D2R: The Acts Resurrected, Act One - Part One

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The First Mega-Batch of 2022!

The Acts Resurrected Act One Part One Cover

Gallery: The Acts: Resurrected - Act I

I have been wanting to post these for months but I couldn't either find the right time or work kept me so busy and life just happened. Sorry abut that. This will undoubtedly be the first of A LOT of these throughout the year.

As with all of these mega-batches I hope you like some of them. I've tried to pick and choose some of the best scenes in these cinematics for each act. But there are so many so I just went crazy.

And thanks to some font analyzing websites I found the original font for the text that flashes on the screen for each "Act I/Act 2/etc at the beginning of each act cinematic. The font is Galahad by the way!

Enjoy everyone.

See you next time!


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