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Diablo IV #18: The Necromancer II by Holyknight3000, visual art


Mortal Tyrael by Holyknight3000, visual art


Diablo II - Ladder Season I by Holyknight3000, visual art

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Diablo Immortal 2022 #4: Chieftain Ongori by Holyknight3000, visual art

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Favorite Genre of Music: EDM / Rock / Alternative

Favorite Style of Art: Fantasy / Sci-Fi / Anime

Operating System: Windows 10

Wallpaper of Choice: Diablo Series / Destiny 2

Favorite Cartoon Character: Luffy

Favorite Video Game Character: Sonic the Hedgehog

Favorite Video Games: Diablo II, Chrono Cross, Final Fantasy VII & X, Diablo III, Destiny 2 & WoW.

Personal Quote: "You're always ten feet away from what your lookin' for."

Personal Quote#2: "It just adds character!" (When something gets damaged)

diablowiki.net: Holyknight3000

Kanai's Cube: A Tribute
Kanai's Cube: A Tribute II

Favourite Visual Artist
Brom / Samwise / Shiramune / Softshack / Mr--Jack / Wei Wang
Favourite Movies
The Fifth Element / Avatar / Tron Legacy / Sonic the Hedgehog
Favourite TV Shows
Legend of Korra & Avatar / Naruto / One Piece / Bleach / & More
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Linkin Park / Mike Shinoda / Jars of Clay / Avicii
Favourite Books
Congo / The Hobbit / Lord of the Rings / Diablo Series of Books
Favourite Writers
Michael Crichton / Gary Paulsen / Richard A. Knaak
Favourite Games
Destiny 2 / World of WarCraft / Diablo 2 & Diablo 3 / Minecraft / Overwatch / Halo
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade
Adobe Photoshop CS3 / Corel Photo-Paint 8 & 10
Other Interests
Graphics Art / Video Games / Web-Design / Gaming
The First Mega-Batch of 2022! Gallery: The Acts: Resurrected - Act I I have been wanting to post these for months but I couldn't either find the right time or work kept me so busy and life just happened. Sorry abut that. This will undoubtedly be the first of A LOT of these throughout the year. As with all of these mega-batches I hope you like some of them. I've tried to pick and choose some of the best scenes in these cinematics for each act. But there are so many so I just went crazy. And thanks to some font analyzing websites I found the original font for the text that flashes on the screen for each "Act I/Act 2/etc at the beginning of each act cinematic. The font is Galahad by the way! Enjoy everyone. See you next time! HK
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This was a journey for me. I wanted to make a meaningful update to my personal favorite wallpaper that I have ever made since starting back in 2008. Remembering and Honoring Kevin Kanai Griffith and his work was important to me and to Blizzard for the works he did with them and the people he met and knew inside and out. I always wanted to make some variant of the podium that the cube floats on. I had an idea in my head for years. Last May I finally started to work on it. I dug up the original textures I had used that the cube floated on and started forming a base. I started doing angles and lines from by eye and just started going crazy. I first started with a diamond to keep the 45 degree angle intact. Then I realized I needed to make the angle match more with the cube itself so I also made the angle above more steep. From there I started cutting parts of the podium shape to make it look nice. A weird multi faceted corner setup that I thought looked cool and ran with it. I wanted
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Today I decided to unload the last of Diablo IV's The Rogue Reveal Trailer Wallpapers & that makes this the final mega-batch of 2021 and hopefully for awhile. Sorry for the spam and please enjoy. HK Diablo IV, The Rogue (C) Blizzard Wallpapers Arranged by Me
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Animation Collection

--==++~~ Animated Gif Collection ~~++==--

Fiery Runes II Series - Phases of the Runes
Soon this way comes.. Micro Version
From Essence to Hellfyre - Animation (2021 - 2022)

Hellfyre Reveal 2022

...something stirs

It has been said,

Somethings off with Essence...

...that in the end of all things,

"What's wrong with the essence?!"

"Why is it starting to glow like that?"

"Where is that coming from?!"

"Wait what's that!"

"Why is it Burning?!"

"Looks like an Omen..."

"...of things to come!"


The smoke is clearing ...the essence is fading.

...we would find a new beginning...

"The fires burn; the runes glow red hot..."

...a new beginning in HELLFYRE.

"Let the burning begin!"

Soon this way comes..
Nameplate Fiery Runes II Series IV: Hellfyre V5
The Changes: The Fiery Runes Saga
From Essence to Hellfyre - Animation (2021 - 2022)

_________________________________________________________ -------Epilogue------ -+~+-

Something stirred in the darkness. When the essence was glowing and radiating it's necromantic power. A slow heat began to build. At first the essence was fine, and then started to fade and burn to black. Shortly there-after a red glow started to faintly show as the essence burned away in a tealesque gray mist. Eventually the Essence Runes faded away and the husk of those runes began to glow a deep radiating intense red glow as the edges of the runes began to glow a brighter smoldering red as well.

Their smell began to smell that of Brimstone. They would eventually just pulse this heat and began to give off a feeling of where this fire, and this heat came from. It was from the fires of hell itself. Thus we dubbed them Hellfyre. Much like Soulfyre was written as thus to Hellfyre was as well. One day these runes will fade away forever. But until then we will use their power as we see fit...

-+~+- -------Endings-------

Aaron Williams

Holyknight3000 the Runeweaver

December 24th 2001 - January 17th 2022

.For Mom


My Rock I will always Love You Momma

Rest In Peace

Karen Manges-Williams

1948 - 2021

Mother, Grandmother, and Great Grandmother;

Prayer Warrior; Veil

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where do I buy the Merch?!

I know for deviantART there's a button that says buy from $4.79 just below the image.

And there's also https://www.deviantart.com/holyknight3000/shop/prints