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|| What is Holtzbert? ||
Holtzbert is a portmanteau of Jillian Holtzmann and Erin Gilbert; two characters from the Ghostbusters: Answer the Call (2016).  It implies a romantic relationship between the two.  Although the relationship is officially considered to be fanon (fictitious), it is often considered to be fan-canon (meaning most fans consider the pairing to be canon).

|| What is the purpose of this group? ||
Holtzbert is a place where fans of the pairing can gather to submit fanart/fanfiction/cosplay and participate in contests and community-style events.

|| How do I join? ||
Simply click the "Join our Group" button on any of the group's pages.

|| Are there any rules in order to join? ||
The only requirement is that you like Holtzbert.

Remember that all general deviantART etiquette rules apply.  

Please, do not cause discourse/wank.  Do not say that Holtzbert is superior to any other ship and do not insult any other ship (Yatesbert, Tolzmann,Yatesmann, etc.).  Don't be that kid.  You'll be removed from the group.

|| How do I submit my own fanart/fanfiction/other deviations to the group? ||
Click the button on the front page, or any of the gallery/collections pages.

|| Can I submit Holtzmann-centric or Erin-centric submission? Can I submit things that contain Ghostbusters group shots? ||
Nope.  There are groups on deviantART that accept those types of submissions, but we are a strictly shippy place here.

|| Can I submit others' fanart/fanfiction/other deviations to the group? ||

|| How would my club/group become an affiliate of Holtzbert? ||
If you have a group simply click the "Affiliate" button on the main page.

|| [Insert another question here] ||
Send a note to the group with your question, and it'll be answered.
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