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Shit and Sci-Fi

Arch Linux
KDE + BE::Shell
Custom Qt4 Style
Apps on screen: smplayer, konsole, feh, okular
Icons: Faba mono(top panel), Suave(taskbar)
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1920x1080px 1.53 MB
© 2014 - 2021 Hombremaledicto
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This is f*cking awesome! It's incredible!
Could you share please the font that you're using in the window titlebars, the wallpaper, and the docky theme (if that dock that I see is Docky).
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Sorry for the lag, but i've lost this specific theme and had to guess on my own :(

Font: Oxygen Sans


Dock: is not docky. It's a transparent panel with a taskbar between two spacers.
BE::Shell is themed with CSS, so it just required to draw a background and apply it to the
taskbar container with border-image.
Willingly, i can share that bg image (apparently, i still have that)

Again, sorry if it took me so much to reply your message Sweating a little... 
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Don't worry for that! Thanks for all! :) (Smile) 
Maybe I'll take a look on how to install BE::Shell in Debian B-) (Cool) .
Keep working on that shots! :happybounce: 
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Oh! My! God!
Great desk <3
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well deserved!
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Really nice !
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You're welcome
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Can you share your Qt style please?
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I'm not the developer, just a tester, i believe
it's not meant to be shared yet, sorry.
In case it is, i'll send you a note.
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Great shot and I find the book cover to be a bit ironic (for me) as I recently started devouring (again) the Foundation series.
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Non so nemmeno io da quanto tempo non mi connetto!
Fra trasloco ,locale ed imprevisti tutti sesto senso mi ha ha detto che oggi avrei visto qualcosa di bello.

Gran bel lavoro....spero proprio di poter trovare il tempo per risentirci come una volta!

Hombremaledicto's avatar
Hei! :)
In effetti è da un pezzo che non ti si vedeva
(ma anche io mi connetto poco ormai).
Mi spiace saperti ancora in alto mare, spero 
che presto troverai un po' di stabilità e più 
tempo da dedicare ai vecchi hobby!

Nel caso, anche una nota o sul vecchio chan irc ;)

A presto!
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excellent shot and excellent book! ;)
Hombremaledicto's avatar
Thanks :D
I do agree, nice reading indeed!
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Epic as always
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This is so awesome in too many ways.
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BE::Shell + Custom Qt4 Style + Asimov = great! :clap:
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How did you put the window controls with the toolbar, is your custom style or is something like Bespin?
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