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Fae's Fox Mask by HolyCross9 Fae's Fox Mask :iconholycross9:HolyCross9 5 4 Rusty cross by HolyCross9 Rusty cross :iconholycross9:HolyCross9 6 5 Tribute Eagle by HolyCross9 Tribute Eagle :iconholycross9:HolyCross9 8 2
The Bridge, 'No Dough, Boys'
A The Bridge adaption of No Dough, Boys from the Three Stooges.
Notice: All characters are anthromorphed for this special fanfic.
GODZILLA JR. (aka Junior) - Moe
RODAN - Larry
FLIM FLIM FLAM - Photographer
DONUT JOE - Waiter
BLADE DANCER - Celia Zweiback
LYRA HEARTSTRINGS - Amelia Schwartzbrot
COLGATE - Theilia Pumpernickle
[ The short opens on the Stooges posing for a commercial photo. They are dressed up as Japanese soldiers, wearing heavy eye make-up and fake buck teeth. They crouch down on the ground holding their arms up in surrender as an American soldier raises a bayonet towards them. A photographer is standing behind a camera. ]
FLIM FLIM FLAM: Hold it...still! [ flashes camera ] Okay, boys, get ready for the next one.
[ The Stooges stand up from the ground. Curly reaches down the ground for hi
:iconholycross9:HolyCross9 5 18
Rosado by HolyCross9 Rosado :iconholycross9:HolyCross9 15 20 Black Screen Protest by HolyCross9 Black Screen Protest :iconholycross9:HolyCross9 5 18 Blue's Shining Star by HolyCross9 Blue's Shining Star :iconholycross9:HolyCross9 7 8 Spouse Stars 1 by HolyCross9 Spouse Stars 1 :iconholycross9:HolyCross9 6 2 Badge of Appreciation by HolyCross9 Badge of Appreciation :iconholycross9:HolyCross9 5 4 My Top 5 meme by HolyCross9 My Top 5 meme :iconholycross9:HolyCross9 3 21
Silent Knight
Brave, strong, courageous,
Dedicated husband and,
Loyal to a fault
:iconholycross9:HolyCross9 3 0
Anti-WSJ by HolyCross9 Anti-WSJ :iconholycross9:HolyCross9 11 16 Russian Lily by HolyCross9 Russian Lily :iconholycross9:HolyCross9 7 2 Dao Chang by HolyCross9 Dao Chang :iconholycross9:HolyCross9 9 10
Visits From a Queen: Pt. 2
        "And that's what basically happened," said Vixen, finishing her long explanation. In the living room she sat next to her mate, Zheek, on the floor with their guests seated on the furniture: Sable and Viola sharing a couch together, Araceli and Luna in another, and Ivory situated on a cushy chair. Needless to say, Sable, Viola, and Ivory were surprisingly amazed and touched with what Vixen told them regarding Araceli and Luna's visit. There was a brief moment of silence throughout the living room as no one spoke.
        "Well, I must admit," said Sable breaking the silence. "This was something that some of us did not expect. Still, I am truly glad that you and Luna managed to attain closure over your father, Araceli."
        "Thank you, Sable," replied Araceli, who suddenly noticed Sable's expression sadden. "Is something wrong?"
        "I have a confession, Arac
:iconholycross9:HolyCross9 2 36
Restored Hetch Hetchy Valley by HolyCross9 Restored Hetch Hetchy Valley :iconholycross9:HolyCross9 9 2


