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Sad Doctor Whooves Vector

By hombre0
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© 2011 - 2021 hombre0
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To borrow a line from an awesome movie:

"You will be all right. There there."
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Doctor: I am not Barty Crouch Jr.
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Dr. Whooves: I'm sorry...I'm so sorry.
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I had been using this image personally to figure out a lot of Doctor Whooves expressions, so thanks!
Do you mind if use this on my next blog post for a fanfic? I'd give you credit, of course.
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stallons-y! i love you :D

used it as template..
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Can I use this as a reference? It is terribly difficult to find a good male pony head to ref. 
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I used for a picture sorry for not asking[link]
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That's fine, nice job
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"I didn't want to go"
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Question, Can I use this in a NeOn wallpaper?
This is just perfect for one i'v been wanting ta do ^w^
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totes mcgoats broseph
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Whats funny- I ran that though Google translate thinking it was German xD
Thanks! :D
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Made a base from this, sorry for not asking for permission.

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's fine, good job.
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"I don't want to go..."

The saddest scene in the David Tennant Era in my opinion
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And this is the reason he became Discorded Whooves
"I'm sorry. I'm so sorry."
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Nue Doc! Dun't be sad! :( I hate seeing him sad :( AH-Ha! Idea! :iconlightbulbplz: *Gives him a banana*
Doctor:*Takes it and becomes happy again* HAPPY DOCTOR! :iconhappydoctorwhoovesplz:
Me:YAY!*Hugs him*
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sadness cause insanity if not immediately treated.
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