Thomas the Tank Engine Tales - Ep. 5 (Season 2)

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Douglas’ New Friend

Written by holmesman

Based on the mockup Season 19 episode by

Introducing Scott the Big Quarry Diesel and Bentley (Sir Topham Hatt’s car as a character)

Donald and Douglas are Scottish twin engines that work on the Misty Valley Branch Line with Emily. Their way of life is vastly different compared to the other engines. The twins like being assertive and taking action by forcing things to happen, instead of letting them happen naturally. They can come across as rude by some, but deep down, the engines know the twins’ hearts are in the right place.

One day, Douglas was waiting for Donald to help him with his goods. He waited for a very long time, but Donald still hadn’t arrived. “Och aye, where IS that Donald?” Douglas fumed. Just then, Sir Topham Hatt arrived in his car. “Ah! There you are, Douglas!” he smiled. “I have a very important job for you!” “I ALREADY know what my job is, sir,” Douglas huffed. “but I feel like Donald doesn’t even want to help me! Och, that Donald! He knows I can’t do goods trains without him!”

Sir Topham Hatt tried to calm Douglas down. “That exactly why I came to see you.” he boomed. “Donald is at the Steamworks being repaired, but I’ve managed to bring in another engine to help you out until Donald is fixed. His name is Scott.” Douglas smiled for a bit. ‘You mean,” he began asking. “you brought the Flying Scotsman to help me? That’s great! I think everyone calls him ‘Scott’ for short.” Sir Topham Hatt laughed. “No, Douglas.” he said. “The Mainland Engines call him ‘Scotsman’, not ‘Scott’. The ‘Scott’ that you’ll be working with is a diesel. I’ve brought him here so he could work at the Anopha Quarry with Mavis, but in the meantime, he will be helping you before he goes to do his real job. I would like you to meet him at Brendam Docks right away.”

WIth that said, Sir Topham Hatt got into his car and drove away. Sir Topham Hatt’s car looked at his driver. “Where to, sir?” he said. “To Knapford, Bentley.” Sir Topham Hatt boomed. “I’ve heard M.C. BUNN is now serving cinnamon danishes!” “Knapford it is, sir.” Bentley smiled, and took Sir Topham Hatt to Knapford.

Douglas arrived at Brendam Docks to find Scott, the diesel that was sent to help him. However, Scott was nowhere to be seen. Just then, he saw Salty coming towards him. “Aye! Where is this ‘Scott’ I am supposed to be seein’?” he whistled. Salty thought for a moment, then remembered. “Are ye talkin’ about the new diesel engine, me hearty?” he said. “Yes!” Douglas fumed. “Isn’t he supposed to be HERE? ‘Cause if he isn’t, I swear to Black Loch I’m gonna….” “Cool you pistons, matey!” Salty exclaimed. “Don’t get so worked up. I’m sure Scott is around here somewhere… Arr.... Now, where is that lad….”

Salty and Douglas looked for Scott everywhere, until Douglas saw a shape inside the big building next to Cranky. “Och aye! There you are!” Douglas whistled. “C’mere!” Douglas was coupled up to the new diesel, and pulled him out of the building with all his might. “HEY!!! STOP!!! PLEASE!!! I’M BEGGING YOU!!!!” screamed Scott, as he applied his brakes and honked his horn. “For buffer’s sake, laddie!” Douglas groaned. “I’m just…. trying to… get ya to work with me!!!” Scott was very nervous. “Leave me ALONE!!!!” he shouted. The diesel tried to get away from Douglas, but couldn’t since he was coupled up to him.

It was a tiresome process, but at last, Scott was out of the building. “Now, THAT wasn’t so hard, now was it, laddie?” fumed Douglas. Everyone wanted to know why Scott had hid in the large building. “When Cranky unloaded me from the ship…. I got very nervous and wanted to hide….” Scott sighed sadly. “What for?” Cranky asked. “Does your face of yours get sunburn if you’re out for too long?” Scott took a big breath. “No, Cranky... “ he said. “It’s just that….I’m very… shy….”

Douglas huffed at the mere mention of shyness. “That’s it? THAT’S why you were hidin’?” he asked. Scott sadly nodded. “Yes! I get really nervous when I go somewhere I’ve never been to before. I don’t know what this railway is like.” he said. “Well…” Douglas fumed. “if you’re gonna work with me, you GOTTA have that shy come out of your exhaust stack, and I’m the engine that’s gonna help ya do it, laddie!” Salty was worried. “Is that so, matey?” he sighed. Douglas nodded. “Well… He’s GOTTA be really useful, Salty, one way or another!” he whistled. “C’mon, Scotty!” And Douglas and Scott left.

