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In search of an angel :iconhomeboy8221:homeboy8221 5 4
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Net neutrality :iconhomeboy8221:homeboy8221 6 10
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The gift :iconhomeboy8221:homeboy8221 7 8
Christmas war part 2: Life of a child
Rudolph was flying as fast as he could as he was carrying a small child and what he believes to be her doll. The problem was that she weighted a lot more than what he expected (due to her silver colored wings) which slowed him down just enough for She-pragma and the demons to follow them. The demons were throwing their fire balls at them with Rudolph trying his best to dodge them. This was until one hit his backside causing all three of them to spin wildly to the ground. Rudolph did his best to make sure his passengers didn’t take the fall, Energiea turned pragma into a helmet for her and put it on. As they fell, Rudolph landed head first, causing him to flip over back first causing pragma to hit the ground hard as well, making both pragma and Rudolph to be knocked out and Energiea pinned to the ground under Rudolph weight. She-Pragma, and the demons landed and surrounded her. She-Pragma began to smiles as she got off the reindeer monster and slowly made her way to Energiea, seei
:iconhomeboy8221:homeboy8221 4 0
Mature content
Christmas War :iconhomeboy8221:homeboy8221 4 8
Mature content
Drug Wars :iconhomeboy8221:homeboy8221 8 13
Time Changes
It’s been three years since Melissa death. Isis was sitting at the end of the pier with a half empty beer bottle in her left hand. She was looking into the moon that was setting into the ocean. The ocean breeze hits her hair as all she could think about is what could have been. If she would have just come home earlier she would have been alive and things would have been better. Melissa wouldn’t have died and things would have been better. She keeps thinking this as she takes another drink of her beer. She then looks down to see her “friend” climb up the pier like a monkey does up a tree.
Isis: What the hell are you doing?
Charge: I’m a spider monkey
Isis sighed as she was annoyed has he climbs up the pier.
Charge: So why so glum chum?
Isis: Do you know what day it is?
Charge: I hope it is pizza day at the shack.
Isis: no.
Charge: Comic book day?
Isis: Hell no.
Charge: Then what?
Isis:  It’s been ten years since my sister died.
Charge: It’s
:iconhomeboy8221:homeboy8221 11 26
The return of Christmas Stuff
It was a few weeks after Charge encountered with James the puppy killer. Within those weeks, he kept his word for half the puppies that he saved had new homes to call their own. Unfortunately, the other half weren’t as lucky as many people passed on them for one reason or another.
Charge (Please can we keep them?)
Isis (no)
Charge (Why the fuck not?)
Isis (Look at where we are we can barely take care of ourselves let alone some puppies.)
Charge (It seems fine to me.)
Isis (Listen you moron, if you don’t get rid of those puppies, I’ll take them to the pound.)
Charge (Not the nasty old pound)
Isis (Yes, that one now you have 24 to get rid of these puppies)
Charge (Aww, man get, you’re not every happy this year.)
Isis (Well, you better get used to it)
She gives him the box with the puppies in it.
Isis (Now go find these things a home.)
Charge (Ok, miss bossy pants.)
He starts walking away pondering what to do.
Charge: How am I going to find you guys a home so quick
:iconhomeboy8221:homeboy8221 10 201
A Dog Day
A Dog Day
It was a cold dark night as four twenty something men were riding a red Ford F-150 pickup truck. These men names were James Smith, Josh Gunner, Andrew Gates and Kenny Stewart.  They were all wanted for several robberies and murder across the city. There last break in resulted in the murder of 82 year old Melissa Stanford. They took her property which included a four year old beagle and her 8 puppies, which were just a week old. They were two separate cages.  The men started noticing that they were stopping at a pier.
Kenny: So why are we here?
James: It’s simple; we are going to have some fun and toss these puppies into the ocean.
The rest started to laugh until they realized that James wasn’t laughing.
Kenny: Wow umm you weren’t kidding.
James: No I wasn’t.
Andrew: Wait why not just sell them to people or something and make more money.
James: Because I want to see them struggle against the ocean current as there little paws struggle to bring
:iconhomeboy8221:homeboy8221 14 62
The Fourth Of July
The Fourth of July
It was hot July afternoon, as Isis and Charge were preparing the tent for guest to come over. They invited them to BBQ and to watch fireworks. They had the perfect spot sense the pier they lived under was celebrating the fourth of July.  
Isis (I can’t believe you invited so many people here.)
Charge (Hey I can’t help if I’m a popular guy.)
Isis (Well Mr. Popular come help me clean this tent.)
Charge (O now I’m allowed in there.)
Isis (Just shut up and help.)
Charge sighed and helped clean the tent.
As they clean the first guest as arrived there first guest arrives. Her name was Starna. She had black hair, a white shirt and blue jeans.  She looked lost as she was holding the invitation in her hand. She looks to see that Charge and Isis are cleaning.
Starna: Umm hi guys
She said nervously
Charge: Hey you’re here early
Starna: Hey I had to get out of my house; my mother is just going crazy for what you did.
Charge: What did I do?
:iconhomeboy8221:homeboy8221 15 75
bath time
