Thomas the Tank Engine Tales - Ep. 6 (Season 2)

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Diagnosed with DIRD (Do-It-Right Disorder)

Written by holmesman

Fergus is a traction engine that runs on rails, much like a locomotive. He is also the pride of the Cement Works, but all day long, he would constantly enforce rules on all the other engines, much to their dismay. However, no one knows for sure exactly WHY Fergus likes playing by the rules so much, if he even likes it at all.

One day, Thomas and Fergus were helping Rocky lift a tree that had fallen onto the line. “You’re doing great, Rocky!” peeped Thomas. “Yes, indeed!” tooted Fergus. As soon as Rocky put the fallen tree onto the side of the tracks, Fergus noticed something. The tree was no longer in the way, but it was facing him. Fergus felt nervous. “Not like that, Rocky!” he huffed. “Pick it up again and do it right!” Rocky was confused, but did what Fergus said anyway.

Soon, the tree looked more straight, but Fergus was still bothered. “It still looks crooked to me.” he wheeshed. “But it’s not facing you anymore. It’s facing Thomas.” Rocky argued. Fergus became very nervous. “Do it right again!” he yelled.

Rocky lifted the tree and put it down in another different position, but it STILL made Fergus nervous. “Do it right AGAIN!” he fumed. This went on all morning; every time Rocky lifted the tree and put it down differently, Fergus would correct him. Finally, Fergus gave up. “That’s it! I’m going back to the Cement Works!” he whistled as he chugged angrily away. Thomas was worried about Fergus. “I don’t understand why he would worry so much about a tree.” he pondered. “I better go follow him.”

After Thomas dropped Rocky off at the Rescue Center, he saw Fergus on his way to the Cement Works. “Excuse me, Fergus….” he asked. “But, why did you worry about that tree so much?” Fergus looked at Thomas. “I was trying do it right!” he answered. Just then, the two engines stopped at a washdown. “I’m going to get cleaned for my job at the Cement Works.” Fergus huffed.

Soon, Fergus was looking all shiny and clean. He felt happy at first, but just as he puffed away, Caitlin sped past him, blowing some leaves onto his face. This made Fergus VERY nervous. “Clean me again, please! Do it right!” he yelled. The workmen didn’t want to clean Fergus again, but did so anyway.

Fergus was now clean again. Thomas and Fergus were ready to go, but then, Thomas began to sneeze. “Ah...Ah…. ACHOO!!! Sorry, Fergus.” he said as he looked at Fergus; he had sneezed on Fergus. It wasn’t much, but Fergus took it seriously. “Clean me AGAIN!!!!” he screamed. This time, the workmen refused. “We cleaned you twice already, and we’re running low on soap!” they argued. Fergus’ boiler bubbled. “If you don’t want to clean me, that’s fine! All I wanted is for things to be perfect for my job!” he fumed, and he left. Thomas decided to follow him again.

As Thomas followed Fergus more, they came across a bridge. It was safe, but it looked a little older than other bridges. Thomas was about to cross the bridge, but Fergus tried to stop him. “Wait, Thomas!” Fergus whistled. “Don’t cross that bridge! It could be dangerous!” Thomas didn’t believe him. “This bridge looks safe to me.” he said as he crossed anyway. Fergus saw a set of points connecting Thomas’ track and Fergus track. Fergus changed tracks and tried to push Thomas away from the bridge. “Do it right!” he panted. “What’s going on?!” Thomas fumed angrily. “Do you know how old this bridge is?” Fergus asked. “It could collapse at any moment’s notice! I know a shortcut to the Cement Works. Follow me!” Thomas reluctantly followed Fergus along his shortcut.

At the Cement Works, Fergus sat in his shed waiting for the manager to give him his job. Thomas could see he was upset. “Fergus….” he went on asking. “Is there something wrong?” Finally, Fergus decided to tell Thomas something he’d NEVER tell anyone before. “Thomas….” he started answering. “Do you know WHY I like things perfect?” “Is it because you like to ‘do it right’?” Thomas asked. “Actually, it’s not I like ‘doing it right’. It NEVER was.” Fergus answered. Thomas was confused. He wanted to know more. “Then…. if it’s not following the rules, what is it?” he wheeshed curiously.

Fergus took a big breath. “Thomas…. I have OCD….” he sighed. “What’s OCD?” Thomas asked. He’d never heard of it before. “It stands for ‘obsessive compulsive disorder’...” Fergus answered. Thomas was a little puzzled. “Edward told me people have mental diseases,” he said. “but I’ve never heard of engines getting that.” Fergus chuckled a little. “Well, now you know that engines have mental diseases as well. It’s a real shame I have OCD.” he huffed.

