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Scrot from my notebook

I usually don't submit screens from my laptop here. Ever since KDE Plasma5 was available from [extra] in Arch i've been using it, with default artworks.
This week i've started to use BE::Shell on it. 

Ah, the BE::Shell theme will be release soon.
DockBar & SideBar are both made from BE::Shell widgets :D

Colors: a mod of Breeze Dark
Kate colors: parchment
Apps on screen: an unreleased Qt5 File Manager, konsole, gwenview, kate
Qt Style: DSP
Windows Decoration: Breeze
Icon Theme: paper


P.s. Screencast here showing the current progresses on this conf ;P
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heloo, what's your file manager ? I'm trying to ditch macOS and switch to Linux since now DXVK can emulate DX11 games (and soon DX12 too!!) but some habbits die hard or never die at all and for that I'm looking everywhere to find a file manager that has the same funcionalities as the macOS one. 

Please help me because your post is giving me so much hope, a bright future away from the shackles of M$ and Apple is near.. .. , 
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hellooo, can you share the dsp config please and maybe beshell? thanks
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Hi, it's all here:…

Theme name: Pandora 
The DSP preset can be found under Themes/Pandora/extra
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I've been looking at your screenshots for a while, and I like them.

I'll probably try to get something similar once all is ported to Frameworks / Qt5.
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If you'll need a base to start, you can find my latest themes here, alongside other users' ones.
We still need to asjust some stuff to make scripts working out of the box (i hope), but themes & configs should work, mostly.
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Non ho inteso ma sei riuscito a compilare be::shell sotto kde plasma5?
Bellissimo come hai integrato colori, wallpaper nell'insieme, complimenti
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No, ho compilato la versione basata su kdelibs, che resta installato
a causa del fatto che molti dei software kde sono ancora alla versione 4x.
Lascio fare al dev tale lavoro, che io non saprei fare :P

Grazie! E da qualche oretta ho cominciato anche a lavorare ad un tema
per firefox da integrare nell'insieme, basato sugli addon per Gnome:
C'è ancora molto lavoro da fare, ma spero di riuscire a rilasciarlo assieme
al resto della suite :)
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A style change was needed indeed.
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Sidebar backgroudn color in file browser and background color in kate not match :v
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Well, the whole suite is still a work in progress, so the colorscheme will prolly be fixed until the release ;)
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