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The Castle of Forever - part 2

The Dragons of Minth any years ago, in a land known as Minth, two dragons were born. The brothers, known as Krontak and Meelkurge, passed the time flying over the land and playing in the heavens. They were content in their dragon lives with their dragon games and their dragon lair. All was well throughout the world. As time passed and the brothers grew older and wiser, they began to become bored with their meager and uneventful existence. They had no friends and were growing weary of each other's company. The lair was becoming too small for the two of them and they began to quarrel more and more frequently. The intensity of their distaste for each other grew with each passing day and, soon, they were constantly battling each other for space. Their battles were devastating the land. Sometimes, they would burn entire forests in a single breath of fire. Many died at the hands of the brothers. If you were unlucky enough to be in their path during one of their episodes, you'd been burned beyond recognition. None of this phased Krontak or Meelkurge one bit. Each was focused on winning the domain of Minth for himself and neither were concerned with humans in the least. In their minds, humans were merely insects that got in the way and were expendable. One day, Krontak was out plotting his next attack on Meelkurge when he came across a shepherd tending to his flock of sheep. Krontak decided to have a little fun with the shepherd. He buzzed the flock and seared one of the animal's woolen coats in an odd geometric shape. It wasn't enough to hurt the animal, but it frightened the flock so terribly that they were on the verge of stampede. Krontak took great delight in this reaction and decided to try something a little different just to see what would happen. He buzzed the flock again and this time, he didn't hold back the fury of his flame. The sheep with the spear head seared into its coat, burst into flames. The flock went mad and ran in a frenzy to escape the flames of Krontak. The shepherd stood helplessly in the field weeping. He'd lost one of his beautiful sheep as well as control of his flock and there was nothing he could do. Not once, did he consider his own life and Krontak sensed it. He turned his attention toward the poor shepherd. Krontak flew as high up as he could until he became a mere speck among the clouds. He knew this would fool the shepherd into thinking he'd gone away and it did. Still weeping but regaining a bit of his composure, the shepherd tried to regain control of his flock. He herded them together and pointed them to the west instead of the northerly direction they'd been heading. There was a valley just ahead where they could seek shelter in case the dragon returned. Krontak laughed to himself as he soared to the heavens. He was having a great deal of fun and all thoughts of his conflicts with Meelkurge were forgotten. He spread his massive wings and turned in preparation for a dive back to earth. He flattened his wings against his body and dove straight down. He saw the earth approaching rapidly beneath him as he gained speed. Soon, the shepherd and his flock came into view. Dragons have excellent vision at a distance so he was able to pin point his targets from a great distance. The shepherd heard the swell of wind flying over Krontak's back and tried to hurry the flock toward the valley. They weren't going to make it in time. The shepherd looked up to seeing Krontak diving straight for them. It was the last thing he ever saw. A moment later, the searing hot breath of the dragon destroyed the shepherd and his entire flock. They were reduced to smoldering ashes in mere seconds. Krontak turned and headed back to his lair with a feeling of satisfaction that he hadn't know before. He would have to recount this story to Meelkurge. Surely, his brother would enjoy the tale and see the usefulness of this newfound method of gratification. Meelkurge lounged in the lair and wondered where his brother was. He'd been gone an unusually long time and Meelkurge was beginning to think that something bad had happened to him. Despite their differences, Meelkurge had no desire to lose his brother and hoped that he would return soon. The lair was empty and barren. There were no trinkets or treasures that dragons usually hoard. It annoyed Meelkurge and he decided he should discuss it with Krontak. They needed to do something about this. Suddenly, Krontak returned with a flurry and interrupted Meelkurge's thoughts. Krontak recounted his tale and Meelkurge listened intently. Things were falling into place. They would rule the land bringing death to all who opposed them. They would have all the riches for themselves and would be the dragons they should have always been. They roamed the lands, far and wide, bringing destruction to all who crossed their paths. They pillaged