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+ [Speedpaint] Alone In The Universe + by CosmlcPunk
+ Is He Evil or Just Charming + by CosmlcPunk
Prince of (not) Hope / Eridan Ampora - Homestuck by Kibamarta
emofuri damara by Kay-Ehm
Karkat vantas!! by Brotienshake
merkat by felidaereverse
candykat by Melisong777
carcate!!!!!!! by planetary-00
Gh0st by Erezi
Megid0 by Erezi
Rust by Erezi
Dogstopper by Der-Vert
Tavros playing baseball by Ironicallyforu
tavros.png by radrezi
Tavros meets Tavros? by Ironicallyforu
Chadvros by FrostyChica
Duality by AphelionMars
Mage Of Doom by FrostyChica
Brain Power by FrostyChica
Reflection by AphelionMars
Nepeta!! by Brotienshake
Hot!Kitty by Erezi
IttyBittyKitty by Erezi
nepeta leijon by BadMeFox
Kanaya!!!! by Brotienshake
Pin up Kanaya! by Ironicallyforu
Lovely Kanaya! by Ironicallyforu
Three Moms Basically | Homestuck SpeedPaint by DangoFloat
redraw by radrezi
Smoker Terezi Pyrope Sticker by FinalFrantasy
Punk!TZ by Erezi
BL1NDW41FU by Erezi
Vrissy by Erezi
Vriska Day! by Wind211
Vriska by Shido-Tara
Vriska And John by MidnightVortex
Equius ZAHHAK by FrostyChica

Mature Content

Am I Good Enough For You? by smeardoes
World Coming Down by smeardoes
Purple Equius by Twhonk
Gamzee Makara by Vampireghosteyesvc
Winter 2020, The Stalker In The Snow by LuckyLadyXandra
Sea!Witch by Erezi
Redglare by Twhonk
pre-scratch ancestors
Meulin by Erezi
Art with two trolls
xx--EriMeen--xx by Erezi
Group Troll Art
6ppressed Vantas competition by kandeekorn
M3 4S T3R3Z1  (4) by Ironicallyforu
Mature Content

Mature Content

Equius nsfw by Sweirda
Ask ...
Mituna Question #1 by TheWinterFire
[Comm] Troll Miku by AphelionMars
Homestuck: Dolorosa (animation) by TrollkaRuby
L3TS B3 DR4GONS by ZombieDragon11
Full 2
Erifef by Perejilla
Water bitch:D by TheVoidSylph
dogginITup [HS Doodle Comic] by RoneOmbre
Contest - Endings
The End by destinyfate67
Jonjet by Erezi



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Welcome to Homestuck-Trolls~!

Down below is our groups Rules and FAQ, please read:

General Rules
1. Be nice to other people, obviously.
2. Don't bash other people's work.
3. Submit TROLL ART ONLY. Details on that under submission rules.
4. This is NOT an RP or anything, just a group to find Troll art. :D

Submission Rules
1. You can submit as many pictures as you want as of now. This might change, but for now, yeah.

2. TROLL ART ONLY. As in, trolls have to be the main focus of the piece.

3. PLEASE SUBMIT TO THE RIGHT CATEGORY. If you have artwork that you feel needs a new category because it doesn't fit the categories provided, please comment or note the group and I'll fix that. But, with all the folders we have I doubt I'll need to make any changes.

4. The 'Misc' category is for things that go along with the trolls such as lusii, scalemates for Terezi etc.

:bulletyellow: 5. The "CROSSOVER" folder. Please note that If you ARE going to submit to this folder, the TROLLS have to take up the majority of the pictures,or have to be the one that STANDS OUT.

6. Please no W.I.P (work in progress) stuff, sprite/base edits, or motivationals!

7. If it has a mature content filter, please submit it to the mature folder. Anywhere else will be declined.

8. Please do not submit anything that is for sale (IE: T-shirt prints, commissions, adoptables) as this group isn't here to promote products.

:bulletred:Where'd all these troll guys come from?
:bulletblue: Homestuck, which can be read here.

:bulletred: Can I be a founder/co-founder/contributor?
:bulletblue: As far as founder or co-founder, no. If you want to be a contributor I would like it if you had a good amount of troll art in your gallery and you submit work frequently, and if you do so then I'll accept your request to be a contributor/send you an invite to be a contributor.

:bulletred: How do you submit art?
:bulletblue: when you go on the homestuck-trolls page, see that big blue box that has a button labeled "submit art" right there? click it and choose whatever pictures you want to submit to the group, then click submit. :D

:bulletred: Can art of the trolls genderbent/as humans/etc be submitted?
:bulletblue: As long as it's obvious that they're one of the trolls, and trolls are the majority of the art, then yes.

:bulletred: Can I submit fancharacters that are trolls?
:bulletblue: Yup; they go in the Fantrolls folder. Just DON'T SUBMIT SPRITES. Also, you will only be able to submit two fantrolls a day- we're having a problem with spamming, so I adjusted the folder's permissions.

:bulletred: Oh no! i submitted this picture wrong!
:bulletblue: It's fine, just resubmit it properly.

:bulletred: My art got declined! what did i do wrong? D:
:bulletblue: Did you submit it to the correct folder? Did you follow the 2/1 rule for humans to trolls? Is your art NOT fat nasty trash? If you answered yes to all these questions, just send a note to the group.

:bulletred: What about lusii? Can we put art with those here?
:bulletblue: Yup. They go in the Misc folder.

----If you still have any questions or anything, comment here or on the main page or send a note or something and the founder and/or co-founders will gladly help.

Thank you~
Please send a note to the group if you notice that a folder is full so new ones can be made. Thank you!
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Welcome to the Homestuck-Trolls group!

This is a group similar to the Homestuck-Fans group, except dedicated specifically to only the trolls; Karkat, Aradia, Tavros, Sollux, Nepeta, Kanaya, Terezi, Vriska, Equius, Gamzee, Eridan, and Feferi. (plus the ancestors.)








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Jmarshv Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2019  Student Digital Artist
I'm so sorry I submitted something I shouldn't have on accident (dave is not a troll and shouldn't be in the group, sorry >_< )
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Rainissance Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2019  Hobbyist Artist
thanks for asking for requesting to add my art into this group <3
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klekettle Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
deep thanks for requesting my art) yay for erisol:3
Ask2Blossomfall Featured By Owner Edited Aug 16, 2018  Student Traditional Artist
Hello! To any ask Karkats out there:
You get this from unknown pestercum:

(happyWaffles) began trolling (carcinoGeneticist)

HW: Hi/|\! I /|\m O.R /|\nd you /|\re invited to my wriggling d/|\y find bush next to huge tree /|\nd rock and come in (Thats my hive) There will be lots of w/|\ffles and trolls so ple/|\se come. If you don't you will miss the fun! I pretty sure you will know some (or /|\ll) of the trolls!

(happyWaffles) ceased trolling (carcinoGeneticist)
trembl1nggod Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
hey i am serching for a crismas parody "karkat the red blood mutant"but there is no way i can find it, can someboddy please send me the link if you found it?
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