Isis wakes up in the morning brushing the sand out of her face. She hated living on the beach, but she had no other choice since her sister passing. It’s been three years since that time and in that time her life has been spinning around. She had lost everything she owned but her bike, two guns and the clothes on her back. But on the other hand she met a new friend. Granted he does annoy her from time to time and kind of stupid at times. She rises up and rubs her eyes and realizes that he was not at the entrance of the tent.
She started feeling worried cause when he usually gone, he would usually get himself into some sort of trouble. She gets out of the tent and sees he was under the pier. She notices that he covered in blood. This sight did not freak her out as it once was. What did was the smell of them combination of sweat and blood. It smelt like a shunk had sex with a dead fish. It was so bad Isis cover her nose and tears were forming around her eyes. She then walked up to
:iconhomeboy8221:homeboy8221 18 523
Celebration Time
Note: Isis is answering in sign
1 Do you like your job?
Charge: Fuck yea I do, I get to murder the bad guys, I love ripping them a part, especially if they are holding a gun, then I can rip that off and do some pistol whipping with their own arm.
Isis: It can be a hit or a miss
2 What was the toughest obstacle the team had to survive through?
Isis: Seeing Charge naked
Charge: I put all the other homeless people to shame
Isis: Such shame they almost kicked him out of the pier
3 Boxers or briefs?
Charge: Free balling
Isis: Boxers if I can find any
Charge: Aren’t girls suppose to wear something different?
Isis: Shut it, I hate girls underwear, it goes straight up my ass
:iconhomeboy8221:homeboy8221 10 83
Meme 1
Note Isis is answering in sign language
1: you meet Jeff the killer what do you do?
Charge: Snap his neck into two, and then rip it off and play with it as a puppet.
Isis: Depends if he leaves me a lone I leave him a lone
2: Two Priests and a platypus walk into a bar...
Charge: O this is going to be funny... (Isis covers his mouth)
Isis: Don’t you even dare answer that.
3: Your favorite hero is coming to your hometown what do you wear?
Charge puts on his cheap batman suit
Isis: Clothing that fits
4: You get a ticket to the biggest event ever what event is it?
Charge: ACDC mother fuckers
5: Slenderman has left notes in your house what do you do?
Charge: We have a house?
Isis: Who is Slenderman, and why is he in my tent
6: Darth Vader is in your kitchen stealing your waffles.
Charge: NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!
Isis: That’s not even a question
7: You are walking down the street when sirens sound behind you the fire truck is going towards your house what happe
:iconhomeboy8221:homeboy8221 14 59
Christmas Brawl
It was a cool Saturday morning, with very low wind and a clear blue sky. It was that time of year again. That time for giving. This is here where we see a blue haired man wearing a white t-shirt and grey sweatpants, wearing a tore up Santa hat caring a heavy trash bag full of gifts he and his friend have found in the local junkyard. Yes these where gifts for good little boys and girls.
Charge: They better like these damn gifts
Isis: I’m sure they will.
(They go to the local park and see that everyone showed up and waited for them)
Charge: Looks like I got some work to do.
Isis: You better be nice.
Charge: I can’t make any promises
(He walks up to his chair and sits down)
Charge: Ok who’s first?
Aria and Dalia where up first
Charge gives them a hair brush and worn out shoes.
They both said thank you and left.
Charge: Next
Cassie and Bernard step up
Bernard got a rusty pot
Cassie got brown boxy gloves as the two gave each other the evil eye as they walked off.
Charge: N
:iconhomeboy8221:homeboy8221 17 86
Personal Interview updated
1) What gender are you?
Isis: duh just look at me, I’m female
Charge: damn fur everywhere, I’m a man (then punches the air)
2) What is your age?
Isis: 21
Charge: fuck if I know not from this planet
3) Do you want a hug?
Isis: no thanks I have a touchy issue with strangers
Charge: sure with a sick grin on his face, shocks the interviewer
Isis grabs him sprays water on his face, puts the collar on him and hits him with rolled up newspaper that was on the ground
Isis: sorry he won't be able to do that again
4) Do you have any bad habits?
Isis: I bite my finger nails when I’m nervous
Charge: I love to talk a lot, and kill people, so I guess I don't have any bad habits.
Isis: you have too many to count
5) What is your favorite food?
Isis: cookies
Charge: Oreo cookie ice cream
6) What is your favorite ice-cream flavor?
Isis: chocolate
Charge: I already answered that one pay attention, unlike what you did with Cassie and Bernard
7) Are you a virgin?
Isis: are you a pervert?
:iconhomeboy8221:homeboy8221 19 487
The meeting
Today charge was in a group meeting for cliché characters. There were three of them, charge, a dragon and elf.
Charge: I’m sick and tired of how people react to use
They all nodded their head in agreement.
Dragon: I know I mean ever since How to train you dragon came out, those little kids have been trying to ride me, and I’m like get the fuck off of my back you little bastards.
Charge: I know right, I mean as soon as they find out I’m either going to take over the world or I’m the fucking E.T. the retarded alien. No matter what it is, I get some government officials on my ass for the next month.
Elf: You two think you two have it bad? I have it worse, you know why? It’s because of the height and ears. I mean how many times do I have do I have to hear lord of the rings quotes? One does not simply should sit there and listen to those things. Then there are the names, like Mini me, or Tiny Spock. I swear one more joke and I will shoot up the place.
:iconhomeboy8221:homeboy8221 8 3


