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*Taps mic*

Is....is this thing on? Anyone still here?

Anyway, as you can all plainly see, I haven't really been too active this year as far as posting things goes. And the truth of the matter is, while there have been a number of things that have come up recently that have prevented me from being able to work on things, the reality is that I've just been kind of lazy. And I really, really regret that.

But more than that, I just feel like the comic isn't coming to fruition like I wanted it to. It isn't going in the direction that I wanted, the art isn't where I want it to be, and I just feel like I am going about things all wrong. That said, I am taking a step back from things to take a look at the bigger picture of what I want the comic to be. I want things to be taken in a different direction, and I don't want to be so far behind anymore.

I've decided to go back to square one, in some respects, and kind of re-grind some of the basics out. I want to do a lot more conceptual stuff to get things looking the way I want them. The truth of the matter is, I actually have been working on a lot of stuff both related to Verboten, and other stuff for other projects. Basically, the breakdown looks like this;

-At this point in time, I am not going to continue with chapter 0. I only posted a few pages, but I am going to revamp those pages and polish them up a bit, and re-release things next year when I pick back up. I want to kind of do something totally different with the comic from chapter 0 onward, but I will have to wait and see if it all works out.

-Chapter 4 will actually continue on for the rest of this year. There are only maybe a half-dozen (or so) pages left in the chapter, and I actually have the next couple totally done, I was just waiting to post them while I thought a few things out.. I will continue on posting them as-is until this chapter is over with, hopefully by the end of the year.

-I will hopefully be posting more conceptual stuff for Verboten (and other upcoming projects) very soon. I want to go back and go over basic things like character designs, poses, backgrounds, and get back to basics as I have said.

-The other comic that I have hinted at in the past (the paranormal one) should be coming more into fruition as well. All the conceptual stuff I am doing is going to be for all my upcoming projects, and I want to post more neat preliminary stuff to get people interested.

-There are other possible projects, but they are in the super-conceptual stage, and I will have to see what I want to do with them. They may not even be posted here...

So...It is time to get back on track for 2014. I want that to be the year that I was hoping 2013 was going to be, with an explosion of cool new stuff. A lot of things that I was dealing with are winding down, and next year should be fantastic, a lot less stressful, and there should be more free time to get some of these things off the ground.
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That's right. As of today, I leave behind my twenties, and turn...30 years old. How....How could this happen? Where did all the time go? Sometimes I look back and feel like I haven't really done much in my life, but then I think about the things I've done, and the friends I've made, and I realize it has been quite the ride.

And there is so much more I want to do.

As I get older, I think more about the things I want to do with my art, and realize the long road ahead. 2013 has been kind of a slow year for comic stuff, I admit, and my intent was to really pick up the slack this year. I do, however, have the next week off from work, which I plan on getting a lot of things done, and there are already a number of things nearing completion.

I really want to get back on top of things now. Stay tuned, everyone.
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Ok so....this is probably going to be a fairly long entry, so here goes;

This largely concerns Verboten as a comic, as well as a number of other personal things I am involved in, art-wise. First off: I'm really sorry for the severe lack of updates as of the last....six months or so. I hate to constantly cite "real life" as cause for lack of updates, but things just kind of grinded to a halt since October or so. At that point in time, work slowed down, and I was in jeopardy of being laid off--or losing my job entirely, if things continued to get worse. September and October were slow months IRL and art wise. While work was slowing, I was looking for other avenues of work, which is why comic work slowed at that time.

Then in October, they ended up laying off a bunch of people, and while I wasn't one of them, I got demoted to a crappier job that I didn't particularly like, but it was still a paycheck.

Then, a couple weeks later (Mid-November) my car broke down. I didn't really have the money to fix it, so I had to wait a couple weeks until I could put the money together. So, I finally got it the money and took the car in to get it fixed, and I thought I was ready to go.

A week later it died again. It wasn't as much to fix this time, but it was still a lot. But surely, THIS time things would be fine, right?

A week later, we had a bad snowstorm, and needed new tires. I had been putting it off for months, but with icy, snowy roads, I NEEDED new tires.

