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Sanctuary by Holyknight3000 Sanctuary by Holyknight3000
Originally posted on August 3rd 2009 [link]

Moved to the main wallpaper gallery by Admin Flux after wondering why my experiment wasn't added to the gallery and recognized here on's Weekly Wallpaper #48 post [link]

My first step into creating something different. I was worried how it would have been taken with all the hate for my wallpaper art at the time. I had originally posted this wallpaper in my own gallery for those who follow me could see it. I was too worried how much more hate i was going to get for this image. It was an experiment after all.

Though i was worried; later after it was recognized the exact opposite reaction happened. People loved it. It was my first wallpaper in over a year that I made something completely different than burning runes.

The symbol on the world map of Sanctuary for Diablo III was build from scratch using CPT 8. It was drawn at over 9000x9000 in size. I wanted this design to be clear. I was going to originally use it for my Concept Line Art wallpaper series, since black and white line art doesn't get the love it deserves. But i threw this design on the top of the map and did some fun tinkering.

The results you see is a wallpaper that I just relaxed, taking it easy, and having fun with my artwork again. Also the symbols name was called Des Systema Solaris. An idea based off the Des Systema Alchemy from the d3 logo.

Sizes and further commentary in the first link above. Please enjoy!

Original Artwork (C) Blizzard
Des Systema Solaris design by me
Using CPT 8, Eyecandy 4000, and CS3
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October 17, 2009
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