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Verboten Extra Chapter Page 1

By HolyLancer9

Ok so....there's a lot to say about this upcoming chapter of Verboten.

First off, I've basically decided to stop doing the "prequel" chapters (which is what the first four chapters have been) and have decided to move on to what I consider to be the actual, main Verboten comic.

However...This chapter that I will be posting is actually an extra chapter. To best describe it, it is a remake of a short comic I did back in like, 2008 (or thereabouts). I liked the idea behind it, but hated the way the original turned out, and always wanted to remake it because it was short and sweet, and I figured it would be easy to remake.

I started the remake back in 2010 (right around the time I started chapter -001) but after re-doing just 2 pages, I set it to the side and decided to finish it later.

Toward the end of last year, the two pages I had done resurfaced, and I decided to continue it as a sort of "bonus chapter." This isn't really in cannon with the story (and it is definitely not a prequel...if anything, it takes place after the "main" Verboten comic) but I wanted to finish it and post it as a sort of neat curiosity piece.

The actual chapter, however, will start in mid-February. This is the title page, which I figured I'd post early as a sort of teaser.

I hope you guys enjoy!
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Awesome! I can't wait. I love it when little side projects keep resurfacing and getting better and better.
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Cool, looking forward to it!