Thomas the Tank Engine Tales - Ep. 4 (Season 2)

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Jack and the Boulder

Written by holmesman

Based on the mockup Season 19 episode by

There are many quarries on the Island of Sodor. Some examples include the Blue Mountain Quarry, the Anopha Quarry, and even the China Clay Pits. One quarry in particular, however, was never as useful as the others. Boulder Quarry was that very quarry; it had been left alone for many years, mainly due to a big boulder that fell of its perch and caused destruction for the narrow-gauge engines. Luckily, Sir Topham Hatt closed down the quarry before any more damage was done.

Percy and Rusty were telling Miss Jenny’s machines the whole story. “So remember…..” wheeshed Percy. “....if you’re working near a quarry,” “....make sure to look around for big boulders!” added Rusty. “They might chase you down the line if you’re not careful!” “We know, Rusty!” Jack smiled. “Miss Jenny is sending us to remove railway lines around the quarry,” said Kelly. “so that way, we’ll be sure that Boulder won’t be turning any of our engine friends into pancakes for sure!”

As soon as it was time to get to work, Max and Monty arrived. They saw everyone was smiling. “What’s this, then?” Max had to ask. “I dunno. Maybe they all heard a funny joke.” Monty pondered. “It wasn’t a joke!” exclaimed Alfie. “Percy and Rusty told us of the time Boulder caused a lot of trouble.” Max and Monty knew about Boulder, but they weren’t made aware of the time it fell off its perch. “You mean that big rock resting high up the mountain?” Max honked. “We’ve passed by that thing hundreds of times and never saw it move.” added Monty. “What do you mean?” Jack asked. “We mean,” the dump truck twins answered. “that we think Percy and Rusty are just making the whole thing up. There’s NO WAY that a boulder that big would ever move on its own.”

Percy and Rusty were upset. “We’re not making this up! Our story was something that actually happened!” Rusty fumed. “Yes it was!” agreed Percy. “I was resting near a shed when I saw Boulder coming towards me, and it crashed into the shed! There was a BIG explosion as soon as it crashed in there.” Max and Monty didn’t believe a word they said. “They’re telling the truth!” Kelly exclaimed. “Yes, indeed.” Oliver added. “Imagine if Boulder came and chased YOU down like it did with the narrow-gauge engines. Rusty won’t be there to save you!” “Likely story!” Max scoffed. “We don’t have time for this!” “Yeah! What he said!” Monty agreed. “We got REAL jobs to do!” And the twins dieseled away. Percy and Rusty felt sad. “I’m really worried about those two….” Rusty sighed. Percy was worried as well. Kelly tried to comfort them as best he could. “Don’t worry….” he said sweetly. “I have a gut feeling that they’ll learn their lesson in due time. They ALWAYS do. “

Later that day, Miss Jenny’s machines were busy removing every last inch of railway track surrounding Boulder Quarry. The narrow-gauge engines agreed to help put these tracks around the Blue Mountain Quarry and parts of the Skarloey Railway. “I really don’t know how things would be if Rusty didn’t warn us about Boulder.” Rheneas said to Jack. “Well, you’d all be pancakes if help hadn’t arrived.” laughed Jack. “Maybe if we HAD all been flat like a pancake,” Peter Sam huffed. “the Thin Controller would pour maple syrup down our funnels!” The three friends had to agree and laughed.

There were a lot of rails to remove, and all the engines and machines were kept very busy, all except Max and Monty. They still thought Percy and Rusty’s story never actually happened, and kept talking about it all day long. “What a load of rubbish, thinking that some big boulder would just roll along tracks like a steamie.” said Max. “I know, right?” Monty huffed. “It’s all just silly tall tales. Only a complete IDIOT would fall for something like that!” The twins laughed until Sir Handel chuffed up. “Get working, you two!” he whistled. “These rails aren’t going to be removed themselves!” “We can’t help it!” argued Max. “That stupid story is getting in the way of our work!” Sir Handel heard about Rusty and Percy’s story about Boulder. “Well, if you’re THAT worried about that big boulder moving on its own, then I don’t see why you can’t try and make it fall off yourself to know for sure it’s true.” he wheeshed.

