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[C] Tai's Wargear! by Holtzmann [C] Tai's Wargear! by Holtzmann
From the client's own submission:

> Weapon: C-54 Carbine, produced by Sylva Heavy Industries. Typically issued to specialist and rear-echelon troops (with Tai counting as the former, due to his demolitions and explosives expertise), this plasma carbine has an effective range of approximately 400m before the bolts begin to dissipate into nothingness. Also features a variable rate of fire from 550rpm (full auto) to 1100rpm (burst-fire) to allow either controllable full-auto suppressive fire or lethally accurate coup de graces; a capacity to integrate with a heads-up display to provide a real-time crosshair and removing the need for proper optics (though such optics are still typically issued for redundancy's sake); and a 60 round capacity courtesy of the 'magazine' being a combination of battery and solid mass to be flashed into plasma, both aspects being quite easy to resupply in the field.

> Armour: Hydra Model 4, also produced by SHI. A middle-weight general-purpose powered suit, featuring energy shielding, ablative ceramic plating for thermal impacts, kinetic-resistant padding and EMP hardening, as well as being able to be fully environmentally sealed against anything up to and including a vacuum. Models can also feature jump-jets on the shoulders and calves for mountainous or urban environments where the extra mobility is required.

Commissioned by Taigerdragon!

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June 9, 2018
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