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Dynamo Plasma (beta)

This is a Plasma theme currently under development.
Basically it's a KDE4 port of "Breeze", the official artwork for Plasma5,
with no transparencies and sightly different colors.
REMEMBER: This is just a beta, there's still to fix the wifi icons,
krunner, and to draw a proper shutdown dialog (the current one is stolen
from Tilain) ;)

I'll post the icon and window themes later.

All credits to the KDE Visual Design Group for the original theme.
© 2014 - 2021 Hombremaledicto
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discontinued? would have been perfect for my plasma 5, but won't install :\
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discontinued? would have been perfect for plasma 5.
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brilliant KDE, anything superfluous
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very bad ffuuuuu
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Thanks man, it's amazing!

How do I install it?
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Unzip the archive and copy the folder to the plasma themes directory:

cp -r Dynamo\ Plasma/ `kde4-config --localprefix`/share/apps/desktoptheme/

Then just select Dynamo from systemsettings ;)

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Thanks a lot, it looks amazing! Great job
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awesome. many thanks
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Hey, I'm used to GNOME, so I'm just wondering. What directory do I put this in?
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KDE stores the local configs under two possible paths, depending on your distribution:

e.g. on Ubuntu & derivatives (~/.kde)


on Arch Linux & other major distributions (~/.kde4):


A quick way to determine where your distro place KDE configs is:

echo `kde4-config --localprefix`
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Pls change  top-bottom of  north and  south in panel-background.
Hey Hombre. Remarkable work, indeed. I also inkscaped the elements to make it green (a little more opensuse-ish), if you'd like, i can send you to try it out.

Anyway, any idea when the fixed wifi icon is coming. That's basically the only thing not working properly on my plasma install.

Thanks a lot for your great work!
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Well, sure :)

As for finishing the theme i'm a little busy atm
(exams Stare ), i'll work on the icon as soon as
i'll have some free time again.
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Where i can download that wallpaper. ?
Great work! Don't forget to do the things in on your list. It's better to talk things out, .. you know. ;)

Goodluck and keep up the good work. :)
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Hehe! Always working on those tasks ;)
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Thanks for sharing :)
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Hah- the order of that to do list is priceless. I'm sure I don't need to tell you that this shot is nice and I like how the theme's coming along. Thanks for sharing it with us.
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Well, it's my pleasure to share it, glad that you like it :)

Hehe, that TODO contains the truth Crying

The real truth, not the fake one.
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TODO: (just fun)

1. Use BE::Shell
2. Move your ass to IRC Be-Desk channel and/or write a Journal in dA Be-Desk group
3. Get a Girl or Job or whatever

A complete white wallpaper would fit that theme much better. ;)
There is too much action in current because there are contours and shadows and reflektions.

That's what people like... :shrug:
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