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Oh, for the love of spam!

Mostly the same conf seen in my previous deviation, with just small refinements and little changes.


- OS: Archlinux
- DE: KDE Plasma5 ( with BE::Shell running instead of plasmashell)
- Qt Style & KWin decoration: DSP
- Icons: Paper
- Wallpaper
- Fonts: Helvetica Neue, Comme
- BE::Shell theme: Pandora (yet to be released, once ready it will be available in master under the BeDevil repo)
- Using Skutter for player & weather forecasts in the sidebar
- Apps on screen: konsole, feh

Ah, yes, the dockbar & sidebar are made with BE::Shell :)
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this is really amazing work, share all the things :) I've never taken KDE that serious until just now :P I've always liked Gnome or Gnome-ish environments for the clean and simple approach. I know what I'll be tinkering around with the next few days.
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Well, first of all you need to install ( instructions here ).
Can't remember if the config in this screenshot matches exactly the one i released(might differ a little), but you can find the shell theme on my github repo, under the name of Pandora:…
There's an installation script provided that takes care of installing the chosen theme & conf, kde4 colorscheme and konsole colors.

I'd also recommend to install DSP and select it as default for qt style and kwin deco under systemsettings → appearance. In case, within the Themes/Pandora/extra directory from the cloned repository you'll find a dsp.conf file to copy under ~/.config/dsp. 

Sorry for the quick reply, i'm not at home right now.
If you need further details just ask ;)
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ok thank you :) that's really helpful

unfortunately the styleproject fails to make, it stops at 97% with Building CXX object kwin/effects/shapecorners/CMakeFiles/kwin4_effect_dsp_shapecor

/usr/include/kshortcutseditor.h:28:25: fatal error: QtGui/QWidget: No such file or directory

I checked for the kshortcutseditor.h and it is, in fact there.  I'll see what I can do to get it to complete at least.
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Excelente, parece OSX. No encuentro DSP en Sourceforge ¿es un proyecto aún activo? 
your screenshot is so beautiful.
i want to try BE::Shell on ArchLinux (latest KDE5).

i run this command to start
    kquitapp plasmashell; sleep 2;

it displays this message and doesn't show top panel (but i can setup my wallpaper)
    QDBusConnection: session D-Bus connection created before QCoreApplication. Application may misbehave.

What am I doing wrong?
i find a solution.
thank for your beautiful theme!
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EDIT Oh, i see now that you solved :P
I'll keep this comment visible anyway, is case
it will be helpful to others.


Mandatory to ask: are you using some config from
the web? Because in case not, by default
displays an empty desktop with no wallpaper
(just the windows background color).
In case you are, then you didn't install the provided
config (a file named

If you want to start from scratch:

You'll have to edit the config (right click on the desktop
and select → configure → edit), the conf is splitted in
groups and keys, you can see panels under the group:


Whenever you want to add a panel, just add its name
(could be any name you want) in the Panels= key.
Then reload your conf (rightclick on the desk, select
configure → reload). This will make a panel appear
on top. You can eventually resize/move it by rightclicking
on it ;)

And from there you can start to built your own preset
with the help of the official wiki

If you want to start from a pre-existing preset instead:

You can simply download mines from here,  or from a
common repo (best option) on bedevil, where you can
also find ParanoidNemo's themes too :)
There's an installation script that handles most of the stuff
(apart from adjusting  themes on diff resolutions, but such
feature is under development).


P.s. And of course, for any question, just ask
EDIT solved by installing 'extra-cmake-modules'


thanks for your instructions!~

after i run installer script, all panel displayed :)

but i have a trouble now...
i want to install StyleProject for my kde5
after cloning the repository, i execute the following commands:
   mkdir qt5Build && cd qt5Build

after cmake command, it shows that it cannot find KF5Config.cmake or kf5-config.cmake
( error message: )

ps. i have installed qt5-base qt5-script qt5-tools
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Man, I love your screenshots!
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Thank you very much, i try my best :)
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Awesome. Mind sharing the config for coming up with that bar at the top. Cheers.
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Thanks :D

This theme is currently hosted on my github and on the BeDevil one (on its own branch, since it is not ready for
an official release), the config is, while the theme is under /Themes/Pandora.
The relevant CSS for TopPanel is within style.css.
Two notes:

- This config has been made on a 1366x768 resolution, and unfortunately the SideBar will prolly need to be adjusted
if your resolution is different from mine. In the best case scenario it would just take to play with OffSet under [SideBar]
from the conf file.  I still need to test it properly to see what has to be done on most res.

- This conf makes use of skutter for some sidebar applets, i still have to upload my skutter configs (will do later today)

Later i'll package just this conf & theme without the need to clone the entire repo (which i think is the best solution
though, so one can be always up to date with a git pull) and post it in another reply.
Sorry, it's just that it's very messy right now :(

P.s. For any issue/question just ask.
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Do you use any AUR packages for BE::Shell or do you simply make install?
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There's this package on the AUR ;)
Notice, you'll have to copy all the .desktop files to ~/.kde4/share/autostart after installing
it (you'll get a message after installing that package anyway).
Although: yes, i have cloned the source and compiled it manually (updating
when necessary), also because i'm supposed to write some patches for new features.

P.s. I'm using it on plasma5 right now (upgraded on both my machines), despite
i'd recommend to wait for a KF5 based, in case you'll need some infos
on how to use it here,  a friend and i wrote a wiki page collecting all the tips
and warnings for the case.
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Yeah, the main reason why I asked about the AUR packages is that I noticed they haven't been updated in years - so I wasn't sure if they were worth trying to make.
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Oh, well, it's a devel pacakge, so you won't get any update notification
since all it does is cloning the latest source and compile && install it for you
(all packages named with "-git", "-svn", "-bzr", etc...Are devel).
Assuming, for example, you're using yaourt and want to update AUR
packages too you will use:

yaourt -Syua

Which, as explained, won't work with devel ones. You'll have to use:

yaourt -Syua --devel

This will force to "reinstall" all the devel packages. If you have many,
this will take eons :P

The most convenient option using the AUR package is IMO
to check the source page for updates and just reinstall the package manually:

yaourt -S beshell-git --noconfirm
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cool dark theme. sooo does DSP already work for Qt5?
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Thanks, and yes it does :D
Rob also worked on KF5 Kwin decoration - now works perfectly here.
From dsp cloned source dir (after a git pull ofc):

mkdir qt5Build && cd qt5Build
cmake ../ -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/usr -DQT5BUILD=ON && make; sudo make install

Have fun!!
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oh that sounds awesome, now I am considering switch to KDE5 sooner, but I try to test it out on my current conf, I just hope there's no dependency treason :P
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It shouldn't. But in case you get errors with cmake/make about missing deps let me know.
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what diferences are between archlinux and a simple linux so¿?
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Well, linux is the kernel, where GNU/Linux is a family of operative systems
built around it that can differ pretty much one from another.
Archlinux is a rolling OS - meaning that once installed it is constantly
updated to the "latest" software versions (actually, not exactly the latest, there are
diff level of testing before a package is flagged as stable), and also KISS.

This makes Arch extremely customizable, but not recommendable to newbies,
first time i installed arch, years ago, it took me 2 day hehe.
I was a total noob (well, i still am a noob) at the time.
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