Thomas wanted to know more about how obsessive compulsive disorder works on an engine, especially a small traction engine like Fergus. “Mental disabilities like OCD work on engines the same way it affects people.” Fergus explained. “It’s a living nightmare for me, though. With obsessive compulsive disorder, you feel like to have to keep people and engines safe. I try and tell people to ‘do it right’ because I like everyone being safe, but… I don’t just worry about that, Thomas.”

Thomas paid very close attention. “What else do you worry about?” he asked. “Well, when I pass by a station platform,” Fergus answered. “I always go back to see if I accidentally hurt a passenger if he or she falls off the platform, and if whenever I shunt trucks, I always feel like somebody put a very dangerous thing like a bomb inside the trucks, and I would actually refuse to shunt until they were cleaned out in case there WAS something in there. I would always tell them ‘let me know if I did anything wrong,’ but I always think they never do. They trust me so much that I think they don’t care about what I do. They always tell me to worry about myself instead of others, but I KNOW that you should consider others, too, like Caitlin when she slept at Tidmouth Sheds that one night. The Fat Controller told her to consider everyone else.”

Thomas understood more and more as Fergus explained. “I guess you ought to be diagnosed with DIRD, or ‘doing it right disorder’.” he said, trying not to laugh. “It’s no laughing matter, Thomas.” Fergus huffed. “The worst part of obsessive compulsive disorder for me is that if I do something really wrong, The Fat Controller would send me away to another railway. I know he would never scrap an engine as useful as me, but I can’t help thinking about it, though. I’m really messed up, Thomas. Sometimes, I would try and make things perfect and safe all day long and not get any work done…. I’m… sorry for having OCD. It’s not my fault…. but I’m sorry.”

The Cement Works was silent. Thomas felt very sorry for his friend; had never heard of a story as tragic as Fergus’. “Cinders and ashes….” he gasped as he stared at Fergus. “I can’t beleive you go through so much pain…” Fergus smiled a little. “Well….” he said. “I guess that’s my life, whether I like it or not.” Thomas was sad. “You don’t have to be ashamed of having OCD, Fergus.” he said. “You’re the pride of the Cement Works, and I see you work so hard. You should be proud…” Fergus tried to make use of what Thomas said. “I guess, when you put it that way, dealing with OCD makes me a little stronger.” he agreed. “Exactly.” Thomas smiled. “I think Marion is disabled, too. I’ve heard about aspergers syndrome, and I know how much Marion talks a lot, so I think Marion has aspergers as a result. Back to you, though. You ARE right in saying we should think about others, but you shouldn’t obsess over it ALL THE TIME. You should think about yourself some more. Everyone else is fine.”

Fergus beamed from cheek to cheek. Just then, the manager gave Fergus his job; he was to take some cement to Patrick. Miss Jenny needed him to mix the cement to lay a new road near Great Waterton. Fergus was coupled up to his trucks. Thomas was there as well. Fergus was at first a little nervous. “Is the Cement Works going to be fine without me? Are you going to look after it for me?” Thomas sighed sadly. “I would, except I have to work on my branch line.” Fergus understood what Thomas had said. “Don’t feel too bad, Fergus.” Thomas continued. “Professor Gizmo uses his Solidifier 3000 to make special coal that’s made out of herbal tea leaves to calm stressed engines down.” he said. “I’m sure he can give you some if you want it.” Fergus smiled. “Thanks, Thomas.” he whistled. “but I’m going to try worrying about myself, just like you said. It’ll make me feel just as calm as herbal coal.”

Thomas was happy for his friend. “That’s the spirit!” he exclaimed, as Fergus puffed cheerfully away.

                                                                    THE END
This is a very special story. It's dedicated to those with OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder), including Howie Mandel. It's a really tough thing to deal with, and you always feel like everything in the world is unsafe.

However, let's be honest for a minute. We all know how much Fergus the traction engine likes "doing it right", don't we? Have you ever wondered WHY he thinks this way? I've been going through a lot and decided to put this story together that explains Fergus' reasoning for playing by the rules. I think it would be cool if the actual TV series did a story like this.

In all seriousness, though, OCD is a nightmare to live with. I feel bad for people that go through it, considering I tend to have intrusive thoughts myself. It's a real shame. You should really look up books, interviews, and websites dedicated to people with OCD.

No copyright infringement is intended. This story was made for fun and is not meant to make a profit.

Thomas and Friends (c) HiT Entertainment
© 2015 - 2021 holmesman
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Awww Its o k Fergus. I have OCD too (and Asperger's)