Douglas decided to take Scott on a grand tour of Sodor before starting work. He thought Scott would enjoy the wonderful sights of Sodor, but the new engine insisted on hiding wherever they went. When Douglas took him to Knapford, the busy and bustling nature made Scott want to hide. “Och! Not this again!” Douglas fumed. He coupled up to Scott and dragged him around the station platforms against his will. “Someone HELP ME!!!” Scott shouted. “I’m being held captive by a Scottish steamie!” The other engines didn’t like the way Douglas tried to help Scott. The poor diesel applied his brakes hard, but it was no use.

All throughout the tour, Douglas grew more and more assertive as he forcibly dragged Scott out of his hiding places. Scott had grown nervous around Norramby Beach, frantic near Jack the Front Loader, and scared of the Scottish Castle, and every time, Douglas growled and pulled on him hard. Scott’s coupling was getting weaker and weaker every time Douglas pulled on it.

Soon, Douglas and Scott made their way to “The Little Western”. This time, Douglas was coupled up to Scott all the way through, in case he got nervous again. “Afternoon, you!” Duck and Oliver smiled. “Hello, laddies.” Douglas whistled. Then, Douglas noticed Duck’s new knuckle coupling. “Where did you get that thing?” he asked Duck. “Oh, this here knuckle coupling?” Duck said. “I got it so I could pull ‘The Moonwalk Express’, even though Clarence had to teach me how to do it. Y’know, Clarence is a very nice diesel, that one.” Douglas beamed from buffer to boiler. “Speaking of ‘nice diesel’…” he chuffed. “I have with me a brand new diesel that just arrived! His name is Scott!” Douglas pulled Scott to where he could see Oliver and Duck. “Say ‘hello’, Scott!” he exclaimed. Scott was about to say ‘hello’, but Duck and Oliver’s green paintwork made him very, VERY nervous. “They’re…. GREEN?!!” he stuttered. “Yes…” Douglas huffed. “Whatever is the matter with that?” Scott gulped and sweat trickled down his face. “G-g-green makes me MOST nervous of all!” he trembled. Then, Scott noticed his face turned green! “MY FACE IS GREEN!!!” he screamed. “That’s IT! I’M OUT OF HERE!”

Douglas had enough of Scott’s nonsense. “C’mon, Scotty!” he yelled. “NO MORE MR. NERVOUS DIESEL!!” He pulled on Scott harder than ever before. Scott tried to get away from Douglas as much as possible, but Douglas used every ounce of steam pulling on Scott. Douglas pulled on Scott so hard that Scott’s weak coupling finally snapped. Scott broke free from Douglas’ control at last. Douglas was VERY surprised. “Wha…. What happened?” he wheeshed. He whistled to call for Scott to return, but Scott didn’t come back. Douglas was now upset. “I don’t understand....” he sighed. “ I… I thought I was doing a great job showin’ the wee laddie around.” “Well, Douglas….” Duck answered. “There are TWO ways of doing things: the Great Western way, and the wrong way.” Douglas was confused. “And you’ve been doing it the wrong way ALL day!” Oliver added.

As Duck and Oliver chuffed away, Douglas was left to question his own way of doing things. “I could have SWORN that I did it the RIGHT way…” he thought to himself. “It’s in me blood! Donald’s the same way. I better find him.” Douglas looked all over the island to find Scott. “Scotty!” he called. “Where are ya, laddie? I’m sorry!” But Scott didn’t reply, because he wasn’t there. He knew what he must do now. “Perhaps Mavis would know what to do…” he thought. “I mean, she’s a diesel, just like Scott.”

At Anopha Quarry, Mavis was waiting for Scott to work with her. Just then, she saw Douglas puffing towards her. He explained to her about Scott. “I can’t find him, now!” Douglas exclaimed. “Would ya please help me?” “I’m sure I can spare a few minutes…” Mavis nodded. Mavis and Douglas searched together. They were almost out of luck, until they saw a big shape blocking the Misty Island Tunnel. It was Scott. “Scotty!” Douglas exclaimed. “Are you in there?” At first, Scott wanted to say ‘no’, but he did anyway. “Yes…” he sighed.

Douglas was very cross. “I have been lookin’ for you ALL DAY, Scott!!” he shouted. “The Fat Controller sent ya to work with me until Donald is fixed up, but you’ve been hidin’ from everything, includin’ ME! Now I have had ENOUGH! Imma gonna have someone GLUE ourselves together so ye won’t escape from me EVER again!”