Sir Handel definitely knew the story Rusty and Percy told was real, but didn’t bother telling Max and Monty; he wanted them to get their comeuppance. He puffed away, leaving the twins with an idea flying into their radiators. “Try and get the rock to move on its own, eh?” Max snickered. “Sir Handel’s right, Max. We SHOULD try and find out for ourselves!” Monty added.

The dump truck twins drove to where Boulder was moved to after he had destroyed the quarry. “Ready, brother?” Monty wobbled. “You bet I am.” Max answered. “We’re only built once, so we might as well make it last.” The twins faced Boulder’s perch, and with a big breath, they honked their horns loud and long. They tried blasting their horns as loud as the foghorn that replaced Cyril the Fogman years ago. They figured the soundwaves would trigger vibrations, but nothing happened. “Let’s try bumping into it!” Max huffed.

Max and Monty backed up further and further away from the perch. In fact, they were so far away, they couldn’t see it anymore. “Bring it on, Rocky…” they fumed. As fast as a hundred Connors and Caitlins, they twins slammed into the perch. The crash made a sound that echoed all over the quarry, almost sounding like a big explosion. Percy and Rusty soon heard the sound. “Max and Monty are trying to get Boulder rolling along our line, aren’t they?” Percy sighed. “Well, Percy… It was nice knowing you.” said Rusty.

Max and Monty were a little bent from the crash. “Did…. Did it work?” Monty asked. “I…. dunno…. Let’s look at it….” Max answered. The twins saw they left a big crack in the middle of the perch, but looked up to see that Boulder was still there. Max and Monty were very cross. “WHY WON’T THIS STUPID ROCK MOVE?!!” they screamed. Their yelling was so loud, that the soundwaves went into the crack, making it bigger than it was before. The crack grew bigger...… and bigger….... and bigger…..…and bigger...….... until…...….


Boulder was now right in front of Max and Monty. After all this time, the twins finally realized the story WAS true after all. “Maybe we should…..” Max whimpered. “ for our lives now?” added Monty. The boulder slowly rolled towards them. “We’ll take that as a YES!!!” they yelled.

Max and Monty ran away as Boulder chased after them. “HELP!!!” they shouted. “GIANT ROCK ON THE LOOSE!!!” All the engines and machines stopped and saw Boulder rolling along the road. Jack and Rusty were very scared. “We must warn Miss Jenny!” Rusty exclaimed. “You go do that. I’ll find the other engines and machines!” Jack huffed.

Alfie and Isobella were helping Luke and Duncan tear up some more rails. “For funnels SAKE!” Duncan whistled. “What’s takin’ you two so long? I’m a plain’ speaking engine, darn it!” “We’re trying our best!” Isobella huffed. “These rails are tougher to remove than the others.” Just then, Luke saw Boulder rolling towards them. “Run!” he whistled. “Run while you still can!” Duncan and Luke cleared the area, but Alfie and Isobella stayed behind. Isobella’s tires were stuck in some mud, and Alfie’s bucket was caught in the old rails. “We’re doomed!” Alfie exclaimed. Suddenly, Isobella could see who else but Jack the Front Loader coming to their rescue. “Not for long, Alfie!” she beamed.

Jack was afraid that Alfie and Isobella would be metal pancakes. “You got to get out of here!” he panted. “We can’t, Jack! We’re stuck!” Alfie and Isobella said. Jack didn’t know what to do. Then, he had an idea. “I’ll use my bucket!” he smiled. Jack saw Boulder rolling towards him. Then, with his bucket held high, he raced towards it and used his bucket to push against Boulder. The boulder was very heavy, heavier than anything Jack ever lifted. Jack accelerated forward as much as he could to stop Boulder. “You can do it, Jack!” Luke whistled. Jack felt like his arms were about to snap off, and he nearly ran out of fuel, but he knew he needed to save Alfie and Isobella. “I’m trying to do it! I really am!” he shouted.

