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Verboten Extra Chapter Page 3

By HolyLancer9
Urgh....sorry for the long delay.

The truth of the matter is, I've got several pages for this chapter done, and all I really needed to do was go about toning them.

However, I can't ever get toning to look how I want it....Up until the last handful of pages, I was basically just pasting sheets of tones on layers behind the lineart, and then removing the excess, in Paintshop Pro. It was time consuming, and the results were less than desirable. Plus, when I resized, the the detailing in the tone was basically totally lost.

Then I got MangaStudio, and I figured it would be a lot easier. Either I am a complete idiot, or it is just harder to use than I thought it would be, because I just can't figure out how to make anything look how I want it to.

So, I've decided to return to experimenting with copics. I've always loved copics for toning and stuff, but it is always a battle trying to get them to show up properly after you scan the page.

This is also the second page that I did back in like, 2010 or whatever, so I was just kind of messing around to get the right tones with the copics on this one. I think from the next page onward they look a lot better, but I guess this is just kind of the beginning of another experimental phase.

What do you guys think?
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I like it ALOT, but I'm a big fan of traditional medium being used in comics so I'm maybe a bit biased :P
I assume you managed to get over the problem of the tones showing up okay when scanned in? It looks very clear and detailed with alot of different tones, looks very nice! I never thought about this before either, but I think I prefer the contrast in gentle tone with your bold inking over how strong screen tone looks. And uh I agree, I dont understand manga studio at all, it seems very complicated ^^; I think the reason its popular is because you can do everything in one place without having to switch between various programs, I think!
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I like traditional more than digital too. I've actually always wanted to incorporate Copics (or even just a sort of tonal wash) into the comic. But I guess even though I like traditional, physical media, I kind of wanted the comic to have that sort of "traditional manga" look to it that actual screentones give.

With a little bit of tweaking, I think this could look really, really good though. Of course, since this is kind of an old-west inspired chapter, the grainy, grey-ish look seems really fitting. As for the whole scanning issue....well, I don't know how much you know about the copics, but the tonal ones I am using have 10 different shades (0 through 9) 0 basically doesn't even show up, 1 barely shows up, and anything from like 6 or 7 on up just pretty much turns up almost completely black.

So, it is really just finding the balance between 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and some use of 6, I suppose.