A Dragon's Horizon by red-dragon-x7 A Dragon's Horizon :iconred-dragon-x7:red-dragon-x7 4 2 Panic Attack by Sinaherib
Mature content
Panic Attack :iconsinaherib:Sinaherib 69 32
War-Torn by FoxDragonLover War-Torn :iconfoxdragonlover:FoxDragonLover 27 8 Best Friends to Worst enemies by Marksman104 Best Friends to Worst enemies :iconmarksman104:Marksman104 5 6 Sith lord Uma Dralda by 6liza6 Sith lord Uma Dralda :icon6liza6:6liza6 4 1 Sailor Celestia - Praise the sun!!! by Shinta-Girl Sailor Celestia - Praise the sun!!! :iconshinta-girl:Shinta-Girl 259 64 Warrior Celestia - Praise the sun!!! by Shinta-Girl Warrior Celestia - Praise the sun!!! :iconshinta-girl:Shinta-Girl 213 37 Icka'brod by Faith-Wolff Icka'brod :iconfaith-wolff:Faith-Wolff 205 64 Tyris is trapped! by LinART Tyris is trapped! :iconlinart:LinART 141 4 Galgameth by Pyrus-Leonidas Galgameth :iconpyrus-leonidas:Pyrus-Leonidas 95 79 Miki Saegusa: Hello there by redrangerki Miki Saegusa: Hello there :iconredrangerki:redrangerki 26 5 TNB: Ch. 1-New Life- pg 30 by herkidpatrol TNB: Ch. 1-New Life- pg 30 :iconherkidpatrol:herkidpatrol 52 13 After A Hard Days Work... by Art-of-Matthew After A Hard Days Work... :iconart-of-matthew:Art-of-Matthew 42 4


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United States
NAME: Ryan
AGE: 24
BIRTHDAY: May 18, 1988

I have mild autism, ADHD, and Asperger's Syndrome, in addition to having the audacity to admit it:-).
I hate no one (because God would not want me to.)
I do not fear death(because God sent his son to save the world)
I am not going to run from pain(For the lord is my rock in times of trouble)

SpyroXCynder forever
FlameXEmber forever

I'm the owner of the Rocky and Bullwinkle Club, here: :iconrockynbullwinkleclub:
________________________________________ ___,d88`******__________________
________________________________________ _,d88`*********_________________


Favourite cartoon character: SpyroxCynder, BaltoxJenna, BambixFaline, FlamexEmber, etc.
Greetings, faithful watchers. I would like to announce that a dear friend of mine, :iconfoxdragonlover:, has opened her commissions up and they've been open for some time.  If you're seeking commissions, please go seek her out, trust me, her art's very excellent and exquisite.



FlutterMac: Nothing Else Matters Color by NurseTenderheart FlutterMac: Nothing Else Matters Color :iconnursetenderheart:NurseTenderheart 137 14 Lacey Highwater by Spidersaiyan Lacey Highwater :iconspidersaiyan:Spidersaiyan 1,609 506 Nuzzle by small-purple-dragon Nuzzle :iconsmall-purple-dragon:small-purple-dragon 63 100 Spyro and Cynder: Vacation by NewLegend1 Spyro and Cynder: Vacation :iconnewlegend1:NewLegend1 22 18 Spyro and Cynder Sunset by Insaneus Spyro and Cynder Sunset :iconinsaneus:Insaneus 183 35 Ahsoka in winter coat by RaikohIllust Ahsoka in winter coat :iconraikohillust:RaikohIllust 1,003 121 Un Templo by Machiavello Un Templo :iconmachiavello:Machiavello 35 282 Disenchant by RollerGalVal Disenchant :iconrollergalval:RollerGalVal 73 24

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Nuwer-Designs Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Student Traditional Artist
Thanks very much for faving my work!
Spy91 Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2018  Student Digital Artist
Thanks for the collection and happ thanksgiving bud
HolyCross9 Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2018
Same to you and you're most welcome.
BDKamerra Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2018  New Deviant Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for the watch!
HolyCross9 Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2018
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Ddraigtanto Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2018  Professional Writer
Hello, I've been having a chat with a friend of mine, :iconamcalmaron:, about some lore aspects of a Spyro AU I've been working on for a while. I'm not sure if you follow my work, but it's basically Earth, a version of Earth where dragons exist on Earth, have always existed on Earth, and their existence inevitably transforms history. I'll just link a map of what the world looks like in the modern day in such a world (originally made by Almaron, but tweaked into this rough draft by myself):
Currentavalarmap By Amcalmaron-dbte5ku by Ddraigtanto

So yeah, this is the world, with a few of the significant draconic nations labeled on it for context. The TLoS series happens in this world, between the years 0f 1990 (when Spyro and Cynder were born) and 2007 (when the events of DotD take place). The events of what the world calls the Malefor Wars devastated most of the planet, and it was in these conditions where Avalar was able to rise to a major superpower around 2013/2014, before reformed into an Imperial Federation, coupling a federal republic sharing power with a politically active, but constitutionally bound aristocracy under the Avalarian Empress, the Executive and the leader of the Avalarian Upper House, and the elected High Chancellor, who serves as the leader of the Avalarian Legislature, the High Chancellery. Dragons chose this form of government because of the difficulty regarding lifespan and electoral terms: a dragon lives roughly 10x longer than a human you see: What amounts to one year of Draconic Time Perception (DTP) equates to 10 years in the estimation of humans; naturally, if one has elections every four human years, that's 0.4 years to a dragon. Voting fatigue is a very real concern for dragons in human democracies, and can actually serve to hurt draconic political participation.