Boulder was inches away from Alfie and Isobella. Jack knew there was no turning back. He used every last amount of energy he had. Boulder rolled slower and slower until it came to a complete stop. Jack’s rear end was gently touching Alfie; it was that close of a call. Finally, Jack the Front Loader managed to stop Boulder. Alfie and Isobella whistled and honked with glee. “Horray! We’re saved!” they said. “Yes…. I did it…” Jack huffed.

Miss Jenny arrived to congratulate Jack. “Spot on, Jack! You’d make a mother proud!” Miss Jenny smiled. “My machines would have been as thin as paper if it wasn’t for your efforts!” Jack was too tired to thank her, but he did manage to smile a little. “Now, I may be a plain speaking engine…” Duncan chuffed. “...but I got to say this: just HOW was Boulder able to move on its own?” “It couldn’t have just sprouted legs and walked off the perch….” Isobella wheesed. “...unless someone MADE it fall off.” Alfie added.

Just then, Rusty came rolling up towards Miss Jenny. “MISS JENNY!” he honked. “Max and Monty were being chased by Boulder! They….” “MAX and MONTY!” Miss Jenny interrupted. “I’m certain THEY have something to do with this. Jack, as a reward for your brave actions, you’ll take the day off tomorrow. I need to have a word with two reckless dump trucks!” Jack watched as Miss Jenny walked crossly away.

That night, Max and Monty were given a stern talking-to. “Now, then, you two….” Miss Jenny fumed. “I’ve heard you didn’t believe in Rusty and Percy’s story about boulders, so you went off to see it was actually true by crashing into Boulder’s perch! Do you have ANY idea what you two could have done?! You could have made Boulder flatten MY machines into dust if Jack hadn’t stepped in to save the day!” Max and Monty were very ashamed of themselves. “We’re sorry, ma’am…” Max sobbed. “At least now we know it’s true….” Monty added. “That’s very good of you, but you’re still being punished regardless. I’m giving Jack a nice, well-deserved day off, and I’m leaving YOU two to do his work for the day!” “Yes, ma’am…” Max and Monty sighed together.

Miss Jenny sternly left Max and Monty with a lot of work to do tomorrow. However, they suddenly realized something. “Hey! Wait a minute!” Max exclaimed. “How are we supposed to do Jack’s jobs if we can’t dig?!” Miss Jenny overheard what Max and Monty said. “That’s for ME to know and for you two to find out!”

Max and Monty felt as silent as the stars in the night sky.

                                                  THE END
Five stories down! One more to go! I figured I make this one unique as it features both The Pack and the Skarloey Railway interacting with one another. They haven't done this yet in the actual show, but some fans, such as EnterprisingEngine93, seem to try and make it happen.

Here's the original description:

“Jack and the Pack had headed to Boulder Quarry where Boulder was resting on his perch when they met Percy and Rusty there collecting some stone to take to the Blue Mountain Quarry, then he told the Pack about the time when Boulder had caused trouble for everyone. Then Max and Monty was playing around the area of Boulder's perch when Monty reversed fast cause Boulder to roll down then Jack saw Boulder rolling towards Alfie and Isobella. So he used his front loader to stop him from rolling towards them and successfully did. Jack was rewarded with a day-off while Max and Monty had to do Jack's work on his day-off.”

...and here's the link to the website where this episode was found. Click on the episode this story was based on to see the description there before it goes away:…


No copyright infringement intended. This story was written purely to appreciate the show and is NOT meant to make a profit.

Thomas and Friends (c) HiT Entertainment (c) Josh Walters

P.S. While I was writing this story, a YouTuber named Sidekickjason released a Thomas-related video called "Signals and Scrapes". I felt it was similar to the story I was writing. I'm giving you the link to the video; if you see any similarities between my story and the video, let me know in the comments:…
© 2015 - 2021 holmesman
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MLPquang20-c's avatar
I think this makes a fine and well-made sequel to the original episode. Nice to see Jack and his friends sharing the spotlight as well as get their own input on the story of Boulder, which they know now that it's true.
Almost as intense as Rusty and the Boulder? =D
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Why else would I reply? Of Course.
Personally, I liked watching Thomas and the Jet Engine. I'm glad they mentioned that episode in Emily Saves the World.