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Latula (Colored and Signed) by HomestarCutie7 Latula (Colored and Signed) :iconhomestarcutie7:HomestarCutie7 2 0 Latula (Uncolored) by HomestarCutie7 Latula (Uncolored) :iconhomestarcutie7:HomestarCutie7 1 0
Homestar Embarrassed Part 5
After the restaurant, they all did some crap then it was nighttime. Then morning came.
Homestar wakes up and goes to eat breakfast. He feels depressed and doesn't want to live anymore because of all the embarrassment. :'( He starts to think about all the people who have hurt him and so on, then he cried. Without thinking deeply, he goes to the bathroom and turns the bathwater on, and gets a razor blade. He tries to cut himself, But he can't.
“Ow!” Said Homestar. “Screw this, I'll try pills.”
Homestar reaches in the medicine cabinate and chooses some pills, without looking at the label.
“I want everyone to feel bad about what they've done; I'm gonna call them all over to my house.” Said Homestar.
Homestar then calls everyone, even the people who were his friends (Pompom). An hour or so later, they arrive.
“Everyone! I am going to take my own life ;_;. I'm doing it in public to make you all feel so bad.” Said Homestar.
Homestar then gulps down a hu
:iconhomestarcutie7:HomestarCutie7 1 1
Laptop Desktop -BETTER- by HomestarCutie7 Laptop Desktop -BETTER- :iconhomestarcutie7:HomestarCutie7 2 3
Homestar Embarrassed Part 4
A few days later, Homestar was invited to go out to dinner with Marzipan, Strong
Bad, Strong Mad, Strong Sad, The Cheat,  Pompom. Coach z, Bubs,The King Of
Town, The Poopsmith, and Homsar didn’t get invited though. So they all went to
Sonny’s to eat; “May I take your order” said the waiter. “Patrick Star?” said
Marzipan. “Yeah! It’s me! Patrick!” said Patrick. “I’ll have a salad with crutons,
beans, tofu, and a water.” said Marzipan.  “Yeah I’ll have a steak, some baby back
ribs, a hamburger with french fries, and a root beer.” said Strong Bad. “Oh! I’ll
have a salad, coleslaw, fries, garlic bread, and a sprit.” said Homestar. “I WANT A
COKE AND FRENCH FRIES! NOW!!!” said Strong Mad.  “I’ll have the baby back ribs
with a pepsi.” said Strong Sad.  *Bubble Bubble* said Pompom. “The Cheat will
have a diet coke with beans.” sai
:iconhomestarcutie7:HomestarCutie7 1 2
Homestar Embarrassed Part 3
Homestar went back home and tried to forget about the turd. He was hungry so he
ate some marshmallows and watched some TV.  Then after that he decided to go
online, so he went on MSN but there were only 2 people online. “Let’s see, Evan A
Martin is idle, so he isn’t gonna reply. Aww, what a shame, Ava-I Love Homestar is
offline.  Pompom is online, but busy.  OH CRAP! I forgot to return this bladder health
book back to the library!” Said Homestar. Homestar went to the library to return
that pee help book. On his way there, his stomach felt like he was gonna have
diarrhea soon. He was inside the library and waiting in line to return the book. Then
some girls said, “Oh look, it’s pee-pee star from that youtube video!”. “Dammit
Strong Bad, why did you have to put that on youtube?!” Homestar said to himself.
His stomach started grumbling. Then he was finally next to return his book. The
librarian said, “May I se
:iconhomestarcutie7:HomestarCutie7 1 2
Laptop Desktop screenshot by HomestarCutie7 Laptop Desktop screenshot :iconhomestarcutie7:HomestarCutie7 0 3 Another One of My Desktops by HomestarCutie7 Another One of My Desktops :iconhomestarcutie7:HomestarCutie7 1 0 Homestar is White and Nerdy by HomestarCutie7 Homestar is White and Nerdy :iconhomestarcutie7:HomestarCutie7 0 0 Homestar is Naked....Again... by HomestarCutie7 Homestar is Naked....Again... :iconhomestarcutie7:HomestarCutie7 0 0
Homestar Embarrassed, Part 2
Homestar then stops crying and goes back in his house.
He decides to go on the computer, and when he logs onto the
internet, he sees an advertisement saying; " CLICK HERE FOR A FREE IPOD!!!!!!".
"Wow! A free iPod!" said Homestar. Homestar clicked the link and filled out the form on the website.
The computer screen said; "You're iPod will be delivered in 48 hours". "I can't wait till my iPod
arrives!" said Homestar. Homestar then goes on Marapets (a virtual pet site) and sees another advertisement
that said; "SHOOT THE DUCK FOR A FREE LAPTOP!!!!". When Homestar saw this he said; "Wow! First a free iPod,
now a free laptop!". He shot the virtual duck and filled out the form on the website. Then, the computer screen said;
"You're free laptop will be delivered in 48 hours". Homestar is so happy for these free offers. He tells everybody
that he is going to get a free iPod and laptop. Strong Bad heard this and then said; "Nothing in life is free, Homestar".
"Oh yeah? Then i'll show you the la
:iconhomestarcutie7:HomestarCutie7 1 5
Homestar Embarrassed, Part 1
First of all, Homestar is pronouncing his r's like w's, but I just wrote it as the real word instead.
One day, Homestar and Marzipan were at the mall. Homestar wanted a drink
so he said; "Marzipan, can I have some money so that I can buy a soda?"
"Sure" said Marzipan. Marzipan gave Homestar the money and he bought a soda.
Then they go walking around the mall. When they were walking, an announcer said;
"The bathrooms will be down for a while." Homestar did not pay attention to this message
and kept drinking his soda. He finished his soda and said to Marzipan; "Marzipan, I have to go to the bathroom".
"Homestar, the bathrooms are down" said Marzipan. Then it started to rain. "I need to pee" said Homestar.
"You'll just have to hold it, Homestar" said Marzipan. Homestar and Marzipan keep walking around the mall
and then Homestar says;"Marzipan, I really,really, REALLY need to go pee!!" Marzipan said; "Just hold it!"
Then Homestar st
:iconhomestarcutie7:HomestarCutie7 1 3
My Desktop 1 by HomestarCutie7 My Desktop 1 :iconhomestarcutie7:HomestarCutie7 3 1
Dumb cringe shit from when I was like 10. Knock yourself out.


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