But that's not why I came to speak to you today! No no. I need someone who is both familar with Spyro, and also happens to be a Christian, as religion is still a thing in this AU, and the presence of dragons surely affects it.

So, there's two things me and Almaron had chatted about, before I decided to ask someone actually familiar with Christianity to at least some degree, at least compared to a layman such as myself.
So the first would be the place of dragons in terms of Theology, and the Bible. Within the history of this AU's lore, I see there being an issue regarding dragons, original sin, and the Garden of Eden story. To my mind, there'd be some debate between early Christians about the place of dragons in their faith. It was a human who ate the forbidden fruit after all, and there'd be some discussion as to whether dragons were of a godly or demonic nature; essentially could they be considered 'of God' and could they be Christians.

From this there'd be two religious factions to go along with the other various religious schisms of the period: Dracogenesism, the umbrella term for groups and sects which believe dragons can be Christians, and are either of God, or a creation of God.
On the other end there'd be Adracogenesism, the umbrella term for religious groups that generally believe dragons are NOT of God, or God's creations. More moderates within this sect might believe they have some divine nature, while more extremists would equate them to  the Snake, or tie them to Satan, and as such can never be true Christians. To my mind, this schism would follow the Orthodox/Catholic schism, with Greeks being a more moderate form of Adracogenestic doctrine within their own faith, and Catholics being more Dracogenesistic, due to the large number of dragons in Western Europe, compare to Greece and Anatolia. I'm oversimplifying to a huge degree, but this would later be carried over during the Protestant reformations until the Enlightenment period, when Dracogenesism would become the mainstream religious canon for pretty much all of Christendom; the mindset being that dragons may not have been subject to Original Sin, they are of God, even if not created by God and have the capacity to understand God, and be Christians.

So I'd like your thoughts on that, since I want to get the opinion of someone actually religious on all this. The second bit is the bit which actually ties into Spyro proper, and you might actually like this one. ^^;

So the events of the Legend of Spyro happen: He's cast down the river as a baby to save him from evil, he grows up in humble conditions, unaware of his true potential or purpose. He rescues Cynder from Malefor (who himself is often assosiated as some form of demon or Satanic figure, for better or worse for  dragons at large), he saves the good and meek, punishes the wicked and ultimately offers his life to save the world... only to magically come back to life after the end of TLoS. Now forgive me for being presumptuous, but if I wanted to make that connection, I very easily could to some religious overtones. Hell, you make that connection yourself by extrapolating the name Jesus from Spyro's name in  your journals. :p

So yeah, those connections are very easily made, and so, after word gets around the world of the story of Spyro, and things settle down, he goes around Avalar, Europe, the world, and tries to help people. He's an Avalarian citizen, but he believes his purpose is to try to bring peace to the world (said so by Iggy in DotD, and I imagine that's something he'd take to heart), and he can't do that if he maintains allegiance, and bias, to just one country. So through the 21st and 22nd Century onwards, he does just that, helping out people where he can, and working with a collection of tiny micronations and independent city states in Europe, North Africa, the Carribean and the Middle East, all of which as neutral humanitarian dragons known as the Peace Keepers (yes, those peace keepers. :p) since a lot of the nastiness of the world still happens regardless of TLoS.

