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Self Portrait in Gouche Paint by holster262 Self Portrait in Gouche Paint :iconholster262:holster262 4 1 Well hello :) by holster262 Well hello :) :iconholster262:holster262 4 2 Beauty of snails hiding place by holster262 Beauty of snails hiding place :iconholster262:holster262 2 0 My doodle :) by holster262 My doodle :) :iconholster262:holster262 1 0
Works no fun (stendan)
It was a dull day in the Dali, none had come in. Usually on a Saturdays business was blooming, not fire working but blooming where it start off slow then become increasingly faster the more the day went on.  It was nice that way, Ste liked it. He enjoyed the little thrill of being busy and making people happy.  But without it, he felt empty for some ridiculous reason and very bored.
So when it came to three, he finally decided to close up early. He couldn’t be bothered sitting there, making unwanted food. He knew he was going to eventually so, why not now.
Swiftly while walking out, he turned the sign to closed and opened his phone.
Ring, ring, ring
“What do you want Stephan?”
Ste smiled as he said quit happily “Hello grumpy, I was just wondering what you’re doing?”
He soon got a reply of a grunt then “I’m at the office, going through paper work. What about you love?”
Ste’s smile grew at the nickname as it was cute o
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My I love comics logo desgin by holster262 My I love comics logo desgin :iconholster262:holster262 3 0 CheeseBurgar needed urgently! by holster262 CheeseBurgar needed urgently! :iconholster262:holster262 16 1 Summers coming! by holster262 Summers coming! :iconholster262:holster262 2 0 Bye Baby by holster262 Bye Baby :iconholster262:holster262 22 11 The deepest blue, with the spark of truth by holster262 The deepest blue, with the spark of truth :iconholster262:holster262 15 0
We're Through (destiel)
Bang, the door slammed as Cas walked out fuming. With him gone it left a bitchfaced Sam and very guilty dean, both men had been talking about what they wanted in life when the hunts ended.
While they were in deep conversation, Cas had come in wanting deans attention about their dinner on the night. It wasn’t from him feeling ignored, it was from what he had heard that got him pissed.
He had walked in and heard dean say he wanted to have a child but a wife as well and to be honest hearing that, hurt Cas because obviously he was male and he couldn’t have children. So really he felt unwanted by knowing this and he didn’t know if dean wanted him anymore, so he left him, left him to try to stop him, left him to be free of him.
so really now with Cas gone, dean was stood having to wonder how to fix what he had said before he went to bed. It was getting later and cas was still not back from the event earlier.  Sam however slept fine; he only woke up once when he
:iconholster262:holster262 8 7
True Love x by holster262 True Love x :iconholster262:holster262 10 2 Who lets the dog out! by holster262 Who lets the dog out! :iconholster262:holster262 1 0 A hunters heart by holster262 A hunters heart :iconholster262:holster262 11 2
Tyrion needs a hug (games of thrones)
Tyrion felt his whole world crash and burn when he saw Shae kissing his father. It hurt so much; he couldn’t breathe for much more. His eyes stung painfully, and his chest burnt furiously, like his heart was literally breaking. So slowly without even being noticed, he walked away to his chambers.
When he arrived, he collapsed by to his side and cried in deep agony. He knew he’d break eventually but he didn’t know when. So in feeling himself break in pieces, he just let himself.
Until, he heard his chamber door open.
Instantly in hearing it, he sat up and wiped his eyes furiously, as he checked to see who had rudely arrived.
“Tyrion, what’s happened?” Jamie said as he was passing by and heard his deep painful cries.
In hearing him, Tyrion smiled a small smile while answering hoarsely “Its okay, I just needed some time, and rest that’s all.”
“On the floor, while crying?”
“Yes as I’m too tipsy to climb on my lov
:iconholster262:holster262 2 10
Think before you speak. (leverage)
“Dammitt Hardison for once, can you stop being a freak and just leave me alone !!!”
Hardison froze as he didn’t expect Elliot to say that. He never was that mean, yeah he was grouchy and he lost his temper easily at times but he never tried to upset Hardison internally. So slowly in response Hardison nodded as he didn’t want to continue the argument they were having.
It was only about how Elliot cooks, Hardison hadn’t insulted him on purpose. He just asked him questions and suggested techniques what Elliot could do in cooking meals. But apparently that did upset him and he decided to insult Hardison.
So yeah that’s why now, Hardison was stood watching Elliot walk away angrily. From what it looked like Elliot didn’t seem to care about what he had said to him but Hardison couldn’t care as he felt numb. His trust was broken and his barriers were building.
3 hours passed till at last Elliot had returned with a calm mind and intention.
:iconholster262:holster262 2 1