All in all, in less than a month's time I had put almost $2000 into this car. A car which I had BOUGHT for $2000 in June.

So then January rolls around, and things looked better, but work picked up so much that we were constantly working overtime. This was great to replentish that money I spent on the car, but it was eating literally ALL of my free time. I think in January I had three days off the entire month. It was largely the same with February. Plus with all of this crap happening, my motivation was just being sapped away by all this mental and physical wear and I just had no desire to really work on things with all this going on.

What's more, I've never really felt Verboten was up the level I expected it to be at. Some times I was really proud of the pages and the way things were going, but I always felt like I could be doing better. And during those times I was busy or just exhausted, I felt the comic really suffered.

Also, while I really like the my initial approach of having all these "prequel" chapters to introduce the main characters, I feel like their purpose never really got off the ground. My intent was always to get several chapters out, and have these prequel chapters be sort of  "practice" chapters to sharpen the art, storytelling, etc, and accumulate fans and feedback on what people liked, and what they didn't like so I could further polish things....This....never really came to fruition. Instead, people largely have found the chapters to be kind of jumbled, and people didn't seem to really like the disjointed nature of the story telling (as in, each chapter jumping from character to character, and none of the chapters really continuing where the previous one left off.)

So....I've been slowly working on what I consider to be the "bridge" chapter, between the prequel/backstory chapters, and the main comic. I've gotten a few pages done, and I've decided to start posting them as-is, so I can jump start the main comic, and will now have the chapters each leading into on another without weird jumps from one time period to another, and one character to another. The current running chapter (Chapter -004) will be be worked on concurrently with the "bridge" chapter (Chapter 000).

So, that is to say that there are exciting times ahead for Verboten! This is the story as I have always meant for it to be told. Chapter 0 is one that I did originally intend to be a prequel chapter, but I feel that it is necessary to the story, so it will be included as the first chapter of the main comic.

There are also plenty of other Verboten (and other comic) related projects in the future. Chapters -4, and 0 are being worked on concurrently as I mentioned, and I am trying to plan out more Verboten stuff ahead of time. I also have other comics that have been on the backburner for far too long that I would like to get working on.

Along with all of this, my friends and I who host the site www.zibaricon.org are going to be reworking much of the site in order to generate more interest and traffic. We've got a lot of great fans as it is, but the more the merrier! If you've come to the site in the past, I encourage you all to come back, as the site has been updating more frequently, and we have some really big plans for upcoming projects and want to include the fans in the fun! If you've never been to Zibaricon, you should come over!  Not only is Verboten hosted there, but we've got a number of other comics, projects, and fun things by some of my friends and myself.

So, stay tuned here at DA, and on Zibaricon for lots of cool upcoming stuff! 2013 is going to be a great year!
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So I figured that since everyone made a "Merry Christmas" journal, I would too, so, Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays/Whatever your celebrated holiday of choice is! Had a great holiday myself, and looking forward to the New Year. I'll make another journal in the coming weeks, but there is a lot of new comic related stuff coming up soon!

Once again, Happy Holidays, and see you all in 2013!
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So, I recently rotated my banners and stuff on some of the sites I host Verboten on. Smackjeeves is one of those sites. The updated banner is a smaller, cut up version of this: fav.me/d4txzrf (Its the Ulysses pic I uploaded not long ago with the heavy black/white contrast). The next day, I went to check my profile out, and noticed that I jumped from from about 50 fans to near 70. I was shocked that so many people started following the comic in such a short time (I usually average like, two new fans a month, if that) and initially attributed it to the new banner.

Then I looked, and realized that Verboten had been spotlighted. Not really a huge deal I guess, since SJ rotates their spotlighted comics with fair frequency and spotlights multiple comics at once, but the other two major comics hosted on Zibaricon (A Loonatics Tale [Rebecca Burg and Rick Fortner] and Strangers and friends [Rebecca Burgess]) had been spotlighted before, so its cool to finally join that rank, I suppose. And having a well of new readers is always nice.
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