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Next week, I might not be a little bit busy, so I'm not so sure how often I will be online. Just to let you know if my replies are shortened or not come in as much.
Its that time again, I'm starting school back up again, but unlike the past, this is my final semester under the degree program I'm in. Which could mean that after the few months, I'm done with school, I can have more or less time to rp, depending on work and all. But as now I don't know how this current semester could affect my time, during the day, but I generally have a few hours at night for replies. Which could mean one reply a day for some rpers. Thank you and have a good night/day.

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    It was a cold day on the beach. One of the many sighs of the holidays here to come. Cloudy grey skies filled the sky with a dark mist. Those annoying Christmas songs played across the airwaves. Most people would be in the holiday spirit, thus making them the perfect targets for the criminal underworld. This is what a wealthy couple and their child would find out once they cross into a dark alley. A robber came from the shadows carrying a loaded magnum pistol aimed it at them and in a deep voice ordered them to give him all their money. Then they all suddenly heard clapping from the rooftops. As they look up they see a blue haired man, wearing a ripped t-shirt, sweatpants with holes in them and brown tennis shoes. He jumps off the roof and lands on the ground.

Charge: Well well well look what we got here? I can defiantly smell the DC lawyers coming, already dialing the number.

They all look scarred as they heard of what Charge has done to people. The streets have been filled with blood due to his many of his battle with the criminal underworld the city has. Even the robber starts to shake a little. This made the family even more nervous as this made things worse as now they fear they are going to be held hostage. Charge sees this and smiles more.

Charge: You are not going to do any harm to this family.


    This made Charge move closer to the robber. He cracked his knuckles and has a sinister grin comes across his face like a kid in a candy store. Showing his shark-like teeth as he moved closer and closer to the robber. This started to cause him to shake a little. Charge quickly grab the gun and pulled it away from the family, squeezing it, crushing the hand and the gun. This caused the robber to scream bloody murder, much to Charge amusement. He then forces his fist into the robber's chest and rips his heart out. He then turns his attention to the family to see if they are okay, to only find that they were gone.

    Charge: YOUR WELCOME!