And so, sometime around the mid/late 21st Century, and the 22nd Century, when Spyro ends up growing into a man, at some point, a Christian dragon living in Asturias, a draconic kingdom in Iberia, has something of an revelation. Remember the little overtones thing I mentioned, and the connections? Well, this dragoness (whom I've given the placeholder name Isabelle de Navarre) basically takes everything I've just said to its logical extreme, and goes on to declare that Spyro is literally the second coming of Christ, and through her charismatic proselytizing, manages to establish the Draconic-Basque Church of the Latter Day Purple Resurrection. The successful-ness of this church is kinda remaining to be seen, but naturally Spyro, being Spyro, is rather mortified at the idea of people literally worshiping him. He asks them to stop, since Malefor was worshiped just as much back in the day, and he finds the comparison rather disturbing to think about. Whether they do or not, again, remains to be seen.

So yeah, sorry this comment is so long, but I have a lot to say, and I hope this is something you'll find interesting to talk about, and also not horrifically offensive. I've tried writing this comment several times in the past, and if this does come across in an unflattering way for any reason, I deeply apologize, as that was not my intention.

So yeah. It's actually happening: An atheist is asking a Christian to tell him all his thoughts on God. Miracles do happen. ;)
AMCAlmaron Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Just feel I should jump in here, :iconholycross9:, as I've had a similar idea that differs from it slightly...the way I see it, in an alternate history where dragons exist alongside humans, there'd be three potential origin stories in a biblical context;
*1 - God creates them along with all the other animals; they're part of the Garden of Eden from the start, and with humans as the "stewards of creation", they are considered beneath them in the hierarchy of things. They're not subject to original sin, but that doesn't mean they get a free pass into Heaven; they still need to do good deeds and refrain from sinning.
*2 - God doesn't create dragons; instead they are the Nephilim mentioned in Genesis and the apocryphal Book of Enoch - the offspring of humans and angels who came down to Earth before God destroyed them in the deluge (interestingly, these angels are sometimes referred to as "Watchers", and the word dragon itself is linked to the ancient Greek word "Drakein", which means "to see"). When the flood comes, some dragons are permitted on the ark, while some of the angels who beget them (specifically the ones corresponding with the draconic Gods of the Relgimist faith) repent and are welcomed back into the fold. Due to this mixed ancestry, dragons are subject to original sin, and also argue that they are on equal footing with humans rather than being beneath them.
*3 - The Devil creates dragons.

The last one seems unlikely to me, as even though they could seek redemption and still turn to the light, that stigma would never quite go away and it seems unreasonable to me to assume an entire subsection of being would be turned away because of how they were born (plus it'd mean in the Middle Ages and earlier, whole areas would have been stripped clean of dragons). Besides, surely God would have created all these creatures beforehand anyway. I find myself leaning more towards the first and second versions, with it perhaps being up for debate these days which one is considered more accurate, and that being the major schism between faiths rather than one of whether they're creations of God or not. Another interesting thought springs to mind; considering that the Devil is often depicted as a dragon or serpent or something, when combined with the Nephilim theory, this could suggest that the draconic appearance is simply what a fallen angel looks and feathered wings giving way to scales and bat-like wings. 

I might have more ideas later, but for now, hopefully this is useful...
Ddraigtanto Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2018  Professional Writer
I think I forgot something fairly obvious when we talk about dragons being purged from parts of Medieval Europe, an elephant in the room:

How exactly would Medieval and Dark Age humans wipe out or force out all the dragon in their land, exactly? They are still dragons, after all.
AMCAlmaron Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Well, exactly, so I don't think any major religion could have concluded dragons were creatures of the devil without trying to purge said creatures; they wouldn't just be able to sit there and live alongside them. It'd need to be a tiny sect if anything.

What are your thoughts on the other stuff, though? I was quite proud of the realisation I had that the appearance of a dragon could be equated with that of a fallen angel...
Spy91 Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2018  Student Digital Artist
Their bud your in sorry I’m haveing trouble with the invite if you have any problems let me now bud and thanks to come to the group 
HolyCross9 Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2018
I've accepted the invite.
Spy91 Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2018  Student Digital Artist
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HolyCross9 Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2018
It's a little difficult to explain.
Spy91 Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2018  Student Digital Artist
Oh well never mind anyway about the contest I’m not a brag artist or a winner freak I’m to shy anyway thanks for trying though *sigh*
HolyCross9 Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2018
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Spy91 Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2018  Student Digital Artist
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Cynder18 Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2018
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Commission - Voltara by Cynder18
HolyCross9 Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2018
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Cynder18 Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2018
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