Zanna the Ground Dragon!
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Time for some nerditry with a character I created recently! :D

Full name:
Zanna Acanthaya

Silver Ground Dragon

Earth-shaper, jewelcrafter, siege specialist.

Age, Height and Weight:
Young adult, 1.8m (6'), 100 kg (220 lb)

Ground dragons are a subterranean and mountain-dwelling sub-species of metallic dragons. Their wings bear very little membrane between them and instead are used as walking and climbing aids, and as melee weapons in a pinch. 

Zanna is a typical example of draconic pride and confidence, and presents herself as calm and collected. Due to her species' very easy access to precious minerals, Zanna is generous with her gold and silver and instead of a typical draconic hoard, she collects books, scrolls and assorted bits of knowledge instead. Most of the time spent in her lair is taken up by efforts in repairing, copying and translating texts she or her agents come across. A particular interest of hers is mortal fortifications, particularly castles and fortresses. The skill and effort required to build and maintain those without magic fascinates Zanna.

Zanna has three forms.
- Anthropomorphic: as depicted.
- Feral: a feral ground dragon the size of a small rhino with gleaming silver scales, taken up when she's in her lair, out and about in the wilderness, or digging a new cave. 
- Human: a silver-haired young woman, taken up when she's mingling with mortals and exploring their castles from the inside.

- Can be argued with (rare trait in a dragon!).
- At least passably knowledgeable in most fields of science and magic, even very obscure ones.
- Expert geologist and very skileld at earth-related spells and effects.
- Competent swimmer.
- Large and dangerous in feral form.

- Draconic arrogance.
- Young as far as dragons go.
- Completely flightless.

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