    He then sighs as he heads back to the beach, whipping the blood off with some newspaper he found. As he makes it to the beach, he would see Santa slay and a little blonde girl in a blue dress struggling to get a huge bag out. The bag tore apart causing the little girl to fall off the slay and land her butt on the ground. This caused Charge to smirk a little as he walked to her.

    Charge: Hey Energeia, where your sister?

    She got up and rub her butt. She had a sad look on her face as she looks at Charge with tears in her eyes. She quickly whipped them away.

    Energeia: She is missing

    Charge: Oh really? Where the robot guy?

    Energeia: Missing as well

    Charge: Well shit, whose looking for them?

    Energeia: Well everyone who has been looking for them, ended up going missing themselves

    Charge had a smile on his face

    Charge: Looks like we have a mystery on our hands. Come on, I got a friend who can help us.

    Energeia: Who?

    Charge: Someone who is good at tracking.

    Charge grabs her and puts her on the slay. He then starts working the buttons to make it go up and start flying into the air. He figured the method of pressing random buttons would work. He then grabbed the steering wheel, hit the gas making them go forward. They graced the sky like the birds. They were leaving the city, over the ocean and headed toward the wooded mountain areas. As they flew, Energiea could see, what she thinks is a giant castle that looked like it was just dropped in the middle of the woods.

    Energeia: Who lives in there?

    Charge:  A prince with a powerful nose, due to being half were-wolf and vampire.

    Energeia: Oh is he nice?

    Charge: Oh we will see, now duck and cover yourself

    Energeia: Why?

    Charge: I don’t know how to land.

     She quickly ducks into the slay. Charge aims the slay causing it to crash into Mathew bedroom window. Mathew was laying in bed when the slay crash landed right in front of him and the two ladies he was with. He did his best to cover both ladies from the flying debris. One of the women showed long pink hair woman, named Lilly and the other was Ayumi, a fiery red hair of a woman.  Both women Are princess from their parts of hell. They all glared at the slay as the guards surround the slay with there swords pointed at it as Mathew gets out of bed and puts his pants on and gets in front of his guards. Charge crawls out of the slay first.

    Charge: HO HO HO, hello everybody.


    Charge: Ok, first of all, you need a mint, your breath smells like you have been eating catfish all day. Second, we need your help to find a friend of mine.

    Mathew: So you come crashing into my home, nearly harmed my wife and my friend, ruined my rug and mocked me, and you expect me to help you?

    Charge: Yup

    Mathew glared at him as he walked close to Charge. He towered over Charge with his shadow engulfed his entire body. He popped out his claws that would rip most people like a scissor to wet paper. He snarls at him showing off his sharp fangs, ready to pounce on him, but he took a breath to calm himself a bit, once he smelled Energiea.

    Mathew: Who is with you?

    Energeia raises her hand from the slay.

    Energeia: I am Mr. vampire wolfman sir.

    Mathew: My name is Mathew Von Decil Und Delta, but you can call Mathew

    Energeia: Ok, Mr. Mathew

    Mathew: Now please go

    Charge: Are you going to help?

    Mathew: No...

    Charge: No? Is that your final answer?

    Mathew: Yes, now go?

    Charge: Ok, you forced me to do this.

    Mathew prepares himself and his guards for a fight. When Charge pulls out a baseball cap and puts it on his head.

    Charge: Energeia, I choose you

    She salutes ready for battle

    Charge: Use Big teary eyes

    Energeia eyes look into Mathews as she forms tears in her eyes. This action nearly broke the walls of the stern leader of both the vampire and werewolf clans. In his life, he faced tough negotiations on all sides of the tribes, but this, this was tough for him to ignore. He started to sweat under his fur when suddenly Lilly spoke up.

    Lilly: Deer, maybe Mathew should help Charge and child."

Mathew: But they broke my window!"
Lilly: Lilly can patch it up, go help, Lilly will...tend to needs of friend till Mathew returns." wink-wink-nudge-nudge

    Mathew sighed as he looked at the two.

    Mathew: fine I’ll help

    Energeia: Thank you, Mr. Mathew

    She follows that with a hug on his leg. Mathew sighed as he took her and Charge to the magic spell room in his home. He then gently took her off his leg and placed her on a table.