After hearing what Douglas said, Mavis soon remembered hearing complaints about Scott being dragged around by Douglas from the other engines. “I don’t think so, Douglas!” she fumed. Douglas stopped. “What for?” he argued. “I’m only tryin’ to help the poor thing!” Mavis took a big sigh. “That’s very good of you,” she said. “but have you ever tried being nice to him?” Douglas paused and stared at Mavis. “Nice? ME? Be nice to an engine like HIM?!” he argued. “Why should I? He’s been causing trouble for me all day!” “That’s because you forced him to be around people and engines." Mavis argued back. "He’s SHY. It takes time for engines like him to get to know everyone. Forcing a shy engine to say ‘hello’ is not the best thing to do. You should let him do it on his own, and you should DEFINITELY talk in a nice, calm and kindly voice to convince him. Allow me to show you.”

Douglas watched as Mavis rolled towards the tunnel. Scott trembled as he was inside. “Don’t worry so much about everything, Scott.” Mavis said sweetly. “Douglas and I aren’t going to hurt you. It’s alright.... Just take your time.” Scott opened one eye. “Y-you mean it?” he asked. “Every word.” Mavis answered calmly. Scott felt a little better after hearing Mavis’ kind and motherly words. “O-o-okay….” he stuttered. “Here… I… go….” Scott gulped and breathed heavily as he came out of the tunnel. “Everything’s going to be okay, sweetheart….” Mavis encouraged. Scott grew closer and closer to the light. “There’s no rush… You’re doing great….” Mavis cheered calmly, as Scott was inches away from the outside.

At last, Scott was out of the Misty Island Tunnel. “I… did it?” he asked. “Yes you did, Scott.” Mavis said. Scott was no longer nervous. He was now a very happy diesel, indeed! “Horray! I did it!” he exclaimed as he honked his horn in delight. Douglas was very happy, too, not because Scott was now out of the tunnel, but because he knew that being nice was a much better alternative to what he was doing before. “So THIS is how to make things happen!” he smiled. “Of course it is, Douglas!” Mavis huffed. “Honestly, I don’t know where you and Donald get the idea to be rude just to help others…” Douglas beamed from buffer to boiler. “Oh, don’t worry about it, Mavis.” he said. “I’m quite certain I won’t be needing rudeness to help this here fine lad anymore.”

After Scott went to the Dieselworks for a new coupling to replace the broken one, he helped Douglas go do all of their jobs. This time, Douglas knew to be nice to Scott and not force him to interact with everyone if he didn’t want to do so just yet. “It’s okay, laddie.” Douglas smiled sweetly. “You don’t have to force yourself, or have ME force you, to say ‘hello’ if you don’t want to.” This made Scott very happy. “Thank you, Douglas…” he said.

After all the work was done, Douglas went to say ‘goodbye’ as Scott was now ready to go do his real job: work at Anopha Quarry with Mavis. “I take it you’re going to love working with Mavis, Scotty.” he said. “Oh, you bet I will!” Scott exclaimed proudly. “Plus, I think Mavis is so sweet, she’ll help me overcome my shyness! I won’t have to be so nervous anymore!” With that, Scott honked his horn one more time and left to be really useful engine at the quarry. "Goodbye, Scotty!" Douglas whistled.

Douglas was sure Scott would get along with Mavis just fine. He liked how Mavis taught him that being nice was the key to making new friends. “Maybe… just maybe… Mavis ought to get Donald to be nice and calm, too.” Douglas said to himself.

His driver and fireman couldn’t agree with him more.

                                                                              THE END

This is it, guys. The final episode. Surprisingly, this story was based off of the very first one on the site's list. These episodes have been adapted out of order, I know, but at least I got them all over and done with. Now I'm back to using foreign titles for actual Thomas episodes and making stories out of them. =D

All this time, I adapted these six fake episodes into stories because.... well.... they were fake and not official Season 19 episodes. I like taking things that don't exist and have not been adapted by other fans and turning it into part of my headcanon. Percyfan94 uncovered some unofficial characters on Wikipedia, named Zeke and Lillian. Here's the link:…

Now to get back on track, here's the original description for the episode:

“Donald had to get repaired at the Steamworks so Douglas had a new engine to help him. His name was Scott and he was very shy around other engines then Douglas helped not to be shy then Scott ran away when he met Duck, Oliver, and Toad so Douglas went and found him out of water so Douglas gave him more then the two set off.”

...and here's the link to the website where this episode was found. Just like for the other ones I did, click on the episode this story was based on to see the description there before it goes away:…


No copyright infringement intended. This story was written purely to appreciate the show and is NOT meant to make a profit.

Thomas and Friends (c) HiT Entertainment (c) Josh Walters
© 2015 - 2021 holmesman
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Excellent :D Makes the wait on the actual season 19 in June easier.
Thanks. I figured I get them out of the way before real Season 19 episodes come pouring in. Did you visit, by any chance? I left links at the end of all 6 stories.
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Yes. And you did a great job adapting them.
Did you manage to click on the episode listed on the site?
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