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Not sure how long this will stay up. In the meantime, Please share and spread the word. This blatant abuse by DA mods needs to stop.

For anyone who's not up to date I've had an issue with a DA mod deleting my works for being 'explicit pornography', mainly works submitted years ago that didn't even feature IMPLIED sex. I assumed this was because a deviation that was previously reported could not be removed for the same reason, which is why none of the newer pics were removed (they had already been reported and had been OKed), something I theorized in my last post about this. Well, it looks like I was right, since the DAY after my last entry this mod went through these deviations and started removing them for totally different reasons (IE for being MALWARE, racist, etc).As a result, I Filed a complaint with the mod team concerning this and disputed every one of the removed deviations.What you see here is their response, followed by mine--

Although we cannot say an exact reason as to why the images were removed we can speculate that too much of the infringing content was visible.
It is possible that the moderation team does need censorship to be adequate. We suggest that you try adding more censorship to your images, especially if there may be content that falls outside of our policies."


"Although we cannot say an exact reason as to why the images were removed..."

"I've tried being polite, but you basically just told me that these images aren't violating any policies but were removed ANYWAY?!  and then you tell me to censor it more, even though you can't tell me what featured was even considered in violation of policies?  So basically some mod who doesn't know the definition of 'explicit sexual content' is going around knowingly deleting work that doesn't fall within those definitions and the mod team isn't going to do ANYTHING about it?  Do you have any idea how much this is hurting the site?  If the team was more involved in the community, they would KNOW the damage this behavior is doing to the site, and might actually do something about it."


Take a look. This mod (name redacted) actually admits they can't see a reason why these deviations were removed, but that I should censor them anyway. WHAT THE FUCK AM I SUPPOSED TO CENSOR? If you can't give me a valid reason my art was removed, you are basically admitting to the abuse happening here. What I didn't post here was a response to one of my previous disputes where this same mod says "some people just don't was to see sexual content here" WHY THE HELL DO YOU THINK THERE'S A FILTER FOR SEXUAL CONTENT?!

**UPDATE 9/24/18
Shortly after this journal went up, I FINALLY heard back from an admin after my last response.  Here is the absolute gem I was sent. 

"We cannot respond to any information regarding specific deviations...any issues regarding imagery will need to be handled by our moderation staff by flagging the deviation for review"


The above message was sent by the help desk.  If anyone is unaware, when a mod removes a deviation, you will get this message--

"If you are uncertain why the submission was removed or if you have any questions or believe this removal to be an error please contact the DeviantArt 
Help Desk"

So what we have here is DA telling me to contact the help desk for clarification as to why something was removed, and the help desk is telling me I've come to the wrong place for that.  I've disputed all removals, which is what I'm ASSUMING they meant by 'flagging a deviation for review', but all disputes have been ignored.  The sheer amount of stupid on display here is staggering.


I'm still planning on re-censoring and re-submitting EVERYTHING that was removed (I don't care if I need to photoshop a nun outfit on these women) but after that, I think I'm either going to turn this gallery in to a low quality sketch dump, or just stop posting here.  This is assuming DA mods don't up and delete this gallery, which is looking increasingly likely.  Artists are given no means to defend themselves from moderator abuse, and the mod team seems to currently have zero oversight.
---------------------------------Uncensored Art----------------------------

STOP spamming my profile page and deviations with questions on where to find my uncensored art.  DA won't allow me to post links to explicit sites, so for a link to my HF, you will have to note me*.

*By noting me you are verifying you are over the age of 18.  If you are underage, please don't bother.


(Currently **CLOSED**)

**List updated with examples, and a new option for coloring**

Interested? E-mail me at

**All payments are through PAYPAL.
**50% of payment after accepting commission, remainder given after completion.
**I'll send you a WIP of the sketch before inking, and this will be the only time I'm willing to make changes, so let me know.
**Detailed commission process-
What I won't do
gore (not sexualized, anyway)
futa (only if it involves a man)


Single Character w/simple BG

Inks- 15.00
Cel shaded colors- 25.00
Soft shaded colors- 30.00
Painted colors- 35.00

Add 5.00 for each additional character (B&W). Add 10.00 for each additional character (in color).
(see examples below)

A complex BG will be 10.00 extra. (example- Things like furniture or a warped wall texture/simple BGs are free. Additional elements like limbs, hands, etc. are also free.


Comic pages (example-…)

Inks- 40.00

Cel shaded colors- 50.00

Soft shaded colors- 55.00

Painted colors- 60.00


Above prices are just estimates. All finished pieces will be digital hi-res of 300 dpi and up. In reality, commissions might end up being a lower price than is listed so when in doubt, ask!


Comic artist
United States
Current Residence: On earth (In that Texas-shaped thingie)
Favourite genre of music: Industrial
Operating System: Windows 7
MP3 player of choice: Winamp
Shell of choice: a turtles (A-Har!)
Wallpaper of choice: Anything Female
Skin of choice: My own, or a woman in her early 20's
Favourite cartoon character: Stewie Griffin
Personal Quote: No offense, but you're possibly the dumbest person I've ever met in my entire life


Bewbs and Tentacles
Censored to comply with DA rules. For information on where to find it uncensored, see here-
This was actually colored by me, not my wife (I'm trying to get down her style enough so I can help her out with colors since issue one is over 40 pages, currently).

I swear I'm going to draw an actual face next.


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