and collected all the jewels and gold that they could. They became the most powerful dragons who ever lived. This was not enough for the brothers, however. They just never seemed to be satisfied with what they had and always lusted for more possessions and more power. They decided to take the Castle of Forever. If they controlled XarX's ancient stronghold, they could rule the world. They set about uniting all the dragons for they knew they would need the combined strength to defeat Isis Reen and the mortals who vowed to protect the Castle. Once all the dragons had met and designed the plan of attack, they all headed for the Castle ready for battle. The results were devastating and they almost destroyed the Castle trying to gain control of it, but Isis Reen and the mortals managed to retain control. In the end, the dragons were destroyed and their skeletons were left near the Castle as a reminder to all of what would befall those who considered making an attempt to use the Castle for evil and selfish purposes. Obliosch n this Castle Of Forever, it is truly my only sanctuary from those who hate me and it hides me from my own horrid, bitter truth. So many years ago, I was born into a family of riches, of high nobility. I was born into the house of Obliosch, one of a very few families that held high respect. Obviously, you would think it would be hard to pinpoint us for conversation, but whoever wanted to speak to us, they would figure out on appearance alone. Back then, as I was at a very young and tender age, my father taught me the use of a blade. I was so fast to learn it, my father was verily impressed. Later in my years, I would defeat him so easily I assumed that he was allowing me to defeat him so that I would grow more confident and excel that much more and become a very skilled warrior. As I grew in my years, I found out a crossroads was coming soon for me; one that would ultimately alter my destination in life. For in the house of Obliosch, I had a brother. Few years younger then I but he was nearly as good as I was with blades. The time came, as I knew it would, that my father wanted me and my brother to test our skills in swordsmanship. I felt a little discontentment with this but did not say anything as to displease my father. There I was, in the courtroom, with my brother. He and I facing each other, hoping to defeat the other. As he and I fought, both of us fought gracefully until a very defining moment came up. It came so fast, I was unable to defend against it. I would assume that my brother saw my father’s approving look at me and then acted in anger. He cut a large gash into the right side of my face, over my eye; I was now blind in that eye. I dropped my blade and fell to my knees. Through blood and sweat, I saw my father walk up to my brother to congratulate him on his victory. I felt ashamed at letting my brother do this and attempted to stand upright. My father sneered down, pointing his blade at me, “Do not bother to stand up, you pitiful excuse for a son. I would have expected you to defeat your brother but it appears that he is the finer swordsman. And now that you are scarred, you are a disgrace to the name of Obliosch. Guards, throw out this pathetic excuse for a being.” Even though I could only see with one eye, I ran out of the castle as fast as I could. Where I ended up, I do not know, for I was too caught up in the thought that my father no longer cared for or loved me. Wrought in humiliation and disappointment, I would return to my bitter reality a short time later. It was then I realised that I was in front of a house of sorts. I traced my memories and found no recollection of traveling to this place. I put my hand to my face, and felt something soft and wet on it; I felt sleep creeping in on me and did not try to stop it--all went black. My eye opened to reveal a peasant , or what seemed like a peasant in front of me at the time. I asked, “Who are you?” The lowly peasant answered, “I found you outside, unconscious. I brought you in to tend to your wounds and, but found I was unable to. Therefore, I grafted a mask onto your face. If your wounds ever heal, the mask will protect it until then.” I, trembling and unsteady, attempted to stand, the peasant helping me to a mirror. The handsome man I thought I was , was now a shadow of his former self; but the mask itself seemed to give me a sort of new identity. The peasant saw my facial response and shuttered in fear, “I would like for you to leave.” I, disheartened at yet another seemingly caring person rejecting me, looked back at her for a moment, and left. For the next few nights, I wandered through the Inek Forest, wondering what I should do with my existence. A buzzing sound came to my ears and I calculated it to be a distance away. I heard it again and it seemed no more than a moment away. The very last thing I felt was disorientation as a white blinding light