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⁠✧ Salutations! Welcome to my Page. I am known as Holo/Lurker/Glassofcandle (previously).

I enjoy drawing, writing, watching cartoons and sculpting.

Thank you for visiting my page.

Tumblr: https://lurkerholocandle.tumblr.com/

Joelgc: https://joelgc.com/@HoloCandle

I'm not that active here, so check my other socials.

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DBBQ Doodles! by TheHolopR, visual art

Artist // Hobbyist // Varied
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My Bio

Spinning Sphere 1 [Retro Glitch] M [Retro Glitch] E [Retro Glitch] O [Retro Glitch] W [Retro Glitch] W Spinning Sphere 1

"I want to travel to outer space and write a book on my way to the Moon." Flying Saucer Spinning

Salutations, whoever you are.

Here, on DeviantArt, I post some of my pieces that I think deserve more attention, or to participate in stuff!

Call me whatever, plus I ain't strict with pronouns. Though specifically, I prefer He/She/They.

*INTJ & Ace, now figure out the rest by yourself

I am interested in many things, but when it comes to fandoms, I'm particularly into ENA and The Caretaker's projects.

! Vaporwave, Holocore (obviously), Detective fiction and 80's Retro. !

Rest of my interests are mentioned in the section below.

Expect me to post almost always ENA art as well...

Art Requests and Art trades are closed for now.

I can speak very good Greek,decent English and French, and some Italian. :nod:

That's all I have to say, for now.

Bye for now, and have a Very Happy Lifetime ! ! ! Dancing kitten meme emoticon/avatar Spinning Kiwi Emotion [CHAT ICON] Dancing Cockroach [REUPLOAD]

Don't mind +fav w/out comments! Any Pronouns Nonbinary Emoticon wRed Asexual Pixel Flag (F2U) INTJ [F2U] V Puzzle Heart 01100111 01100001 01101101 01100101 If you're going to use me, I'm not your friend. Greece :gay: Tiny Neurodiversity Icon Say Thanks! Favorite Character Stamp Cat Owner Stamp (F2U) Amazing art depress me stampEmoticiety stamp I Forget To Sleep Any Pronouns Androgyne Emoticon wPurple Oc Research Stamp 3(Read Desc.) Stamp LGBTQ+ Pixel Flag (F2U)


Favourite Visual Artist
Joel Guerra, Merutoro 10 (why did I add them lmao I swear I'm not a weeb I just ) , Ivan Seal, Alex Krister, I Can't Sleep, Hergé, some small artists that inspire me.
Favourite Movies
Since I've watched so many movies that I don't even remember their names, I'll just say I like Mystery, Comedy, and Action movies that have at least a pinch of funni moments otherwise I don't like them.
Favourite TV Shows
ANY Cartoon you can Imagine (and I still keep watching more) , ANY TV show (and I still keep watching more), I just watch everything but especially cartoons
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Yuji Ohno, YMO, The Caretaker, Oliver Buckland, Windows 96, Machine Girl, Mitski, MGMT, Jack Stauber, VLIF, Graham Kartna, ABBA, Teethna, MARETU, Kikuo, - Mostly ENAwave n Breakcore n Weirdcore and Holy shit my music taste is fucked up but oh well
Favourite Writers
Uh... Hergé. I have to read more (I like how I want to be a writer duh.) (I mean I enjoy writing but I'm way too impatient to finish a book)
Favourite Games
ENA: Dream BBQ , Minecraft, Nitendo Games, Terraria.
Tools of the Trade
Krita, IbispaintX & MSPaint. Watercolour, Acrylics, Coloured Pencils (Of course), Markers, ect.
Other Interests
ENA !!!!!!!!!!! And Merci. Love those two. And any ENA character I love all of them

Mi Tumbler :33

Llama Farm

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