    Mathew: Ok, madam, I do you have anything that is hers

    Energeia ponders for a minute. Then a thought formed. She quickly made her way back to the slay and pulled out a black dress and made her way back to Mathew and charge and gives Mathew the dress.

    Energeia: Will this due Mr. Mathew?

    Mathew: Of course it is my little friend

    He grabs the dress and puts it into a bowl along with some magic potions. He begins to chant causing bubbles to form. Then suddenly a loud boom came from the bowl opening a portal. Mathew took Energiea hand and leads her and Charge through the portal, showing them a tropical island. He sniffs the air.

    Mathew: She is near.

    Energeia: How do you know?

    Mathew: The nose knows

    Charge: oh I see someone been reading the comics I have been sending.

    Mathew: No, but Lilly likes the drawings in them.

    He says as he happily sighs, thinking of his wife as they make there way to the island. Following Akosmia scent, which smelled like rusted metal, which stands out in the tropical setting. A few minutes later they see Akosmia tied up to a tree.

    Akosmia: Finally, help has arrived

    Charge: Well hi to you too.

    He grabs the rope and rips them off of her freeing them. Akosmia hugs him but took a look at Mathew. Hearts form in her eyes as she hugged Charge tighter.

    Akosima: Whose the hunky beast man?

    Mathew: My name is Mathew Von Dec…

    Charge: Just call him Mathew. Now where Pragma?

    Akosmia: The grass people took him.

    Charge: Grass people?

    Akosima: They are the ones who shot me down with arrows.

    Charge chuckled

    Charge: You got shot down by arrows?

    Akosmia slaps him in response, giving Mathew a chuckle. Charge rubs his face in anger.

    Charge: Ok, Mathew stay with Energiea, while I and Ako go get Pragma.

    Energiea: Why are we splitting up?

    Charge: It could be dangerous for you, and Mathew could sense the danger and take you out of it quickly.

    After saying that, he took Akosmia hand and started walking off with Akosmia winks at Mathew and blows him a kiss. It was not long before they both could hear chanting. As they make there way they would see Pragma sitting on a throne with all the tribal people bowing to him like a god. Charge quickly goes to him.

    Charge: Hey we are going home now.

    Pragma: But..

    Charge: But nothing

    He soon grabs Pragma, but as soon as he turned around, he would see arrows pointed at him and Akosmia. This would bring fear to most people, but instead of fear, the tribe people hear laughter as electricity started to form around his body. This brought fear to the tribal people as they started to run away dropping their weapons. Charge sighed in disappointment as he powered down and starts to walk back to Enerigea and Mathew who now was hiding up a tree due to the tribal rush.

    Akosmia: You can come down now handsome and cutie

    She giggled as she shows Pragma to them. Mathew climb Enerigea and himself down the tree and looked at Pragma.

    Pragma: Hello sir

    Mathew: Why hello, I assume your Mr.Pragma

    Pragma: Yes and yours is?

    Mathew: My name is Mat…

    Charge: Just called him Matt, now let's get out of here before the tribal people

    Mathew sighed as they walk through back to the portal sending them back home. Pragma and Akosmia looked around in amazement of Mathew home. Mathew looked at Charge and glared.

    Mathew: Now for my window, I would like for you to find a way to make up for it.

    Energeia: I have an idea Mr. Mathew, my sister can play the piano for you

    Mathew: Really now?

    Akosmia: Yea, have a piano?

    Mathew: Yea, made from the finest wood.

    Akosmia: I can play a song for you

    Mathew: Well let's see you play.

    She smiles and goes to a piano and starts playing a nice song that most of Mathew workers stopped a listen. Even Charge sat on the couch sat on the couch and listen to her piano player. Thus bringing some peace near the end of the long day.

In search of an angel
Ayumi belongs to :iconhtfman114:
Akosima, Energiea and pragma and she-pragma belong to :iconsailorenergy:
Mathew and Lilly belong too :iconqwerty2999:
Starting tomorrow thru next week, my replies may be come less often due to work and thanksgiving. I'll reply when I can. I also hope to work on a new story if I have the time and energy to do so. Thank you and you guys have a good weekend and thanksgiving. 
Next week, I might not be a little bit busy, so I'm not so sure how often I will be online. Just to let you know if my replies are shortened or not come in as much.


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