics, seal the deal, the whole thing.”“Oh.” Dave paused, and then lifted his head to look at Karkat. His face was still kind of blotchy and pink, and it somehow managed to make his confusion as cute as it was exasperating. “Seriously?”Karkat threw his hands up. “What do you mean, seriously? Yes, seriously! You think I just go around kissing my friends for fun? Look me in the eye and tell me you think friends-with-benefits sounds like it’s up my alley. I’ve been trying to figure out how to ask you out for months and you say seriously? You better hope your underwear rips as easily as the knees of your pants because I swear I’ll hang you from the windmill by them.”“Alright, alright. I got it.” Dave grabbed his hands mid-waving around, lacing their fingers together and pinning them up by his head. He teased, “Damn, excuse me for being a little stunned Sir Knight in Shining Armor’s trying to find a princess in a pigsty. I mean, months? Holy shit, dude.”“Are you going to sit here and dunk on my taste all day, or what?” Karkat demanded.“Well, hopefully, I’m gonna kiss you, but I’ve gotta get my kicks in first. Yeah, of fucking course I’ll date you, you idiot. Like I’d ever say no.” Dave snorted, leaning in and giving him a small kiss.Karkat sighed, feeling all of the tension go out of him at once. He freed up one of his hands from Dave’s hold, that way he could cradle his cheek and pull him in for another kiss. “You are such a dick.”Dave hummed and pushed his forehead against Karkat’s. “You’re literally like the hottest guy in the kingdom. And probably the sweetest. I cannot fucking believe you’ve been trying to ask me out when I’ve been fucking crushing on you for like a year.”“Bullshit.”“True shit.”“Well maybe if you weren’t so obnoxiously hard to read, I would’ve asked you out a year ago.”“It’s part of my charm.”“It’s your whole ass personality. I swear, you’re secretive enough that when we first met and Sollux told me you’d killed someone, I literally believed him! I still feel like I don’t know you that well sometimes, and I like to think I know you better than most people.”“But you still wanna date me.”Karkat sighed. “I do.”“Even if I did kill someone?” Dave joked.“Fucking probably. If I can find it in me to love Sollux, I think I can put up with a little murder on your part, too.”When Dave kissed him, he thought he could feel him smile against his lips. After a moment, Dave pulled back and gestured between them vaguely. “Speaking of, how do you want to field questions from them about… this?”Karkat sighed again, brushing his fingers gently back through Dave’s hair. “I don’t know. I don’t exactly think they’d be surprised, given just how hard we’ve been dancing around this for like the past year. You apparently didn’t notice, but I’m not exactly known for my subtlety. They'll probably figure it out all on their own pretty quickly, honestly.""So, do you want to just let them figure it out, and just… I don't know, take our time with this for now? I don't really know what the protocol is for this. I've never like…" Dave gestured, vaguely, and his face looked a little pinker, "dated anyone before, or anything.""Seriously?" Karkat stared at him. Yeah, sure, Dave was a little standoffish and didn't get close to many people, so maybe it shouldn't have been surprising to him. But still, how could anyone not want to date him?Dave fidgeted awkwardly with Karkat's hood. "I mean, yeah. I moved here when I was thirteen and I've pretty much thrown myself into working ever since. I've got three friends, dude. Do you really think I was dating around?""I don't know! I guess not. It's just hard to believe when you're so…""Weird?" Dave suggested. "Aloof? Kind of an asshole?""Annoying," Karkat added. "But no. It's just hard to see how no one could see what I do."“In their defense, I make it kind of hard.” Dave shrugged a shoulder.“I guess I’m lucky I was stubborn and annoying enough to get through.” He gave Dave a small smile, pulling him in for a little kiss. “We can take it slow and figure things out as we go. We’ll tell them whenever we feel ready to.”Dave nodded, before leaning in and kissing him again. It was a kiss that lingered, soft and drawn out, and warm enough that Karkat felt like he could melt into the grass. He could hear the wind rustling softly through the grass as he slid his hands along Dave’s back, feeling the shape of his body as it melded against his own. For a few minutes, it felt like they were in a world of their own, hidden by the hills and lengthening shadows and far from the noise of the town. Without meaning to, he could feel himself starting to smile like a lovesick idiot against Dave’s lips.When Dave pulled back, his face flushed and blotchy, there was a similar, smaller smile there. He laughed quietly at the look Karkat must’ve been giving him, pressing their foreheads together and cupping Karkat’s cheek. “I guess it can’t be that hard to figure out.”Karkat couldn’t help the way his smile widened, too big to really kiss Dave again, but he tried anyway. It was hard to be anything but optimistic when Dave was finally in his arms. Their jobs, their friends, their responsibilities, their futures- all of it would come together, in the end.
other misc.
catgirl... by swegnweg
god tier redesign 2012 contest
Homestuck - Knight of Time Sketch by MinatoRN
crossover contest 2012
Jake X Jack by Kimimaro888
secret santastuck
secret santa gift for jadetheharley + speedpaint by pongwons





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