Beautiful Swan by AngelOfDarkness089 Beautiful Swan :iconangelofdarkness089:AngelOfDarkness089 28 12 Out for a late evening walk by AngelOfDarkness089 Out for a late evening walk :iconangelofdarkness089:AngelOfDarkness089 12 3 The Golden Hour for photographers by AngelOfDarkness089 The Golden Hour for photographers :iconangelofdarkness089:AngelOfDarkness089 11 5 The Boat by AngelOfDarkness089 The Boat :iconangelofdarkness089:AngelOfDarkness089 13 11 Biiiiiiiig firework in my hometown by AngelOfDarkness089 Biiiiiiiig firework in my hometown :iconangelofdarkness089:AngelOfDarkness089 8 2 Cute goat comes back for more cuddles by AngelOfDarkness089 Cute goat comes back for more cuddles :iconangelofdarkness089:AngelOfDarkness089 7 9 Cute Przewalski Horse - Equus ferus przewalskii by AngelOfDarkness089 Cute Przewalski Horse - Equus ferus przewalskii :iconangelofdarkness089:AngelOfDarkness089 5 7 Sleepy Ram by AngelOfDarkness089 Sleepy Ram :iconangelofdarkness089:AngelOfDarkness089 15 14 Perfect October Weather in Germany - 2018 by AngelOfDarkness089 Perfect October Weather in Germany - 2018 :iconangelofdarkness089:AngelOfDarkness089 9 1
The Avengers - The one with being cold
Tony gritted his teeth, burrying more into the covers in a perfect cocoon of blankets. As abruptly as summer heat came it was also gone, and the sudden change didn't leave him any time to adjust. Just this bone-chilling cold settling on his skin and getting deep into his bones.
"Aren't you exaggerating a little?"
"Says you!" Tony yelled from his side of the bed, watching Steve reading a book and not being bothered by his sexy husband freezing his sexy ass off. It was really rude in his opinion. Even worse, Steve was shirtless. Well, it wasn't the worse, as the view was veeeery nice and tempting, but looking at all that bare skin, just reminded Tony of how cold he was himself. "AGH!!!"
At the pained scream, Steve almost dropped the book. "What, what happened?!" he asked, finally granting his husband with some long time needed attention.
"I touched myself and shocked myself," Tony replied, teeth still greeting. He just tried to slide his hands under his arms for more
:iconlemonlollipop:lemonlollipop 16 13
Vicky by Man1D Vicky :iconman1d:Man1D 155 7 Transport Hub by simpspin Transport Hub :iconsimpspin:simpspin 5 0 Gatway by simpspin Gatway :iconsimpspin:simpspin 14 0 Fall 2018.1 by simpspin Fall 2018.1 :iconsimpspin:simpspin 18 0



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Hello people, hows everyone doing?
Hope you's are well, its getting on to the summer now, isnt it.
cannot wait.

So down to reason of this, I know this is cheeky but can I borrow someones time to read a currently developing oneshot, I'm writing?

as I'm a little lost and I dont think it'll do, for the theme it is. The pairing I am writing about is stendan (Ste&Brendan) from hollyoaks and its theme is to do with attempted sucide and illness.

Note-My grammar I will admit is shit and i can go off topic at times but I always go back to it.

Note prt 2-if someone is up to helping me out, can you note me or comment on this please.

Thank you bye.
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