encompassed me, and I saw my world disappear. When I awoke, I did not know how much time had passed. I was lain by a body of water; I sat up and saw a sky such as I had never seen before. I stood up and in the distance I saw a great structure. The sound returned, this time to my right, and now I attempted to ask, “What are you?” but nothing came out. I again attempted to speak, but with the same result. I was then filled with an aura of assurance, telling me that this amazing structure could help, so I followed the sound. Having arrived at the structure, I was about to press my hand at the gates, but before my hand could touch them, they opened. Again I felt this assurance, only this time much stronger. It pulled me to the center of this structure. I walked up to the great big door of what seemed like a palace. As I placed both feet in front of the door, I felt the palace talking to me. I knelt down on both of my knees. “Ye born of the family Obliosch, have come to the castle in search of a sanctuary. It shall become that, but you will have to complete one single task: Go back and make wrong things right. Then you will be safe in the stronghold of this once great place. I do sense the scales of power are not equal, so you shall receive a holy blade forged by the immortal Goddess and thrown down to the this world from the Red Star as an aid to you, that you may be victorious and begin your reign as Immortal to the castle.” At that moment the sky split asunder, and a blade of power fell, impaling itself in the soil. As I took it in my hands, I felt a surge of power unlike anything I had felt before. A small portion of my mask opened up, the portion over my right eye; I was no longer blind in that eye. I then felt two identities within me: one felt the rage from being rejected; the other, a feeling of tranquility as I hoped I would feel in the castle. I held the blade up to the sky and I felt as if I was moved somewhere in time. I woke in the forest of Inek, the blade lay at my side, and from the trees I knew that I was close to The House of Obliosch, and to that of the peasant. I decided to make peace and wished for this peasant to help me again. As I was to find out a few, this was not to happen. I passed behind a great oak, and was blasted by a great heat and crackling noises. Shielding myself behind the oak, I glanced at the inferno, and saw the worst had happened, the peasant’s home had been incinerated. I mustered the courage to examined the smouldering ruins for any signs of the peasant who once helped me. I was about to give up, when I heard a small moan. I followed it, to discover the peasant was fatally wounded, impaled by a fallen wooden beam, with blood flowing from her chest. She was attempting to speak, as I looked for anything to stop up the blood, anything to attempt to heal her wound. She reached out, and felt the mask that she placed on me, “Ggooo.....to.....” blood choked her words, “.....monks of silence....” I was unable to make out her final words as the blood filled her longues and the loud noise ran over me once more. I felt immediate pain, as sharp objects were thrown in my back, and threatening and laughing voices followed. I felt the spears that had come out of the front of my body, I fell to my side, believing I breathed my last breathe. I woke and found that the spears were still stuck in me. I attempted to remove them, but found that it was much too painful, so I decided I was better off just leaving them in me. Remembering that the girl had mentioned something about Monks Of Silence, I felt as though I should seek them out, but I had never heard of them before, I did not know where to even begin my search. The sound flushed over me, and I could feel the sword calling out to me, I rose the word in both hands, and could feel a force from it tugging at me, leading the way. I walked for hours until I came upon a small village, I came upon a great temple with stairs leading up to the entrance, so I slowly began my ascent. I found myself weak and out of breath as I reached the top. As I was to collapse into total exhaustion, I noticed men walking my way. I woke up a few hours later, feeling very energized. I sat up and felt the spears still in me. A monk came to me and wiped off my forehead . He put the rag down on the side and brought me rice and water. I noticed my sword was nowhere to be seen, I was curious where I was. The monk felt this and led me to their main hall. I saw dozens of monks meditating on the floor. The monk motioned for me to sit down and I did. It seemed as if the monk was speaking to me in my mind and I did what he told me. As I reached a very calm plane, I found that these monks had learned the art of telepathy and they told me I would soon too. For the next few weeks, I had found myself a new home and was very content...until... Several months later, a short time before I would wake up that morning, I encountered