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So i coloured it.

i'm planning to use hin on some radom pages, it will not have a full linear history and all, just some random stuff acts so i cam pratice and add something cool to portifolio you know.

This is the first time a drew hin, hes over muscled since i used the armor sketch to draw the body, and there are lots and lots of things i'll change.

Criticism mainly on the colours would be more than welcome.

edit-after watchinga a dvd about light and colour i noticed how this thing sucks.
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Great looking Warrior!

Why are his shoes open if armoured?
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i was into the whole earth bending thing back there :P
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Aside from a few things here and there, this is an awesome piece, especially the level of detail on all the equipment. Great work!
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Your muscles anatomy has improved. I like as do you put the dimension. ; ) But, Is not this a bit odd left arm?
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thanks! and indeed it is! it was the first timne i drew an arm on that pose
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I think colors are good, but, Im not an expert at coloring.
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I is still think there are stuff off about it, but i'll make it awesomer next

thanks ;)
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I like to call this...

"Billy Mays in his past life time."
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*search billy mays"

oh lmao...yeah its similar
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Just needs a bucket of Oxi-clean
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i'm definitaly cahnging the desing a lil
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why? it's awesome!
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Bom trabalho com o gradiente, muito bacana. Espero que você continue colorindo suas peças porque a tendência é sempre melhorar

O único conselho que eu posso dar referente à coloração é o mesmo que eu dou pra todo mundo que pergunta: Baixe, compre, roube ou procure de qualquer maneira o DVD Practical Light and Color com Jeremy Vicker do Gnomon Workshop.
Essa é uma das melhores aulas deles (apesar de todas serem boas).
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já baixei algus DVDs de la e todos foram fodas,com eles que aprendi a deichar minhas linhas mais limpas vou procurar esse sim vlw
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Awesome work man! I cant see any major problems with the colors, maybe use more airbrushing?
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i tried some but its not easy to make it looks right when using a mouse, it even looked cool on the clothings but his body seemed alkward

anyway, thanks for the fave ;)!
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