a dream. I was hovering in the sky above a Castle. On my right I saw an army advancing towards the Castle. On the left, I saw a young person in armor, ready to defend it. This young person ran forward screaming towards the army. As he was about to hit someone from the army, I awoke, a cold sweat dripping from my body. I ran to the main hall and sat down, within a few minutes, I was on the calm plane again and brought up that dream in my mind. As I questioned it, the truth came to me. This was to happen and that the young person would need me. I ended my meditation and walked up to one of the monks. They gave me a look of understanding and motioned for me to go. It was then that I remembered my blade and an image bolted into my mind that told me it was waiting for me at the entrance. I when I arrived, saw it lying on a table. I grabbed it and heard a voice. “Now is the time, Obliosch. This will be a very dark hour, come many possibilities, but few will leave you without pain. This is your destiny. Point the sword towards the heavens!” Before I could do as the voice said, a monk came up beside me and handed me a black rosary of beads. He told me that the beads would bring me luck in my darkest hour. I took them from him and thanked him. I then did as the voice said and found myself back in the Inek forest again. I hurried towards the Castle and, in what felt like moments, I was at the gates. As I walked forwards, the door opened, as I walked in, I saw someone with a long mane of brunette hair. The figure, placing a helmet upon its head, turned around and revealed themself to be a young woman. ”I saw you in my dreams, Obliosch, and I saw them coming too. Somehow, they found out about you but I’m not willing to let you fight this alone. I am Isis Reen, protector of this Castle, and you shall become one too when this evil we are to face is defeated--May we receive the gift of victory.” I felt images and words coming from somewhere, I concentrated on this alone and saw that it was from the general of the army, but I was not powerful enough at that moment to receive it clearly. As Isis Reen walked past me toward the door, and it magically swung open, I knew it was time, and I followed her outside. Within a few minutes, we reached the outside of the Castle’s walls. She unsheathed her sword and I positioned myself in a samurai warrior stance. It only felt like mere seconds but the enemy was upon us and I saw Isis take down a few dozen soldiers in the matter of a few moments. I then took down a few; I soon lost count of kills and where I was as I vanquished soldier after soldier. I heard someone shout, “Obliosch.” I turned, and saw the general place his sword against Isis’ throat--I froze. “Obliosch, surrender or she will die.” As the general was about to end the life of Isis Reen, I attempted to yell, but instead of my voice calling out, one of the spears within me launched itself at him. It’s destination was his heart and it rang true, in an instant, he was dead. After this had happened, a thought came to me. How did he know my name? "Brother." I knew that voice and quickly looked to my left. Standing ten feet away was my brother. "What are you doing here?" "Go look at the general, look at his face." I went over to the general and took off his mask. Blood rushed to my head and hands when I discovered I had just killed my father. "After I defeated you in combat and you managed to run away, I made sure I was beside him all the time so I could strongly influence his decisions, father listened to all I said. One day, I asked when it would be my time to rule. He told me that you were the rightful heir to the throne, even though he disowned you. All it took was enough convincing on his behalf and he was ready to kill you. Now that you've killed father, not only will I rule the house, but if you EVER come back, you will die by my hands." It was then that my rage filled self took control. I ran towards him, the voice called to me, "Obliosch, don't!" but I was so torn with emotion that I did not hear it. My defining moment came upon me again. He attempted his move from last time, but instead I quickly moved out of the way and beheaded him. As my compassionate self returned, I was unable to comprehend what had just happened. I had killed my brother and father. I reached down into my soul for something, but I could not find it. Isis came to my side. A short time later, we arrived at the castle. As we entered, the Castle read of my wish to be held somewhere in some sort of imprisonment until someone with vibrant knowledge could bring me out of my despair and hopelessness. As you read this, I know most will ask, couldn't Isis have helped with that? Alas, she tried but to no avail. She did promise me protection and sanctuary. For now and forever, I wait for the day when we all will live happy and prosperous lives.


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